Lorna Byrne: "To me, seeing angels is natural"

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Ian Pegler
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Lorna Byrne: "To me, seeing angels is natural"

Post by Ian Pegler » Sat Jul 19, 2008 8:26 am

from the Daily Telegraph...
Lorna Byrne's memoir has been bought for a six-figure sum by the publishers of The Da Vinci Code, but she doesn't see her powers as unusual...
CLICK HERE to read the article.


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Re: Lorna Byrne: "To me, seeing angels is natural"

Post by Helen-Healing » Sat Jul 19, 2008 10:46 am

She is not the only one who can 'see angels' or whatever one wants to refer to them as. Fay has been able to do this since she was a small child, but she doesn't call them angels, more 'spirits' (and they don't have wings). And she can see what is 'wrong' with people just by looking at them. And many other people make these claims.

I wonder if Lorna's angels ever told her the book would make her very rich one day? (No, I'm not being catty - good luck to her.)

arthur hamlin
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Re: Lorna Byrne: "To me, seeing angels is natural"

Post by arthur hamlin » Sat Jul 19, 2008 8:28 pm

Wonderful to hear stories like this.
She sounds like a simple soul without pretentions of any kind.
Regretfully the world has pulled the other way for some time now and it will take much heaving to bring it all back.
I find it is the simple folk and children who do not clamour for glamour who have these experiences.
It is my belief that once we can pull back to be able to communicate with the unseen because of our changed attitudes and beliefs than we can hope to carry out real natural healing work for those in need instead of what we presently hear - such as stem cell research etc due in many instances I believe to stress and trauma in our daily lives.
I look and hope we can soon find the champion in the dowsing fraternity ( an earthly angel ) that can excell at healing work (who we can learn from) to really help advance our true cause besides water locating from our 1933 beginnings and to see an increased/enlightened input on this forum site.
Now I will get off my soap box!

Danielle McCarthy-Stewart
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Re: Lorna Byrne: "To me, seeing angels is natural"

Post by Danielle McCarthy-Stewart » Tue Sep 07, 2010 10:31 pm

Dear Arthur, I love your soapbox. More grease to your elbow. True what you say about simple folk. The other day, I was in the garage shop chatting with the cashier and I told her how my son likes to come downstairs from his lair at midnight and start deep and meaningful discussions about the state of the world. I said I do like to talk to him about it but he doesn't get that if my brain has shut down from tiredness, I can't really have an intelligent conversation then. She replied that he obviously didn't understand that you don't really care about what's going on with the rest of the planet, just your own little world and that if that's ok, then you couldn't give a monkey's about anyone else, could you? Well, my jaw just dropped; I was a bit too tired to think of a diplomatic way to say "I totally and utterly disagree with you". I just smiled and left! I'd rather listen to my son any day, even if I can't solve the problems!
Off to read the article now, this lady sounds fascinating.
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Lyndon Ronstadt
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Re: Lorna Byrne: "To me, seeing angels is natural"

Post by Lyndon Ronstadt » Sun Dec 23, 2012 1:30 am

We don't have to be psychic to see angels these days - they're being born into the human kingdom just as we are.

Have look at this young lady. Are those the eyes of a child?

Here's another one, but all people do is carp about her figure and take the pizza.

This is a list of the Christian Angelic Hierarchy. For my money they are simply Higher Evolutions than humanity. The Angels are the lowest evolution above the human and occupy a stratum of existence adjacent to our own. Consequently there is incursion one with another and has been since the dawn of time. The destiny of the human race/individual is to enter the Angelic kingdom on a permanent basis and the imperative of all higher kingdoms is to give help to the lower kingdoms under cyclic law.

We are entering a new age from both the Mayan and the Hindu perspective. Is it any wonder that angels/higher beings are attempting to make some form of contact with us at whatever density of matter they choose to operate?

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