An Unusual Stress

by Veronika Strong

We had been asked by some friends of ours to check out why the lady had disturbed nights in her new home. Before they had arrived we had checked the property for the usual geopathic stress, electromagnetic disturbance, and any psychic or historic memory. It had dowsed to be clear of all, in fact it had dowsed to be of very good energy. There was the sea in front, and a mountain at its back, so from the Feng-Shui standpoint, a perfect location.

When we got there we found that the energies were exactly as we had dowsed them from a distance. However, when we dowsed over the individual rooms, we found a disturbance in two adjoining rooms. Our friend felt that this might be the traffic on this side of the building, as she had tried to sleep in either with little success. We were not quite happy with that, but had no other explanation at that time.

As we talked about the building, it emerged that it had been built on reclaimed land. We then dowsed if the materials used for the reclamation were causing some sort of stress. NO. Was it the process used? Maybe. This maybe led us to steel piles driven into the bed rock to stabilise the building. YES. When the piles were driven into base rock below, did that create a stress? YES, YES. Was our friend sleeping on the stress? YES.

We then asked ourselves why this had not come up on our checklist under ‘Other’ This was a new stress for us. ‘Other’ only deals with natural stress, this was a man-made one. We have now added this new category to our list.

Now the question was, “Were we to harmonise this stress, so our friend could sleep?” None of the methods previously used had proved positive. “We know what to do? YES. We went over all the methods we had used previously, and suddenly remembered the stresses we had experienced in one of our earlier houses in Ireland. This as before our own dowsing days, and we had called in a dowser to find the reason why. I could not sleep in the place. There were plenty of reasons, but his harmonization was to use naturally dyed red carpet, which had worked for us until the natural energies changed again.

Red carpet in this case? YES, YES. Not wasting anytime, we set off. We dowsed and inspected two carpet shops, but neither were right, but the third was a lovely case of synchronicity. The carpet man listened carefully, and even before he unrolled the carpet, the pendulum was overjoyed.

We put the carpet under the bed. We then asked the deva of the sea and the earth to please work with the natural colour to harmonise the stresses. It dowsed, YES, YES.

When we arrived the next morning we knew that our friend had slept well. She was beaming, and had not heard any traffic. She had slept through!

Since that date, we have spoken with a man who oversees oil rig drilling, and he spoke of a stress that was unresolved when they drilled base rock, and which held work back. It was very acceptable to him when we told him what we did, and he agreed that in future he would do the same. Talk to the devas of sea and earth, explaining to these energies what they are doing \and why; then ask for their assistance. Afterwords than them when things have gone smoothly.

We enjoyed this visit of great learning and hospitality. We feel very humble with such experiences and insights. We can only thank the forces that guide us for the knowledge we gain.

PS The lady to this day sleeps well.

© 2005 Veronika Strong & BSD EEG