Books & Media - posting rules

Share your experience of fictional dowsing-related books and blogs (e.g. websites, self-published and e-books).

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Books & Media - posting rules

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This is a section in which to share your experience of books and electronic media (e.g. DVDs, websites, self-published and e-books) as resources and sources of information. Or entertainment.

We have sub-divided this section into Fiction and Non-fiction. Books on any subject that falls within the remit of a main section on the Forum may be reviewed/commented upon; so that includes books on:
  • Dowsing in general
  • Science and Nature
  • Metaphysics and Spirituality
  • Earth Energies
  • Archaeology
  • Water
  • Health
We ask the following:

If you are starting a new thread (ie this is the first review/commentary on a particular resource) please write the title of the resource and the author (if relevant) in the subject heading.

Only start a thread on a new resource if you can write positively about what you have seen and want to suggest that others read it: 'This book/DVD is rubbish' doesn't help us much! Tell us why you are recommending it; by all means point out any weaknesses you may think it has- but the overarching principle should be something like: 'I enjoyed this, I think others will too, this is what it's about, I hope that by reading this thread you will be able to decide for yourself whether or not to spend money/go to the library/look for reviews elsewhere' etc.

Comments, supportive or critical, thereafter from other members of the Forum are welcome.

Please end with a separate few lines containing the title, author(s), publisher, and date of publication. If you can include the ISBN that would help.
For electronic media the same principle applies- so maybe link to a website, date of DVD release and its title, director etc. Whatever you can do to help somebody find it.

Important note:
Links to the author's own website are encouraged; however links to commercial retailers like Amazon, Abe Books, Waterstones, etc. may be deleted. 'Other book shops are available'.
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