Balancing Energy Lines and an Archaeological Site

by Mike Snow

I have now attended two workshops with Joey Korn, the first at the Earth Energy Group’s autumn conference in 2001, followed by the Regency College weekend organized by Cedric Jackson. I also had the good fortune of welcoming Joey to Chulmleigh when he got lost on a trip to Cornwall! We celebrated with a glass of water, visited my archaeological site on Chulmleigh Hill and he performed his spiritual house cleaning service, departing about 9.30pm to spend the night at Glastonbury, and then on to a 10am appointment near Malvern the following morning! We now keep in regular contact and he supplies me with rods and rockers as we call them, which sell to all that see them demonstrated. I find the dowsers that invest £25 in “Rolls Royce” equipment, become serious dowsers determined to help and teach others.

I have now been dowsing for nearly ten years, and have been actively involved in earth energy work for the last four. I had suffered from manic depression all my life and when I learnt about geopathic stress it rang a chord, and I quickly found that my office was criss-crossed with negative energy lines. I was quoted £350 to “clear the house” so this set the challenge for a do it yourself job. I phoned my mentor, John Bowers, who explained over the phone how to divert the energy lines with 6” nails by forming a bypass. With some reservations I stuck in my eight nails in the appropriate places to divert the worst energy lines, and much to my surprise it worked, the energy lines now running around the house rather than through it. So far so good, but I then discovered that the outgoing energy lines had combined and the one leading to the church was now defunct. I was concerned that the houses that the doubled up negative energy line passed through could be seriously affected as I knew that one of the occupants of a house that was affected suffered “with his nerves”.

At the next meeting of Devon Dowsers members were allowed 10 minutes to speak, and one speaker said he specialized in earth energies, and in particular in clearing homes of negative energies. He, plus his partner and friend, came to see me the following week and were horrified at the advice I had been given and told me to remove the nails immediately, as I had effectively earthed an energy line that passed through an atomic power station further up the line! He then showed me how to divert the energies around the house by drawing a circle around the house and plotting all the relevant energy lines affecting the house, but stopping them short when they reached or left the circle. He also demonstrated the use of colour in determining the frequency of the energy lines, a system that I found was so simple using Woolworth colouring pens at £1.40 for 30, and led me to pick up those frequencies with musical notes.

With this knowledge of the relevance of colour, I devised my own system of balancing energies using colour, and instead of drawing circles around the properties I was working on I would actually draw around the boundary of the property using a frame of three colours for which I had dowsed. A shade of yellow was common to the centre line of the frame, dowsing negative, and the two outside lines were positive and were often shades of green and orange, however there were many variations on this. I would draw in the frame on a separate top sheet of paper, so that if I wished to revert the energies it was just a case of removing the “coversheet”. This system I used for nearly two years very effectively but the downside was that the energies in our home became unstable and when I was using the same colours to balance another property mine would often revert, and it became more and more difficult to stabilise them.

It was at this stage that I came across Joey Korn and, being a religious sceptic, I didn’t take immediately to the “power of prayer”. But standing up in front of 50 or so fellow dowsers and saying a prayer to balance a detrimental energy line and succeeding was a revelation and I have never looked back from that day. To hand over the responsibility to an omnipotent power and cut out the need for keeping records of scores of properties, all apparently dependent on me, was such a relief.

Furthermore it gave me time to compare the effectiveness of the two systems and, as Joey Korn suggested, the overall effect was the same. Black detrimental lines, by far the most common problem, change to blue beneficial lines, in most cases from negative to positive, and all the other detrimental energies go through the same frequency change. However the big advantage is the saving in time and the stability of the balanced energies, combined with the in built permission factor – If it be thy will” overcomes all the potential hazards of seeking permission.

Time has moved on and I am now able to help someone over the phone. I can analyse the energy levels and the number of detrimental energy lines affecting their home or office and balance them whilst on the phone. Furthermore I can do the same for a friend’s home if they know it well and although I usually work through dowsing friends, it really is not necessary. I can also work with photographs, even through the property pages, and can see why some properties are always changing hands! Every day I find more effective ways of working. While trying to sort out a planning problem at the local civic centre with most of the planning officers away sick or on leave, I checked the energies of the office – sixteen detrimental lines, and I thought why stop there and dowsed for the energies of the whole centre – three hundred or so detrimental energy lines, so I went for the lot, said my prayer and they all swung into balance. I checked the energies on the way out, all were positive, furthermore the castle mound that I had checked on the way in previously with 96 detrimental energies that had all interconnected, had all become beneficial, as had much of the town. Whilst achieving a lot of satisfaction from these achievements I am under no illusion that I am anything but humble me and that I am merely a facilitator. My real achievement is to persuade others that dowsing is not just a fun hobby but a real power for good which can change people’s lives in an instant. Even balancing the detrimental energies emitting from a computer monitor is so simple and so necessary, affecting so many – a call centre must be a living hell!

I am also heavily involved in sorting out a complex archaeological site dating back over 4000 years, taking in a Roman occupation with a large military presence, surviving until 1640 when the plague struck killing 40 of the 700 inhabitants. Being the work of the devil the whole village was destroyed or laid waste and was actively “lost” until I purchased the site nearly 2 years ago. A large church and some 100 dwellings were destroyed and the land given over to sheep grazing, possibly a more profitable crop! The challenge is there for dowsers to build up the whole history and sociology of the place, including the site of 10 standing stones and a plateau excavated some 2000 years ago and where Romans planted a vineyard on the banks surrounding this site of several churches.

Please contact me if you would like to help in the study or in any other way. At 66, I am struggling just a little bit and would appreciate some help!

© 2003 Mike Snow & BSD EEG