Ancient Minds in Ancient Times – The Dowsing Ability of Ancient People

by Ron S. Perry

Many papers have already been written quoting The Bible and ancient rock drawings, but what have we, the dowsers of today found, that points to dowsing as the original guidance behind some of the works of the ancient people?

The polarity of mass is probably the first subject to look at as it covers not only the size, but also the alignment of some structures and in one example it seems to link with the polarity of plants.

Most of us who have tried to set up a standing stone or cairn – even a small one – will know that it’s potential properties change as we add more stone to create a greater mass, or if some is removed, to reduce the mass. Most standing stones have a surrounding mass of small stones rammed in around the base that are thought to be there to support the monolith, but, if in contact with it in a soft soil surround, they become part of the overall mass and were probably used to “tune” it to the original requirement.1

As an experiment, place a plastic bucket, half full of gravel, on an energy line and add more gravel until the line is no longer detectable. It is possible to dowse for the exact weight of gravel needed to “stop” the line. At that point, the total mass of the gravel has a harmonic affinity with the energy line. Similarly, a small line through a house may be “stopped” with a plastic drinks bottle containing a measured quantity of sand. Dowse to find the quantity required.

Can we, as dowsers, demonstrate to the non-dowsers that the quality of the energy line has been altered in such a case? We can. There is an excellent test that can be applied in a country area where the overhead electricity cables have small transformers mounted on one or more of the wooden pole supports. In very cold weather some of the transformers emit a humming sound that can be quite a nuisance to nearby residents. Dowse around the pole for energy lines. If more than one is located, ask which one is causing the trouble and from which direction is it coming. Dowse up the line and ask for the best place to “stop” or intercept it. Then dowse for the exact weight of gravel that will be needed to stop the noise. It is usually about 35 pounds of builders gravel. If the ground is clay or soil, dig a basin-shaped hole for it. If the ground is gravel or shale, the new gravel will blend with it, so it needs to be insulated from the existing gravel by digging a larger hole. Place the gravel in a white plastic bag or bucket and surround the container with silt or clay before filling the hole in.

If the dowsing was correct, the noise will stop instantly. If a slight noise is still there, try adding or removing a handful of gravel. It can be tuned precisely. The distance from the pole is usually about 12m (39ft). The sound can be turned on and off by removing and replacing some gravel. The gravel used was hard pit gravel – a mix of flint, quartz and quartzite sandstone similar to beach gravel, only broken up.

The Polarity of Mass

When it was found that changing the mass of the stone would alter the quality of the energy lines connected to it and it’s influence on the Earth Energy system, it was decided to experiment to find the basic laws that may apply to it. A concrete lawn curb was laid flat on the grass and tested for it’s polarity value which is the same at each end. It was noted that the value changed as the slab was rotated. When it was aligned with magnetic north, the value was positive 84 at each end as dowsed on the percentage protractor or a metre rule. We have seen above, that the value will change if the mass is altered, so small pieces of concrete were added until the polarity read 100% positive. It was then rotated to the East-West alignment where the reading was 100% negative at each end. A zero reading was obtained when it was aligned either Northeast-Southwest or Northwest-Southeast. All the intermediate readings were available between a zero line and the 100% positive or negative line.

What else could this be called but the polarity of mass? It seems that an upstanding mass can have it’s polarity reset by changing either the mass or the alignment. It may not be a fixed polarity, for the polarity within the mass of a building changes day by day with the phases of the Moon. Our tutor, the late Major Bruce McManaway, taught us that the polarity of the energy field within a building can be altered by adding or reducing the mass of the structure. A few extra bricks or stones, even a bucket or bag of sand or coal, will change it. They need to be placed close to a solid wall and the quantity dowsed for to achieve the desired polarity.


