Adventures in Sedona

by Pauline Roberts

After the world-class ASD SW 2000 conference, there was also a post conference visit to the vortices and other natural phenomena of Sedona, Arizona to enjoy. The aim was to immerse ourselves briefly in the remarkable atmosphere of the place and to dowse the many anomalous energetic ‘structures’.

Using the scenic and winding switchback road, rather than the highway, our coach dropped remarkably quickly through the pine forests of Flagstaff’s 7100 ft elevation to the drier, more desert-like environment of Sedona, 4,600 ft above sea level. During the journey, our ASD Verde Valley Chapter hosts Michele Fitzgerald & Ed Stillman kept us alert with their lively and informed narrative, as did ‘looking for Grandfather’s hat’ a time-honoured Stillman family game where one cranes one’s neck to see if the hat, lost to the cross-winds a very, very long time ago, can still be spied. Dowsers are up for most things so we peered down the ravine as best we could, but to no avail.

Travelling through the higher elevations, Michele pointed out the pine trees dying from the top down and discussed the speculation that pine tree needles act as tuned-length antennae for microwave radiation. If this is the case, and they are ‘tuning in’ to such frequencies, the cumulative effect of exposure would be like putting pine needles in a microwave oven – agitation and loss of the water molecules through molecular heating. It has been postulated1 that microwave and other convergent radiation may have contributed to the widespread destruction of the German forests. Even though acid rain, the original ‘culprit’ has been greatly reduced, the trees continue to die and the forests are the site of many microwave and other electromagnetic radiation-emanating towers used for military purposes (especially during the cold war) and increasingly, civil communications. If dehydration, or a disrupted water flow doesn’t kill a tree, it is thought that its immune system will be weakened by such invisible assaults helping pathogens to gain a stronger foothold.

Down in Sedona itself, where sunshine and blue skies are the norm – except for a few days per year – we managed to pick one of those days, overcast skies and light rain. However for me, Bell Rock, the first of the known vortices we were to visit, is impressive irrespective of the weather and it can be seen for miles around.

Michele and Ed discussed the safe time one could stay around the Sedona vortices and their differing energy patterns. For me, Bell Rock with its ‘male’ energy, has a safe time of about 20 minutes; for Michele, the safe time is a few minutes yet Ed’s is a few hours.

Bell Rock

‘Safe time’ is a very positive concept which enables us to interpret energies as beneficial unless we are over-exposed to them, just like the sun. I dowsed energy from the Universe feeding down through the top and into the ground and water veins associated within the structure. I did not detect a water dome or any energy moving upwards through the structure. I have included my pictures in this report so that those so inclined can dowse along too.

As always I enjoy the feedback from people who do so, and wish to share their findings.

Ed also taught us a new concept (for me anyway): to dowse for the number of power sources feeding or ‘fuelling’ a vortex, and whether the sources were man-made, engineered or natural. I dowsed that there were three, maybe four primary energy sources, all of which are natural in origin. He is interested to hear about any vortices around the world with man-made fuel sources. There’s another challenge dowsers!

Next to Bell Rock is Courthouse Rock which, whilst not one of the ‘classic’ vortices, has a radiance all the same. Once again I get energy in through the top, but this time it has a ‘female’ association and, according to me is also set on a water dome.

Courthouse Rock

The multi-coloured, multi-layered outcrops and cliff faces in Sedona represent 300 million years of geological deposits which include limestone, siltstone and sandstone topped with a basalt cap from volcanic eruptions over the past 5 – 8 million years.

The soil is also special, and includes cryptobiotic crusts which are self-sustaining biological communities of tiny, black, pedestal-like structures sticking up amongst the ubiquitous red sand. These bacteria are essential to the ecology of desert environments because they prevent soil erosion, fix nutrients in the soil and increase water absorption; all of which allows some plants to establish themselves.

Now more mindful of where we put our feet, the next stop was the vortex on Airport Mesa. The vortex energy covers the three hills located on the east side of Airport road and for me, energy is flowing from the top down as well as from the ground up. Interestingly, the energy from above flows in anticlockwise and clockwise directions on a periodic basis i.e. the energy rotates anticlockwise for a period and then switches to clockwise and so on. The anticlockwise period is longer and resonates with a frequency of 7.75 Hz which is on the alpha/theta brain wave boundary. Alpha waves are used in meditation, contemplation and detached awareness such as day dreaming. Theta brain waves are seen in deep meditative states including dowsing, and are considered to be the storehouse for creativity and inspirational links to the Superconscious2. The interaction of such vortex frequencies with the human body may be why humans are drawn to certain places or have seemingly extra-sensory experiences at such sites. Frequency dowsing is a new area which certainly deserves further investigation and may help to explain the lure of sacred sites and spaces.

