A Soul Bank in a White City

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A Soul Bank in a White City

Post by Geoff Stuttaford » Thu Jan 31, 2013 2:51 pm

In the following article, there is a description of what might be called a Soul Bank that Arthur referred to in the thread on “The Creation of Energy”. It is rather long but I still find it fascinating and hope readers do too.

During Xmas Day 2000, I regressed, then progressed, my cousin, Fred, first to 8 million years ago which was when he had his first incarnation on the fifth moon of Sirius B where one of the nine White Cities was located, and then to about 4000 AD when he was at another. I have not included the majority of my questions to him, rather let him tell his on story in response to my questions. Both questions and answers were taped and are transcribed below.

I have written my Conclusions at the beginning of the article, and these are based on what Fred said, and also from on dowsing.


1. 8 million years ago, Fred was part of an isolated group of people who were told only what it was necessary for them to know. He had a particular task as did everyone else. The task was hereditary for the whole population - If you belonged to a particular family, you had a particular task. In the Physical state he was a part time Scout in the Physical and a part time Guide in the Astral (no pun intended) and was aware of both states, but only when it was necessary for him to be so. His knowledge of why he was where he was, and why he did what he did, was rudimentary and he did not seem particularly interested in either. He had the mental ability to be able to transfer his physical body anywhere he wanted to in an instant, but had to ask for permission to do so. His other task, of conducting souls to their destination, was done on the Astral. He was unaware of why he was doing this work or for whom. Neither did he know who was "running the place" and did not care. He merely accepted his life for what it was, but he was aware that he was under the control of a much higher intelligence originating in the fourth dimension (he was in the third). He knew nothing about the White City except that it was a place where Souls awaited transit to a new incarnation and he was involved in their
transit arrangements.

2. 2000 years hence we see that Fred was doing basically the same work except that he was living continuously, dressed in white, in the city, in his Astral form and was recognized by its ephemeral inhabitants. In effect it was his Soul that was doing the work conducting and leading other Souls who knew he was with them. The White Cities were being used for the same purpose as before, but Fred was now aware of the "Administrators" who were from the fourth dimension, wore gold belts and assumed human form. One interesting fact is that he states he is aware of two other existences that he is experiencing. Besides the continuous Astral work in the White City, he also has a glimmer of being on Earth (he cannot understand why because he has been told that "Earth is "off limits") but he is there on the Astral Plane again, guarding the planet and preventing "others" from gaining access to it. (in 4000 AD, Earth is completely uninhabited by people). He is also vaguely aware of a Physical existence "a long way away". Later I was told that the "administrators" were Atlanteans. When Fred spoke to them they were aware of my "presence" and at this time, Fred was also in the fourth dimension in one of his Astral forms when he was in the City. 8 million years ago, he could not get beyond the third dimension because the inhabitants, who were also in the fourth, could not see him, neither could he perceive the "administrators".

This experiment presages that we will be able to progress to a stage when we ourselves can exist continuously, in the Astral, the fourth dimension and the physical worlds, and in all three existences we shall be performing specific but different tasks. As far as we are concerned, there will be no more re-incarnations.

The tape transcribed -

Abbreviations used are (F) = Fred, (G) Geoff, (D) Dowsed subsequently by Geoff.

(F) I am barefoot and wearing a smooth green skin, an animal skin I think. The sun is shining and I can see people that I know. The are standing talking in a wood, by a river and are dressed similarly to me. The children are wearing nothing. My friends are talking about general things. I feel warm and there is no wind today. You either get no wind or a strong wind. I know of the White City and it is a long way from here. I go there sometimes and I travel by intent. One second I am here and the next I am where I want to go. I can go there now if I get permission from our leader who is down by the river……he says I can go if I have finished my task which was a scouting expedition to patrol the edges of the area which is ours and look for intruders……..I am now at the City. It is a vast expanse of white but I do not know what material it is but it is hard and rough and reflects light, but I don't thing it's stone. The buildinge are about 30ft high, there are no gates and I can easily enter the city. There are people around all dressed in white. I am wearing green and these people are wearing white and we have been told that these people have passed. They are in the Spirit World, in transit. I would think they are the same race. They certainly look like me. They can be described as "disincarnate" but I can see them clearly, but I don't know if they can see me because no one is taking any notice of me. I am being ignored. These people live in the city. There seems to be a static number of them and those that go are replaced. I don't know
where they come from or where they go. I can find out…….There are no animals or vegetation in this city. I do not know if we have a system of government. I am part of a group of a few thousand and we occupy a portion of land which is all shared. The intruders I spoke of I have never seen myself but I have been told that they have been here before. I believe they are invaders. We grow our own food and we hunt animals for meat using sticks, some of which are pointed. (Back to the subject of the city) I do
not have telepathy, but others do. I have seen no machines. Our leader is our leader because all his family have been leaders. (At this point I asked Fred to return to the location of his leader so that I can ask him some questions) He does not know where the people of the city are to go because it is not for me to know.

