A Case Study

by Alf Riggs

An investigation of a house in Kent recently serves to indicate how useful it could be to take into consideration factors other than earth radiation when seeking to establish the cause of specific types of illness.

The woman requesting the investigation had been suffering from insomnia for many years. The constant lack of sleep had reduced here quality of life to a point where she became desperate to find a solution to this problem and after doing the rounds of the so-called fringe medical group to no useful purpose, a dowser was called to examine the house.

He marked all parts of the house where it would be safe to sleep. But. after trying all these sites it failed to solve the problem; doubting the ability of the dowser to locate the cause, she moved to another house only to find that no matter where the bed was placed the problem still persisted. It was at this stage that I was called in.

After checking all rooms in the house and the garden area, it became apparent that earth radiation was not a factor in this case. The Gamma radiation level was normal background, AC fields were low and not a problem, there were no night storage heaters which could require mearuring during the night. The AC EMFs coming from the hair dryer tended to be high (41,000nT), but this was only used once a week during the daytime so this would not have an adverse effect on the production of melatonin (‘brain hormone’) since that is manufactured during the night.

When it came to measuring the state of the DC fields I found an anomaly of some 13,200nT (magnetic field strength) across the area of the pillow where the woman slept. These fields came from the springs in the mattress and were of a magnitude that had a capacity, based on my observations, to cause such problems, so wherever the bed was placed the disturbed DC fields were ever-present. After getting rid of the mattress and getting one without springs, she now enjoys a good night’s sleep. It has been my experience to find that insomnia can be associated with disturbed DC fields, a line of earth radiation going through the area of the head, or in particular AC pulsed magnetic fields about 130nT measured around the area of the head where they sleep. The DC fields were measured with a geomagnetometer.

© 1997 Alf Riggs & BSD EEG