Asking permission - one for Grahame

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Re: Asking permission - one for Grahame

Post by BobD » Sun Nov 18, 2018 8:47 pm

And I really have no idea who/what offers answers to my questions. But I can say that I've been quite pleased with the consistency of the data I can obtain from them. The only time I've ever been accused of dealing with "spirits" was at a Franciscan spiritual retreat center in Iowa. I was presenting my findings regarding an earth energy formation centered in their large labyrinth when a participant asked if I wasn't concerned about evil forces giving me advice. The nun heading the workshop asked why, given that my intent was positive, my methods were careful, and the results were helpful, that this person would ask that type of question. Not an endorsement from the Pope but I'll take it.
"Develop an infallible technique, then place yourself at the mercy of inspiration." (from a craftsman, but it applies widely)

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