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Posted: Tue Mar 11, 2008 8:56 am
by Ian Pegler

Once you are successfully registered as a member of this forum, you will never, ever need to register again - ever.

There seem to be a number of reasons why members try to re-register:

1) We are now getting to the stage where some members have registered, posted a few times then gone away for a long time, then when they come back they have forgotten their user-name and password and then try re-registering under a different name.

2) Sometimes people try to re-register under the same user-name, either because they've just forgotten their password, or need to change some part of their profile.

Sometimes people seem to forget that they were ever registered at all, and then wonder why the system is telling them that their user-name or e-mail address is already in use !

If you get an error message to this effect, please consider the possibility that you may have registered in the past !

If you forget your password and can't sort it out yourself, please contact one of the administrators. Please don't re-register under a slightly different name. If you think you may have registered but can't remember your user name, please contact one of the administrators. Also, please don't try to re-register using the same user-name - this won't work. In fact, the circumstances under which you need to re-register don't exist.

Contact an administrator either by sending them a Private Message (click on the little speech bubble under their name on the right, then choose the first icon), or send an email to: info (at) britishdowsing (dot) net.

Thank you for your time.