Most of the energy projected from an upstanding mass is projected as an extension of the major axis unless another mass nearby acts as a major point of attraction. The energy projected by a pyramid is therefore likely to have a polarity value of zero because the greater part of it’s mass is aligned NE and NW – the alignment of zero polarity – which would make it difficult for a dowser to locate, for the dowsing reaction is greatest where there is a polarity differential. The greater the difference between the polarity of the energy line and it’s surroundings, the easier it is to locate by dowsing and the greater will be the influence on all biological recognition systems, leading to the irritation and ill-health of plants and animals, now termed “geopathic stress”.
Today, there will be exceptions to this action due to erosion of the structure by man and weather. The NE and NW lines were dowsed as global by using as a link the homoeopathic form of Silica, the Tissue Salt No 12. Those global lines may have been acting as global aerials that gathered the energy given off by the stone rectifiers – the standing stones and other stone drainage devices of the harmful energy flows – which made most of the energy flow safe but gave off their own identity which included Silica and Calcium.
If that lot could be gathered by the pyramid global energy lines, the mass and alignment of the structure would reduce the polarity of them all to zero and thus safeguard the Earth from the high polarity peaks that would be trimmed out.

It should be explained here that the danger to health in an energy line is mainly caused by the polarity reversal at each node point in the energy line. The energy flow can travel only so far before it has to form a vortex. The process is repeated at intervals that form a great half wave between each vortex. The vortices alternate from positive at one, to negative at the next and may be spaced many miles apart. If the polarity of the line is a high value, then it follows that the change to the opposite polarity will be a traumatic situation for any living tissues in that area. eg: positive 98 changing to negative 98 will be more disturbing than positive 6 changing to negative 6. A cross-country energy flow normally has a vortex area large enough to cover a village, and if it has terminated on a roundabout or silo, this would reradiate the influence to a greater local area. That may be the basic cause of many health problems occurring in clusters. The identity of the contents of silo or roundabout flora will be included in the outflow — daffodil planters please note. Homoeopathy is, I believe, our main defence for any problem that may be caused in this way.


The method of reducing a high polarity value in an energy line, by aligning and/or adjusting the mass, can be seen in many places in the UK. Most of the hilltop cairns were constructed to a set polarity that can be tested for, as the dowsers have the advantage of being able, when in dowsing mode, to “turn back the clock” and dowse for the polarity-of-mass of each cairn or structure as at the time of its construction. It is possible to do this on a large-scale map that shows the Cairns and mounds. Old maps are best, as many of the earth mounds have now been removed and are no longer shown on maps, but their position may now coincide with the source point of present-day health problems, so a quest for health problems or harmful energy is advisable at that point. The polarity value of most was set between 6 and 9.

Some may have been set for a human fertility problem as they were tuned to 6.66, some positive and the next negative. That is the value that was dowsed as the body polarity needed to stimulate the sex glands2. Others were set at negative 12.65, the value that is revealed if we dowse for the best polarity for bone healing. That is also the polarity of the plant comfrey, our recognized bone/wound healer. This I feel is the connection between the polarity of mass and the polarity of plants mentioned before. There may be many others.

We can also compare these cairn settings with the average polarity of the Bach Flower remedies that has been dowsed as negative 7.08. So the Cairns seem to have been tuned to a polarity value that was beneficial for the people in the area. They were usually constructed on a natural energy radiation point that was harmful to the area and/or was spreading it’s influence to other hills in the area from which it would be re-radiated.

Earth Banks

In other areas, various earth banks were constructed across a strong energy flow. Near the Welsh border lies the well-known stone circle called Mitchell’s Fold and in a hillside gully to the West of it is a mysterious cross formed of two large earth banks marked on the map as “Pillow mounds”. They collect all the incoming energy lines and convert them to a harmless outflow. Only healing energy is detectable at the two Eastern ends where the energy leaves to flow towards Corndon hill from which it is sprayed East over the Midlands. The stone circle was placed between the cross and the hill and was placed on the intersection of 24 mountain-to-mountain energy lines1. The cross therefore “cleaned up” the energy before it entered the circle and passed on East. It is similar to placing a filter in a water-flow system. If the cross was not there, the harmful energy would have latched onto the 24 intersecting mountain-to-mountain lines and a backflow from it would have contaminated the 24 mountain source-points.

