Autumn thoughts on Earth Healing – ethics of dowsing up the garden path

Dr Patrick MacManaway

I heard recently from a client whose house I had worked on last year in connection with geopathic stress.

I had identified a problem line of earth energy running through the house and had been interested to observe a rather sad looking plum tree standing on the same line, a little upstream of the house.

The tree had never done well, I was told, and rarely bore much fruit.

When it came to working on the line, I chose to give it a geomantic tweaking upstream of the plum tree to see if I couldn’t help it at the same time as my client.

This year it has yielded a bumper harvest of plums, and so I feel satisfied to record that client and tree are both doing well.

A couple of days ago I was checking a house in the romantic mists of Plockton, home of television’s Hamish MacBeth and several dozen soggy sheep.

Taking our dowsing out into the clients garden, we picked up a rather strongish vein of underground water running along the garden path.

Following it to a bed of brussel sprouts revealed three rows of hopelessly stunted sprouts over the vein, and another four rows of magnificent sprouts out of the vein’s reach.

Thinking back to my happy plum tree, I was tempted to embark on a geomantic brussel sprout rescue and relieve the venomous vein of its vampiric potency.

The thickly swirling Scotch mist suggested however that water is an inevitable part of life, and that appropriate clothing or staying indoors until the rain has stopped is a good alternative to enforced weather control…..

Better by far to plant plum trees and Brussels sprouts and houses where the energies are compatible with such presence than to change all the world to an exclusively human-friendly geomantic environment. Biodiversity is the ecological cry, and energetic diversity might be the dowsers response.

My client is now planning to plant tomatoes or medicinal herbs where her sprouts are small, knowing that those species will thrive on the energy of the water vein, as would bees and ants and all the slimy things that like to live in compost heaps.

Healing the earth is in large part about healing our own relationship to it, and learning to hear and dance to the music that nature plays rather than playing our own music louder and louder until all the world can hear it. (Anyone who has lived with teenage children may share this sentiment….)

© 1996 Dr Patrick MacManaway & BSD EEG