A Stately Alignment (and a ‘Lightning’ Conductor)

by Leslie Marr

Isn’t it strange how often things turn out in the totally opposite manner to the expected? This frequently happens to me in dowsing, and gives me confidence in the possible validity of my findings. At least, I am not just getting the result that I expect. A good example of this occurred recently in connection with Holkham Hall, the famous l8th century stately home in North Norfolk.  The Hall and the surrounding park of 3,000 acres, enclosed by a wall measuring 9 miles, were originally conceived as a unified plan, and have a very obvious visual alignment running approximately South to North. Starting at the South end with THE TRIUMPHAL ARCH, the alignment follows a straight road to the OBELISK, at the highest point of the park, then down to the great house, built in the Palladian style on a perfectly symmetrical plan, and then on to the MONUMENT, which is in fact a later addition, built in 1845, and erected to celebrate the achievements of the pioneering agriculturist, Thomas William Coke, Earl of Leicester, better known as “Coke of Norfolk”.

On the face of it, this would seem to be a perfect example of what Sig Lonegren, in his book “Spiritual Dowsing”, calls “pseudo geomancy”, the creation of alignments to visually emphasise the importance of buildings, not to enhance the spiritual potential of the sites, but to glorify the ego of the builders. He gives several examples of this, including the l8th century Palace of Versailles, and points out that the many straight roads converging on the palace are devoid of energy leys.  He says; “The architects utilised the visual strength of the alignments, but they were not backed by the real power. The earth energies were not there”.

Holkham would seem to be an exact parallel to this situation. It was therefore a great surprise to find that there WAS a powerful dowsable energy current running all the way down the alignment and straight through the centre of the Hall! At each end of the alignment unexpected things happened. At the South end, where the private drive leaves the park and joins the public road system, the current ceases, and at the North end, when it leaves the Monument, it fans out wider and wider. Throughout, the alignment it is constant at about 8′ wide, and runs for about 3 miles.

Holkham occasionally stages concerts, which are held in the entrance hall in the centre of the building, which is then filled with rows of chairs for the audience. I attended such a concert last year and felt very restless, experiencing prickling sensations down my right side. Suddenly, remembering the energy line, I checked my position, and realised that I was about 4′ to the left of the centre. After the interval I asked my companion, who was sitting on my left, to change places. Asking her afterwards if she felt anything unusual, she said; “Yes, pins and needles in my right arm and leg”.

So why is Holkham an exception to the rule?  If we could answer this it might shed important light on the whole earth energy mystery, particularly, I believe, on the very important “chicken or egg” question.  The first Earl of Leicester was, in his maturity, Grand Master of the Masons, traditionally keepers of important secrets, but when he made the grand plan of the estate, he was a young man of 21. I feel that it is inconceivable that he was then aware of this energy current, and arranged his building project to align with it.  More importantly, did it then exist?  Or did it arrive later after the buildings had been put in place? I would take a bet that it did.

I feel that the obelisk may have played a key role here.  It was the first item to be built, at the highest point in the park.  The strange carvings on the base are said to represent the Earl’s intention to create order out of chaos. The study of electrostatics tells us that a POINT can be either a transmitter or a receiver of electrical energy,  (hence the points on a lightning conductor).  Is an obelisk an antenna and what is it receiving from above? Eastern philosophies mention the Life Force being received by mankind from below and from above.  Years ago, I attended a lecture by a famous Indian doctor who recommended that people should go bare-foot as much as possible, and when wearing shoes, should wear those with leather soles, “To allow the life force to penetrate” Perhaps we should try wearing pointed hats as well? Perhaps the First World War would have finished sooner if the German soldiers hadn’t worn those spiked helmets?

But what of things from above?  Apart from light and heat we are aware of a number of different cosmic radiations, and scientist can actually measure some of them and therefore accept them as realities!  But I am sure that there are a lot more “immeasurables”, up there being beamed down on us for better or worse. Astrologers can tell us a lot here.

What exactly does the famous alchemic saying in “As above, so below, mean”?  And what about, “Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven”?  Where is heaven?  “Above the bright blue sky” says the old hymn. Do we, the Earth Energies Group, by definition perhaps, spend too much time looking only downwards? The above and below parts are nor separate entities, but two halves of a whole, positive and negative, yin and yang. What are church steeples for?  I have always thought that they were antennae. I once asked the parish priest and got some funny answers.  Antennae?? No, he said that they were “Sermons in stone”!

Lucy Pringles’ splendid book on Crop Circles certainly points to formative energies acting from ABOVE.  Perhaps we should adjust our point of view somewhat, and call ourselves  “The Earth and Sky Energies Group”, and try and find out what Hermes Trismegistus really meant when he uttered his famous maxim, “As above, so below”.

© 2000 Leslie Marr & BSD EEG