Roman Camps

Roman camps were constructed in Britain with earth banks that have rounded corners and always aligned a bit off the North line which has been a puzzle until now. We have seen how the polarity of a concrete beam changed as it was rotated. So correspondingly does an earth bank change if the alignment is altered. We can make a model of an earth bank by filling an old stocking with soil. It is possible to set the alignment to achieve a desired polarity value.

With that theory in mind, it was decided to check the polarity within the Roman forts as at the time of first occupation. A local one at Forden was checked on site and others were tested on the large-scale maps by placing a pointer on the fort. Most of them were found to have been set on negative 12.65; the same as the polarity of comfrey with a few exceptions – perhaps where they lacked a suitable dowser? That standard polarity setting would not give them all the same magnetic or geographic alignment to North due to the local energy fields given off by hills and rock faults that would distort their relation to true North. They probably had no knowledge of our centesimal scale readings which give us this understanding of polarity values, but they may have had some rule-of-thumb method that achieved the same object.

A test was set up with a fresh piece of comfrey and a compass. A fundamental ray was found at 14 degrees; which suggests that may be how they did it – by dowsing around a piece of comfrey to find the fundamental ray on which to align the structure. The rounded corners of the earth banks would have prevented the loss of this internal healing influence which would otherwise have radiated out on the three energy projections from a sharp right-angled corner. That alignment angle of 14 degrees is roughly what we see when a series of Roman forts are inspected.

Pillow Mounds

Other earth banks that are arranged exactly across an energy flow are shown on the OS maps as “Pillow Mounds”. They are generally described as Norman rabbit banks. Rabbits are known to constantly reopen old warrens, so the absence of holes reduces that theory, as there are always odd rabbits about in the area. Each bank is about 20m (65.5ft) long (depending on the total width of the energy flow on which it was placed) by 4m (13ft) wide by 1.5m to 2m (6ft) high and are spaced about 50m (164ft) apart. They were made by digging two ditches and the soil from them was piled in the centre between them. Each bank is just long enough to cover the bandwidth of each multi-line energy flow; several parallel flows being present at one site and all traceable to one source point. As the waveform of the energy flow goes over the bank, the wavelength is cut by 50%. The shorter the waveform, the safer it is for any life-form in its path. Some patches of Pillow Mounds have over twenty earth banks.

A few of these mounds have been dowsed for their age which was indicated as 540 years, so they may have been the work of the monks. The harmful energy that the mounds were processing was dowsed back to a mountain with water rising on the top. Today, many of the mounds have been removed or eroded and the new wire-netting fences that collect and radiate energy like aerials now process the passing energy flows. The health problem in those energy flows now includes MS.


A harmful energy flow from the same source as the re-radiated fence system was detected towards the South East where it focused onto an isolated hill before spraying East down the Severn valley into Shropshire. A large number of pits surrounded the hilltop which were not the start of a ring ditch as they were not in line and each pit has a turf covered mound in the centre like a large grave. The pits are about 4m(13ft) long (across the slope) by 3m (10ft) wide down the slope and 1.5 to 2m (6ft) deep. The hilltop within the circle of pits was dowsed for energy lines and only very harmful lines were detected going out as a radial pattern. Each line was intercepted by a pit and beyond each pit only good or “healing energy” could be detected. Each pit with a stone mound in the centre acted as a rectifier, changing bad energy to good.

The principle used there can be experimented with by dowsing around a plain glass or pottery bowl with the quest for healing or harmful energy. Repeat the dowsing after placing in the bowl a round stone or an upturned plain egg-cup, when only good or healing energy may be detected.

The principle may have been known to some of our ancient quarry workers for some of our old quarry holes have a large rock or a heap of stone left in the centre and they only emanate good energy. Recent removal of such risks health trouble in the area.
Our ancestors took steps to stop this by various means. Walking over a farm one day I came across a valley that had nothing but healing energy lines flowing along it that all traced back to the East end of a ridge. On the rounded end of the ridge, at the source point of these lines, one could dowse the outline of a pit with a round mass – a boulder perhaps – in the centre. It had been dug there to rectify the harmful energy flow and is still doing a good job. We should note that the Egyptian god Horus is depicted as a Hawk with a deep bowl or pit containing a circular mass. The hawk, I view as representing strong energy in flight. The best descriptive diagram. They have been showing us how to do it!

