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Doug, Dave and now Pete

Posted: Sat Sep 05, 2009 10:46 am
by Ian Pegler
from the Daily Telegraph...
Britain's most celebrated UFO sighting was a 'lorry full of fertiliser'

A lorry driver has claimed that he was at the root of Britain's most famous UFO sighting and not aliens.
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Re: Doug, Dave and now Pete

Posted: Sat Sep 05, 2009 11:06 am
by Helen-Healing
A likely story!!! :!:

Re: Doug, Dave and now Pete

Posted: Sat Sep 05, 2009 6:19 pm
by mike
That report is BS, the airforce were ordered the leave their guns on base when they walked in the woods,and when did a load of horse S--T become radio active pray, as is the case at the UFO landing site ?? I walked that same site with Dot Street many years after in 1987 during the early morning, and those woods are a very dark and cold when you are deep inside, and the Light House lights looks so strange at Orford some miles away in parts of the woods where it can be seen.And while we were there about 3.10 in the early morning all the animals at the farm started mooing and dogs barking and chicken crowing pigs honking you name it.Day break was hours away, BUT I think a UFO was passing and its engines/frequency disturbed all those animals,its just a mile from the sea there again very open and dark and unpopulated, a very active UFO site in its day.....And dont forget where the UFO passed between the trees and dropped radio active material all the soil and trees were removed and burnt on site days after, when can you remember that happening when a load a horse manure was dropped and kicked about,my mum made me collect it for the roses. :mrgreen: Radar tapes of the time missing, US staff told to keep quiet or else,local witnesses buying new farms after the sighting away from that area,ALL over a load of HORSE S--T, come on the Government treat us like we are mushrooms, KEEP us in the dark and feed us Bull S--t. :mrgreen:

Re: Doug, Dave and now Pete

Posted: Sat Sep 05, 2009 6:38 pm
by simonwheeler
Internationally important nature reserve, with a fascinating 20th-century military history
Site of secret Cold War military testing
National Trust on Orford Ness but my italics.

I, too, know the area well. I lived in Ipswich for many years and Rendelsham and Orford were places for weekend day visits.
Rumours were always rife and speculation constant. Both places had strange energies, I seem to recall- but I never dowsed there.
Anywhere there is a history of airbases (of which there are/have been many in East Anglia) seem to attract UFO stories- especially the USAF bases. I wonder why.....

Re: Doug, Dave and now Pete

Posted: Sun Sep 06, 2009 7:32 pm
by mike
Well for starters both Rendelsham and the V Bomber bases stored atomic weapons so its said, and Norfolk I see is the place with the highest reported UFO sighting here in the UK, with some, not all reported sighting being the US/RAF aircraft on patrols perhaps,as aircraft landing and at take off do attract a lot of interest with their lights and strobes seen at low level ? Interesting when the Rendelsham craft were seen this was the time the UK Navy had ships just off shore buzzing about there, its said by the then Lord Of The Admiralty when interviewed on TV.Makes you wonder just what was going on and who was watching WHO at that period, and being Christmas it was a good time to conduct research with little or no locals about sober or awake. :mrgreen: And Rendelsham is a quiet place anyway except for the bases, those fishing off the beaches are few and far between as the only roads in are often small and limited, funny that right there 100 dead sea gulls were found some years ago on the beach there, with NO reported injuries.But the talk was the early radar was developed to produce a DEATH RAY, and it was this that zapped the gulls, glad I never went fishing much there, or I could have got fried as well with micro waves perhaps.Only talk I know, but no smoke without fire. 8)