[As an aside, Hamish Miller, in his latest book “Dance of the Dragon”3 discusses the frequency signature of the Apollo & Athena lines which run across Southern Europe and that he tunes into their particular signatures during his research. His findings are however that each energy line is made up of many frequencies, rather than a single one. And indeed, as he says, those that he identifies are only the ones he (as a human) is capable of picking up, there may be more outside his or our (human) sensitive range4. There obviously is lots to explore in this fascinating area of dowsing research.]

Back in Sedona, and as we were listening to Ed explain brainwave-site interactions, we were sprinkled with a little rain; a portent from the large, black cloud that was nearly upon us. However Raymond Grace5 had discussed Native American cloud splitting techniques in his conference talk, so I was determined to give them a go. Guessing that it might be needed, I had borrowed a knife from the hotel and after a short invocation which included asking permission, I planted it, handle down, into the ground. Much to my surprise the rain stopped and held off until we were all back in the coach and I had retrieved the knife with a big ‘thank you’. Given the soggy reports I have been receiving from England this year, it might be time for you to try out that silverware collection!

It has been suggested that Airport Vortex has a huge crystal at its core and certainly the surrounding rocks have small quartz crystals embedded in them wherever you look. The limestone deposits in the mesas are also interesting since chalk, limestone’s chemical twin, appears to be involved in the crop circle phenomenon6. The scientific BLT research team into crop circle phenomenon, headed by William Levengood, John Burke and Nancy Talbott, theorise that the dropping of water levels within chalk aquifers (as occurs over the Summer months in the UK) create significant electrical ground currents and this may be involved some way in their postulated plasma-based generation of crop circles. Although the US does not have chalk deposits, it does have limestone aquifers in the mid West where a flurry of crop circles have occurred. Crop circles have also been linked with vortex action – given Sedona’s mix of limestone deposits, water domes and vortices, it’s an interesting thought that these type of phenomena could all be related in some way.

From Airport Vortex we travelled to Boynton Canyon where Ed Stillman recalled his work at the exclusive Enchantment resort when they required a ‘water locating specialist’ for their new bore. Of course his team, which included the drillers, were successful in finding water and hence the resort’s future was assured. Michele Fitzgerald reported on her work rebuilding and rebalancing an ancient energy transformer which takes the harsher environmental energies and harmonises them. She has also found that this system collapses during an eclipse, just like conventional electrical systems do in a power cut7. Since this system dowses as important to the ‘energetic infrastructure’, she speculates that the ancients would need to know when an eclipse would occur. I wonder whether this perhaps is one reason for the complex, chronometric structures the ancients built across the world.

Boynton Rock

At Boynton Canyon itself, we dowsed for the vortex, its frequency and also for the position of the time window identified by Walt Woods, the ASD Vice-president. We also marvelled at the beautiful formations contrasted against the blue sky.

After Boynton canyon however, my fledgling cloud-splitting was no match for the torrential downpour that put paid to more dowsing.

As we drove out of Sedona for the climb back up the canyon, I took a final shot of Cathedral Rock with thunder clouds boiling above it seeming to form a channel between the vortex energy and the sky.

Cathedral Rock

It is impossible to relate the magic of Sedona in a day’s visit – it really is a place to be experienced and dowsed many times with each visit revealing a little bit more. However, I hope I have given readers a little ‘taste’ of this fascinating environment just as we were given through the enthusiasm of Ed and Michele who so obviously treasure their fabulous surroundings. Living in Australia where I can’t just “pop across” to Arizona, they made sure that not a moment of our Sedona Adventure was wasted. I for one will cherish my visit – a big thank you to all involved in the ASD SW 2000 conference, I look forward to the next one. (The American Society of Dowsers’ 5th South West conference will be 16 – 21st October, 2003 at Flagstaff, Arizona, USA)

© 2002 Pauline Roberts & BSD EEG

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