Where a major energy flow had to be controlled, other methods were used to prevent the flow reaching the end of the ridge where it would normally be projected as a radial overland spray leading into a multi-line energy flow that can cross vast areas, each sub-line representing mainly one element. A deep ditch would be cut across the end of the ridge with the soil piled outside of the ditch, on the wrong side for defence, which is what they are described as. One can dowse the energy lines flowing into the ditch and follow their diversion down into the valley below where they were channelled by the energy fields from the hills on each side, until a major mountain-to-mountain line crossed them.

We can perhaps begin to understand why they lived on the hill-tops, if the valley floor carried the major energy drainage bringing ailments caused by the elemental content.


At that point, where a major mountain-to-mountain line crosses another similar line, a major vortex is formed. The radial energy lines from it usually split into three parallel flows of up to 72 lines in each, all starting from one line-up position near the vortex like runners in a race.

The early dowsers changed it to a relatively harmless system with a massive mound of stone and gravel turfed over. One big one had seven Oak trees on it. They were marked on the maps as “cairns”, but contained no burials and so many of them have been removed.

In other areas, the energy flow was changed by using a tall standing stone to send one line up and over the lower one to prevent them combining, or several in a row may have served the same purpose where each side line had to be intercepted. One farm had the illness ME traceable to energy from fences that led back to a small mound. The top of the mound had a ring ditch about a foot (300mm) wide with seven short radial ditches outside, designed to radiate healing lines, all filled in with a different material and made level. There’s an idea. That was created to save all who followed, but they did not cater for the effect of fences, Larch trees and farm equipment!


Some of the original standing stones are very wide, much wider than is needed to stop the detectable energy line. One in a valley south of Sennybridge stands at the narrowest point between two hills. The energy flows from West to East across the narrow gap, to an isolated hill that would reradiate the energy Eastwards, good or bad. The stone was dowsed around asking for harmful energies and a flow was detected going to the stone from the West. Nothing was detected on the East or outgoing side.

The quest was changed to find healing energy and a strong flow was detected going East from the stone to the isolated hill. The nature of the energy had changed from harmful to healing as it passed through or around the stone. When the centre of the energy line was located, it was passing through it near one side of the wide stone but when date-dowsed back in time, it could be traced at various contact points across the width of the stone. It had been selected as wide enough to cover the lateral line-drift over the thousands of years.
How many such stones have been removed, and what fate awaits that one if a modern road is made through that valley? Will it end up in a lay-by with a brass plate on it? A wide stone serving a similar purpose can be seen in the stone circle near Penrith.
Further North, between Builth Wells and Llanidloes lies an example of a wide stone system that has gone wrong. The term “system” is used, for two touching stones had to be used to make one mass that was wide enough to cover what can generally be dowsed as a five thousand year one way drift or a 10,000 year cycle. In this case, one of the two stones has fallen. If it had survived, the original setting would have been upset by a nearby overhead electricity supply cable. It has a dowsable field that has pushed over the energy flow that the stones were designed to rectify. They now need to be replaced on the new line flow as can be seen by map dowsing for harmful energy lines across the map. The energy in that flow was the total outflow from many springs and rock faults from a large basin surrounded by hills. The only Eastern outlet for all this was a narrow gap which concentrated all the line-flows before they contacted the next node point, an isolated hill. The hill sprays all it’s energy East over central Wales and the Midlands. At that critical point, early man intercepted it with a wide stone mass that was sufficient to rectify all, over the continuous cyclic side drift. Whoever did that was a good dowser and it hardly seems credible that they did it on foot without the aid of map-dowsing, for only map dowsing shows clearly the spraying energy flows from that area that can be detected by asking for energy that may cause or aggravate cancer or rheumatoid problems.

