Analysis & Comments on the EEG Questionnaire September 2003

by Dudley Wheeler

A questionnaire was sent out in the September 2003 issue of Earth Energy Matters asking for comments relating to the events put on by the EEG . A brief summary of the results is set out below.

There were 58 responses from a total of approx 240 questionnaires sent out – 24% response.

1. What topics interest you?

Responses were given under the headings “Yes please”, “OK”, “Maybe” and “No”.

The % data here only looks at the responses under “Yes please” and “Yes, combined with OK”

Geopathic Stress:8996
Detrimental energy lines:8096
Sacred Space:6985
Following energy lines: 4982
Explanations of dowsing:2260


First Choices:      “Yes Please”

Geopathic Stress and Detrimental Energy Lines were in the top two places with 80%+ of the votes.

Sacred Space was a clear 3rd with almost 70% of the votes.

Following Energy Lines(4th) and Tuition (5th) each got almost 50% of the votes.

Archaeology (6th), Water (7th) and Explanation (8th).

Combined responses:   “Yes please” combined with “OK”

Geopathic Stress and Detrimental Energy Lines remained in the top two places.

Sacred Space,  Following Energy Lines and Tuition were all reasonably close together.

Archaeology was 6th with almost 70% of the combined votes.

Water and the Explanation were close together at 7th & 8th.

It is important to note that with the combined Y+OK votes,  every topic got 60% or more of the votes.

This gives confidence that nothing is seriously wrong with the choice of subjects.

2. How far are you prepared to travel?

Responders were given various regions of England and asked if they would be prepared to travel to them.

Responses were given under the headings “Yes”, “No” and “Maybe”.

The vote data here only looks at the responses under “Yes, combined with Maybe”.

South – middle:44
Lower Midlands:47
East Midlands:36

The preferred areas were:

  • Lower Midlands (47) (Berks, Bucks, Glocs, Oxon, Herts)
  • South-Middle (44) ( Hants, Surrey, Sussex)
  • South West (41) ( Avon, Dorset, Wilts, Somerset)
  • East Midlands (36) (Cambs, Lincs)
  • Pennines were 5th at (30) but also recorded the highest “No” responses (28) or 48% votes ( Cheshire, Notts, Derbyshire, Staffs, Shropshire)
  • Midlands (27) (Birmingham, Leicestershire, Northants, Warwick, W. Midlands)

3. Respondents’ Location

An analysis of the locations of the responders to the Questionnaire showed that 50% of them lived in the South West  ( Avon, Dorset, Wilts, Somerset) and South-Middle ( Hants, Surrey, Sussex)

4. Means of Travel

86% travel by car

10% come by train              

4% come by plane

5. Main Considerations hindering your attending EEG events

For the question asking what were the “main considerations hindering your attending EEG events”, the alternatives offered were:-

Involved with other things, Distance involved, Clash with school holidays, Proximity/Clash with other Dowsing events, Cost of actual event, Cost of travel/accommodation, Topics not of interest, People not helpful, Venues not comfortable, Food is a problem, Other reasons.

The top four reasons selected (and votes out of 58) were

  1. Distance involved  (43).   The largest single vote.    [This has significant implications for Item 2].
  2. Cost involved. This becomes the most important if both Event (29) and Travelling costs (37) are combined .
  3. Involved with other things (29). [This suggests that events MUST be advertised well in advance.]
  4. Topics not of interest (18).

6. Structure of Meetings

The question here was “What type of meetings do you prefer to attend?

The vote options were “Yes please”, “OK”, “Sometimes” and “Not for me”. The results below are taken from the combined Yes + OK votes.

The most popular requests were:

  • 1 day talks and mini workshop  (67%)
  • 1 day workshop   (64%)
  • The next most popular were
  • 2 day talks+workshop+field trip   (60%)
  • 2 day talks and mini workshops   (60%)
  • 2 day work shop and training       (55%)

It is encouraging that all of the above got good votes.

Last, but not far behind, was

  • 1 day field trip   (48%)
  • Evening meetings ( in London, Manchester or Birmingham) 21%.

7. How many meetings would you consider attending per year?

The response options for three types of meetings were “One”, “Two”, More than 2”, and “Not for me”.

EEG/Joint meetings.

2 meetings per year seems to be the right target, but 31% voted  for attending only one meeting.

Overall, 51 voted (88%) for EEG/Joint meetings.

Tutorial weekends             

Almost equal votes (approx 26%)  between one and two tutorial meetings per year.

Overall, 37 votes (64%) for tutorials.

Regional meetings

High demand (50 votes; 86%) for regional meetings.   A need?

Highest % (23 votes; 40%) willing to go to more than 2 meetings per year.

8. The final question was “What would attract you to an EEG event?”

Many people did offer comments and these are under review.

Our thanks go to all those who took part in our survey. Their selections and comments will be very helpful in trying to plan our future events. If anyone has any further comments that they would like to make, then please send them in to Dudley Wheeler – address in EEG newsletter. We always welcome your feedback – at any time.

© 2003 Dudley Wheeler & BSD EEG