Can't dowse anymore

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Can't dowse anymore

Post by Memeito »

About a year ago, I played a little with dowsing and to my surprise I discovered that it was pretty easy to do. I used a pendulum, noticed how it reacted to yes/no questions, and asked various things. I also tested it with a deck of cards, to see if it can see the color of the cards and I was amazed that it could show the color with an accuracy higher than random chance. I did this several times with good results, sometimes getting positive hits one after another with almost 100% accuracy.
After several weeks of experimenting and testing the pendulum, I quit and forgot about it.
I tried it recently again, and it just doesn't seem to work anymore. It just moves chaotically or gives random answers to whatever I ask it.It was so simple and easy before but now it's just frustrating because I don't know what's wrong.
Btw, one year ago I would also meditate every day and I was pretty active, in the last few months I stayed mostly indoors and quit meditating, I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but when I used to meditate I was more intuitive and could concentrate better.
Any ideas on why dowsing doesn't work for me now, and what can I do?

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Re: Can't dowse anymore

Post by Maggie »

This sort of thing happens to a lot of new dowsers. Why? I don't think it's because you aren't meditating anymore. My opinion is that when I hear this, it is always from a newbie who has approached dowsing in a casual way without much or any training, thinking of it as a psychic gift you either have or don't have. Some quit because they can't be perfect right away. Others quit when the beginner's luck wears off.

To me, dowsing is a natural intuitive ability we all have. Some pick it up faster than others. Each person has their own specialty in dowsing. But first and foremost, it is a skill. And skills require training for 99% of people. If I say shooting baskets is a skill or dancing is a skill, you understand what I mean. We all have rhythm and athletic potential, but almost no one can be a prodigy.

Yet with dowsing, I see so many people quit because they tried it and 'it doesn't work' for them. Well, you had beginner's luck, as you can with any skill. And like a person who shot a bullseye his first try and couldn't after that, you feel discouraged. But are you discouraged because you think it ought to be easy? If so, you are being too hard on yourself. Dowsing is a skill. Take some time to learn the basics and practice, and you will do great.

Don't see dowsing as a psychic gift. Don't see a pendulum as a magic wand. Learn to dowse without one first. The power is in you. Wander over to our website for lots of free information and help about dowsing. You may not be a prodigy. I wasn't. But anyone can learn to be a good dowser.

One last comment: I am against 'testing' dowsing, as that attitude in my opinion is skeptical (either towards yourself or dowsing), and you won't get good results that way. If you are skeptical about your ability to hit a bullseye, I guarantee you will fail. Instead, learn to use dowsing in meaningful ways every day to help yourself. That is what it's for.

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