Blue Bell Hill active again?

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Re: Blue Bell Hill active again?

Post by mike » Sun Nov 18, 2018 9:10 pm

Yes without doubt Portals do come within those special forces, but perhaps not the sort from other worlds so much as things coming through from the past like WW2 Bombers, where the crews at the time was under extreme tension to get back from missions.And perhaps hangings at the cross roads,places where murder took place even,conditions where people were under stress, but close to these unique earth forces which somehow recorded the influence/stress.Places Like Bradshaw Ranch and Skinwalkers Ranch do have these big V forces where many aliens and weird animals have been seen, but I think at least two types of V force exist at the moment, those local to the planet, and another one which is from somewhere far away.Come to think of it make that three V forces, I was forgetting USS Eldridge and what happened there, with links to the other naval yard in the US,that was something else,part time warp and part who knows WHAT ?

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