Breast Stones

There has been recent interest in the large breast shaped stones. My first observation of them was at Mitchell’s Fold where one can dowse around the stones asking for harmful or healing energy. From the rounded breast shaped stones only healing energy is detected. It emanates from the stone in multiples of seven energy lines, 21 being the most recorded. The harmful energy is projected from the angular corners and spikes, which were all turned inwards towards the centre of the circle so that the harmful energy could be reprocessed before leaving. The “healing” energy radiates outward and mostly towards the East but some radiates back towards the source by latching onto the 24 incoming lines as parasitic waves on which they may find their way back to the mountain source points. It was therefore important for the designers to prevent these source points being contaminated with a harmful energy feedback, so they turned the breast shapes outwards from the circle to ensure that only good energy escaped. The position may be different now since the circle was recently vandalized and re-erected with concrete bases to the stones!

Polarised Layers

In other areas, the early dowsers were concerned with the different layers of energy which may have caused them to design the tall breast stone in Monmouth churchyard as described in a recent Journal article. There, can be seen a tall square stone with carved breast shapes on each side repeated up the stone at regular intervals. A simple experiment may throw some light on this stone pattern.

Hold the pendulum at ground level and allow it to rotate. Then slowly raise it. It will rotate anti-clockwise for the first few inches, between 75mm (3″) and 230mm (9″) being usual. It then reverses for roughly every 1m (3ft 3″) that it rises. Dowsing tests indicate the presence of 72 alternating layers of polarity that cover the Earth with an indication of two more such bands, all three being spaced by two 3m (10ft) gaps.

Energy released from the Earth above the first layers then floats on them, becoming difficult to earth. An example is a drainpipe discharging water from a projecting nozzle 2m (6.5ft) above a stream-bed. Such an energy flow has been dowsed as flowing across a cast iron bridge where holes were eroded right through the thick flange only where the energy line impinged on it. Patches of brickwork become so soft in such an energy line that they can be rubbed out with a finger. Concrete “cancer” and stone erosion of old buildings can be dowsed back to such a source-point which may be miles away. In another example, painting contractors got blamed for their new work peeling off walls while similar work on the same wall nearby remained firm. They were not aware that a stone circle had been removed before the row of houses were built there. The energy flow from the site of the old circle was dowsed through the damaged paintwork and then through the beds of the sick people.


There is little doubt that early man could navigate, but he may have used methods unknown today. My article in BSD Journal of 19851 described the manipulation of the energy lines that were detectable by the Navigator who held the appropriate link, the identity of which had been programmed into the energy source-point. That system involved the use of everyday objects such as nuts, wool or feathers as dowsing links that the early navigators would carry with them. The links used seemed to be for certain areas. Wales and Ireland used mainly seeds and twigs; Denmark: sea shells; Brittany: nuts and feathers; Spain: feathers.

They were programmed in by fire or percussion at a main mountain energy discharge point over which they built a cairn. To prevent one cairn signal mixing with another nearby, the connecting line was stopped with a stone wall at 90 degrees across the line. One example of this can be seen in the Dovey valley.

Some of the early journeys may have left/used half of the link at the departure point and half at the destination so that a permanent link line was established. They probably planted seed from the same plant so that there would be a genetic link.

The first indication I found was a plum stone that linked between Barmouth and Novascotia; a hazel leaf/twig links Abersoch with Novascotia. The plum line from Barmouth starts high in the mountains where the maximum power was obtained. On the Northumberland coast several flint half-pebbles were found. What were they used for? Where was the other half? Placed on a map, the pendulum indicted Callanish. Was some special energy gathered at Callanish to which they wanted a link.

The search for one was triggered by the fascinating photographs collected by Erich von Daniken and similar books showing early civilizations. One shows a Sumerian cylinder seal depicting what looks like a survey party with a square and dividers – or was it a dowser’s forked stick? They seem to be on a day-by-day journey for each day is shown by a separate Sun and a circle of eight small spheres with an extra one in the centre.

