Article on Alf Rigs Published in the Sunday Times

by Hazel Courteney

(published on Sunday March 23, 1997)

Energy healers generate a spectrum of frequencies from their hands that can be measured and photographed using specialist equipment. Brain scans of ME patients taken before and after treatment (from Seka Nikolic, the energy healer) show an increase of more than 20% in blood flow to the brain, which is instrumental in restoring energy levels.

Every organism – be it human, animal of plantĀ  – emits an electromagnetic field, which also can be photographed. We have trillions of electric circuits in our cells, which become disturbed when we are exposed to too much electricity or earth radiations, either from geopathic stress (which occurs in areas of sharp anomaly in the Earth’s magnetic field), underground streams or toxins in the atmosphere.

To understand this theory more fully, I invited Alf Riggs to dowse my home for electrical pollution and geopathic stress. He has dowsed 14,000 sites in 15 countries during the past 30 years. After checking every room, Alf revealed that two transformers by my bed near my head (we have just installed an electrical bed to help my husband’s bad back) are equivalent in exposure to sleeping next to a high-voltage power line.

To add to my mounting unease, he said that when the electric blanket is on, it creates an electric and magnetic field that affects the production of melatonin and interrupts natural sleep. During sleep, our brains vibrate at about three or four cycles per second, helping our cells to repair themselves. But if we sleep with an electric blanket on (or near too many electric points), the interference from these appliances disturbs the body’s natural repair process.

Riggs likened this constant exposure to trying to treat someone for a burn while they still have their hand in the fire. He suggested that we move all our plugs at least 5ft away from the bed and never leave the electric blanket on when we are in bed. Needles to say, I have taken his advice.

Last week I received a letter from Mrs Joy Roberts in Chester, who says that she and her husband, both in their thirties, have been suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome for almost six years, despite trying many orthodox and alternative treatments.

This is a classic symptom of electrical pollution or geopathic stress and I suggest that the Roberts have their house dowsed and have a course of energy healing as soon as possible.