How accurate is your dowsing?

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How accurate is your dowsing?

Post by Seed »

Hi, I signed up as my primary interest is the mind and the whole host of things that it can do that we, as a whole, in current times are mainly ignorant of. I first heard about dowsing from Christopher Hills who seemed to be a metaphysical maestro and subsequently read a couple or three books here and there to try and get into it and have recently wished to pursue it with more dedication.

The question I have is how accurate is your dowsing and what tips do you have to get it as close to 100% as possible? I've been using the "Is the playing card red or black?" test with my pendulum and the results have been pretty much close to chance so obviously there is something I'm not doing?

I've tried various techniques like clearing my mind, different types of pendulum, calibrating the string length etc... with no change in the results so I signed up here to listen to what those more experienced can share in the field as I find it very fascinating but it does appear that those who can "just do it" don't exactly know how they do and thus can't convey it.

I do think that our limited egoic consciousness tends to get in the way of displaying true answers as its that anticipatory state that is like Kryptonite to true awareness that simply is and that is the state that I believe the pendulum connects to and sends its messages from.

Any input would be appreciated.


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Re: How accurate is your dowsing?

Post by Grahame »

Hi Seed, and welcome to the forum.

I think to an extent everyone has to find their own way into dowsing, until they find a technique that 'clicks' with them. Very few people are good at dowsing across the board, it's a question of finding the area that you are good at and focusing on that aspect. Don't get hung up with the 'lust for results', nobody is accurate 100% of the time; your accuracy will improve with practice, just try different types of dowsing and enjoy the learning experience.

The dowsing for colour of playing cards may be good for practice, but perhaps it's not where your strengths lie. It may be that pendulum dowsing is not your thing and you need to try something else. Have you tried working with rods to find pipes, cables, drains etc.? Dowsing for earth energies or auras? Dowsing for water? There are so many things you could be dowsing for, and so many different tools you could try; don't get hung up on the divination part just because it's not working well enough for you. Things will improve with practice, so try something else for a bit and see how you get on with that, it will help to develop your confidence - and it will also help to get your conscious monkey brain out of the way. As you surmise, one of the hardest aspects of dowsing is just to 'let go' and stop thinking about it. There is a very definite 'no-mind' state required for successful dowsing; you have to earnestly desire to know the answer but not care what it is. Have you tried the basic 'Can !? May I? Should I?' protocol?

The choice of pendulum shouldn't matter either - anything that moves can be a dowsing tool, and actually you don't even need a tool - look at the 'deviceless dowsing' topic for some pointers. But the tool certainly helps at the start as it acts as a mental focus.

Also try and find another dowser to work with; nothing improves confidence faster than being out with other dowsers. Maybe there's a local group near to you that you could join?

Good luck and keep questioning!
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