It was decided to try one: nine stones about the size of a grapefruit were arranged on a small blind spring in the same pattern. It was dowsed around with rods and pendulum, not knowing what to expect. A wavy line was followed from it towards the South a few metres where it started an anti-clockwise outline of the British coastline leaving a map about 9m long. The source point where I stood occupied the correct position on the map that even marked the tidal reaches of the rivers. Maps with a recognizable outline could be drawn from such an exercise. If the surveyor shown with the dividers had measured the distance across a small peninsular, he could have used it as a yardstick to measure the relative overall size of the landmass on the projected map.

It looks as though the energy from the blind spring rises as a vortex until it reaches the radio-reflective layers surrounding the Earth that may be collecting a “curtain” of energy thrown up from the coastline. The energy may have been generated at the edge of the moving mass of salt sea-water and an almost continuous line of silica sand beach. The vortex from the stone circle may have collected this information from the radio-reflective layers and projected a miniature version of the coastline onto the ground.

Some evidence that may support that theory has been gathered by scientific observations from satellites of our Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights, which seemed to follow the coastlines. It was recently confirmed by the satellite observations.


Pictures of the possessions of Columbus included a small glass bottle which roused speculation in the press. Was it used for perfume or medication? At the time when I read this I was tracing biological and elemental influences in the energy lines by map dowsing with samples in a small glass bottle as a link. In case the bottle was having an influence on my findings, it was separated from the contents and used on it’s own as a link. As the map dowsing was passing over a coastline, the pendulum rotated rapidly. It may have been due to a link between the glass and the beach sand. The dowsing was repeated without a cap or cork on the bottle and no rotation occurred, but it started again when the bottle top was closed with the thumb. The pendulum rotation over the sea was clockwise as it moved West towards a coastline, and anti-clockwise as the dowsing moved East towards a coast. The pendulum rotation reverses as it crosses the coast. A navigator at sea would be able to detect his position as at the point where the pendulum rotation changes as the East/West dowsing passed over the chart, even if the eventual landfall or coastline was unknown at that time. It would be his longitudinal position.

The same system works over land, only the pendulum rotations are the opposite. They all reverse after sunset.

If the sealed bottle is held while dowsing within a circle, even a pencil drawn circle or over a plain plate, the same response is obtained as the dowsing meets the East or West edge of the circle, leaving a division between the two at the north and South points. Here we should look back to the Sumerian surveyor with the dividers. Even in a fog they could have drawn a circle with the dividers on some cleared and flattened soil and noted the dowsing reaction as they dowsed from the centre towards the perimeter. A similar exercise could be done with two pegs and a cord as was carried by Otzi, the Ice Man, who also had a stone with a hole in it that may have been used as a pendulum.

Pictures of old ships have been seen that had a large graduated circle marked on the rear deck. The navigator, with bottle and pendulum in hand, may have become the compass indicator. If he held a sample of barley as a link, the dowsing would indicate the “navigation line” into Milford Haven or the direct course towards it3.

The Abbe Mermet experimented with what he called the fundamental ray — a ray given off in a fixed direction for each metal. The ray dowsable from iron is South. If a piece of iron was placed within the deck circle on an old ship, the dowsable ray from it would strike the circle due South. If too much iron was already present in the form of deck nails, a piece of copper could be used that would throw out a detectable ray towards the Southwest or Zinc that has a ray Southeast. Whatever may be used, a regular fixed point can be obtained from which to take a bearing. These angular rays also reverse their polarity and alignment after sunset and sunrise, but with Copper and Zinc being used together, that reversal would not matter as they are both at 45 degrees from the Southern alignment. That same pattern in a circle has been seen among the aboriginal cave drawings of Australia, described as the “ban the bomb” sign. More dowsers? The Iron line is constant before and after sunset, being due South. The Copper line recorded before and after sunset produces a 45 degree offset from South, so creating the Aboriginal pattern.

