Ley Lines

Leys, Alignments, Energy leys, ley lines... what do you call them?
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Re: Ley Lines

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Looking today at ex238 the old house I missed a few things before, the old house sits over a Holy Well which runs ne to se under the house, the water rises from 140 feet to 10 feet just nw of the old house on the east side of the T junction across the road a short distance away.The Holy Well is just across the green to the se at the edge of the line of houses,its a very warming and welcome place, full of good influence and all are welcome to spend time here.Im only just dowsing again after a long period of not being able to tune in, because of illness in the family thats affected me, its taken away the ability to switch off and relax enough to allow dowsing to take place.
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