(G) Ask him if he can tell me

(F) He says they are waiting to go to Earth to be re-incarnated (which I cannot see in our sky) and they came from Rigel. He thinks that there are several thousand in the City which is used only as a city for the transit of souls prior to re-incarnation. He does not have a name - we call him "my chief". I do not have a name. I have parents with whom I live. They and I are Scouts. It is what our family has always done. My leader says he has no one over him and we are an isolated community and we are all waiting for something but he does not know what.

(G) Here I asked Fred to go forward to the time that he would be able to speak with the people who were administering the city and its inhabitants.

(F) In our turn we go into the city, dressed in white and become the leaders of the people there and take them onwards and go with them to Earth. It is ordained, it is written that we do this. We conduct the souls to Earth, leave them there, return here, and go back to scouting for intruders.

(G) I now took Fred forward in time to about 4000 AD which is when I was told that he, again, had an incarnation connected with the souls in the White City.

(F) I am in the White City and it hasn't changed at all. I am dressed in white as they are. The City is still being used for soul transit and its inhabitants assume that they will be going to Earth.

(G) Are you actually in your body or are you discarnate ?

(F) I am discarnate. I'm waiting again to take people onward. I will find someone who can answer questions. I am being taken to a group of people. They are dressed in white but have gold belts and I presume that they are the leaders, the rulers of the city. I must wait for them to speak to me. They want to know what your question is .

(G) These ‘Guardians’ (dowsed) are aware that I am "with" Fred who now acts as a sort of medium and passes on information to me.

(F) They say that I (Fred) have come from Rigel and will go back there. They say that Earth is "off-limits", and no one now lives there, They have had no reason to go to Earth for some time. They are from another dimension and have taken our form. ("They are frightening me" says Fred, "because of their mental power. Yes, they can read my mind and it is uncomfortable") Their kind have always been here. I was related to them a long time ago. Longer than 8 million years ago. We lived then in a different universe. The people here are not spirits, they are just in a discarnate state and still in the third dimension. The Administrators are in the forth dimension - in the Spirit World.

(G) Is there anything they want to tell me ?

(F) they just say - keep trying, keep going forward,

(G) and this applies to all of us ?

(F) Yes. I still act as the leader of some of these people and I retain the same features in each of my incarnations that results in the people recognizing and accepting me mentally as well as physically. They are recognizing my soul. I do this work sometimes for short, sometimes for long periods but I have no conception of time as such. I think that, when a vacancy occurs for a re-incarnation for which I am suited, I will re-incarnate. I do not always take the same group but there are occasions when a group will leave without me because it is "not my time" to go. Often I do not stay in my incarnation as long as my particular group do if I am required to conduct another group. I retain my features on a permanent basis but those I take have different forms and attitudes each time they go. Although I remain permanently in the third dimension,

(D) he does have an astral presence in the fourth) the others are in the fourth dimension - the spirit world.

(G) So you have changed yourself from a Scout to a Guide

(F) I'm doing the same thing as I did 8 million years ago - conducting these people's souls safely to their next destination and act as protection for them but I know intuitively when to leave them. I can converse with them mentally and they know I am there. The people I take get reborn but I do not. I do not have a name, parents or relatives, but I spend a lot of time in this City.

(G) Can you be in two places at once ? You are in this City and also in this room with me.

(F) Yes.

(G) Are you on the Astral Plane when you are in the City ?

(F) Yes. I think I am.

G) Are you aware of another life you are leading somewhere else ?

F) Oh Yes. I have a couple of other lives !

(G) Are you therefore having three existences, 2 on the Astral and 1 on the Physical ?

F) I'm back on Earth, but I thought that was off-limits. I'm there, but it is a little bit vague as to what I am doing there.

(G) When you are on Earth are you in the Astral or the Physical

(F) It must be Astral.

(G ) can you pick up your third life, your physical one ?

(F) I have a job to pick it up I just get "flashes". When I was living 8 million years ago I was in the physical. I have contacted those who wear the gold belts, mentally, and they tell me that this White City which was located on Sirius B 5th moon was moved, thousands of years ago, and is now located in the Perseus Constellation.

It was at this point that Fred said "it hurts" and I immediately brought him back to normality and dowsed that the "golden belted ones" had activated their mind screens and stopped Fred from any further communication. Fred confirmed this was so. This session lasted about 40 minutes.

Geoff. 31 Dec 2000.


In an e-mail, Fred told me …

” I had a dream a few nights ago, that I was with our ancestors. There was a general meeting of minds, which resulted in my returning to Sirius B as “He with the Gold Sash.” This meant that I was now able to lead and give orders rather than wait for instructions. I was able to appoint others to guide spirits around the heavens in their quest for enlightenment. I have no idea what the dream meant, but I remembered it well.”

Those friends thou hast, and their adoption tried, grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel (Polonius)

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