Welsh Colour Navigation

While dowsing maps of Wales, it was decided to use colour samples as a dowsing link. While holding Yellow, a whole spray of radial lines was detected that were traceable to one hill called Bryn Melyn that translates as “Hill Yellow”. The Welsh place-names are very descriptive and as the language has changed little over thousands of years, there may be much to learn from place names. It used to be thought that the colours in a name referred to the foliage colours in the changing seasons, but this yellow hill was detected by dowsing for yellow lines when the hill did not look yellow.

At this point we should look at the colours and their Welsh names as set out below so that members may dowse their maps with this information.

Black = Ddupronounced“thee”
White = Gwyn“gwin”
Yellow = Melyn“melin”
Red = Coch“kogh”
Blue = Glas“glass”

If one knew the position of these coloured energy “beacons”, then dowsing in a fog with a few colour samples would enable the dowser to detect the radiating lines and establish their position relative to them. There are at least three Black Mountains in Wales and many places with blue in the name. Water dowsers know that pure water rising gives off an energy that has a harmonic affinity with the colour violet. What is not so well known is that falling or fast running water gives off an energy line that has a harmonic affinity with the colour blue. One can test for this effect by dowsing around a running hosepipe.

Many of our most harmful energy lines can be map-dowsed to a weir; a waterfall or a discharging pipe raised above the drainage channel. “Blue” energy lines from water have been followed into houses where they targeted blue items just prior to the onset of health problems.

In 1936 I saw a blue energy flow near a waterfall that looked like a stair carpet of blue wriggling worms on the grass. It was near a waterfall on a mountain stream called “Blue Lins Brook” which is half English (blue) and half Welsh, lins being the Welsh version of lines.

Early Maps

Early maps show a maze of lines that intersect at large and small embellished centres like a fantastic spiders web. I have no knowledge of a dowser passing comment on them. There was quite a lot of artist’s license with the early maps that showed sea monsters etc., but were the major line centres as shown really involved with the map making, or were they just a cartographers’ cartouche?

We know that mountains link with energy lines to many other surrounding hills and mountains. The larger the mass of the mountain, the longer may be the connecting line, even extending over the horizon and well out of sight. Island links with Island and all these link lines are there for the map dowser, just by asking for them. Where they cross they create a vortex and a radial spray. The rays from a large spray would cross a coastline. Each coastal crossing point could be dowsed and marked on these rays and then connected by dowsing for the missing bit of coast in between. Columbus was known to have an early map with him, but then, did he also have a Genie in a bottle to help him?

© 2004 Ron Perry & BSD EEG

Editor’s note:

I thought that readers might be interested in some further explanation—the result of a few email exchanges between Ron and myself after he had kindly contributed this article.

Why gravel? Better than using coils or rods because of the exact mass increase required. If you file too much off a coil or rod for example, which can act similarly, it can’t be added back on.

Why silica? A hunch that silica in homeopathic form, such as a tissue salt or similar, may reveal an ‘invisible’ track. Once a structure is at zero polarity, energy emanating from any corners is no longer detectable by dowsing. It is as if water entered the structure and came out at the corners as steam. Thus dowsers searching for water will find none. Silicea, the homeopathic form, is for “causing things to come out”, making them visible once more.

Why daffodils and roundabouts? Roundabouts are dowsable as some of the main relay points of energy-borne health problems gathering info from all over and adding the identity of the local flora—daffs, hawthorn, crocuses etc. before spraying the resultant energy signature onwards. The body detects this as a physical dose of Daffodils, Crataegus, or Crocus etc., the last of which is poisonous so you can see the effect, and this is without whatever else this line is carrying. Homeopathic remedies are useful for negating such effects.

The photo of the cairn used to illustrate that section is of a cairn in Sedona, Arizona. Dowser, Michele Fitzgerald, who lives in the area, was led to this very large mound of stones by following an energy line that runs through her home to it. She found that it was imperative that the v-notched stone shown at the top was in place and aligned correctly. Otherwise, the cairn’s role as a energy harmoniser for the surrounding earth energies was rendered inoperable. The result of such disturbance could be felt miles away.

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