Benton Castle Labyrinth – a Metaphysical Report

by Jill Bruce-Cook

I expected a small space. What there is, is a spectacle. I was completely unprepared for its size, its power, and the unusual way in which the power is distributed.

It nestles, if anything that powerful can nestle, in a perfect Feng-Shui arrangement which was pre-intuited by some Norman nobleman. Estuary, woodland, hills, beach; a paradise further enhanced by this strange and wonderful thing. What made it work? Elizabeth Sulivan dowsed the position of each stone over a period of 5 years, and each one was laid by hand in a proper craftsman-like manner. To my knowledge no wizard ever came and enchanted it. But it works better than any other megalithic site I have seen in Britain.

For it is a gateway – to all different kinds of dimensions.

Although I am a dowser, my main task on any of these expeditions with other dowsers, is to be the resident clairvoyant, and so record the metaphysical properties of the place, while they get on with the psi-lines, geometric shapes etc. All the following records appeared clairvoyantly, and in very quick succession. There are, I believe, 5 sets of metaphysical phenomena occurring at Benton Castle Labyrinth, all simultaneously.

1. The Connection of the 7 Levels of Being

The Labyrinth operates with great power, due to its connection with all the dimensions of being from Malkuth (Earth), through the Astral, Causal, Cosmic and Divine realms.

Divine Realm:

Here is a pillar of red fire, surroundedby a spinning serpent. It is the start of the spiralling energy, which is soassociated with labyrinths.

Cosmic Realm:

Here are angelic presences and many other winged creatures. Spinning clockwise is a flat layer of tightly coiled energy. Energy travels down through equilateral triangular blocks. They are light green.

Causal Realm:

3 linear rings make up a torsion field, which turns anti-clockwise; They are green,yellow and brown. This is the field where most activity occurs. There is a very protective layer on the higher causal, which at the same time is
very densely made. It seems to be so dense that no reciprocal arrangement of the back flow of energy could be made with the lower realms.They seem to have no alternative, except to accept this information. Some information seems to be forced into the lower realms.

Astral Realm:      

Although there is much energy hitting it from the Causal Realm, the Astral Realm receives it in the form of drips, and is very still. It is made of many pillars, too numerous to count. The pillars are composed of layers of discs, which spin and open out like the spokes of an umberalla, presenting the information.

2. The Encylopaedia

This property occurs on the Astral Realm, which is also known as the Akashic Records: An image of everything that has occurred on Malkuth is mirrored onto the Astral Plane and is recorded. The repository of these records is called the Akashic Records. It is interesting to note that we also refer to the pillars of wisdom, which actually do seem to exist above the Labyrinth.

At the present time, we do not know what the pillars can tell us. They may only have records from the time the Labyrinth was built, or as it would seem to me, the Labyrinth has already shifted its consciousness back through many time frames and could be used to access any historical information.

3. Time

When I observe the Labyrinth clairvoyantly it is as though one can enter different time dimensions. It connects at the same time with the Stone Age, the Egyptians, the Grail Legend and Greek Tragedy, the Star Chamber and the British Monarchs. Although constructed from twentieth century granite kerb stones, it has a very Stone Age feel to it. I feel it is rooted there and has recorded the efforts of Man ever since.

4. Psychoanalytical Tool

Labyrinths have long been associated with walking towards the middle of them and thereby walking inwards on yourself Therefore the labyrinth is a tool for self-enlightenment or change of consciousness.

On the surface level, and in particular Benton Castle, this is a benign arrangement that it would seem lots of people have used and found very beneficial.

But one should also take into account the other levels of being. This site does seem to be connected very strongly to these, especially on the Causal Level. This Level is said to contain the archetypes of our existence which earlier civilisations have called the Gods, which takes us to its next use.

5. Magic

Ancient religions were synonymous with magic. Most of them were shamanistic, where thepriest would use ritual and narcotics to gain entry to the realms of the gods to bring enlightenment and prosperity to his or her tribe. (They weren’t always men.) These techniques enabled the tribe to engage with the Gods and receive both material and spiritual help, and, of course, retribution. Because Benton seems to have such a strong link to the Stone Age, I feel that it would need this kind of activity to be able to probe its secrets.

It also seems to have a healing capacity, as it is connected to angels.

The Guardians

The Guardian’s name is Azlev. He informs me that his ‘brother’ is Azulin, of whom I wrote in ‘The Garden of Eden‘, which indicates that both entities belong to the same group, especially as both their names begin with Az. It would indicate that they come under dominion of either Azazel or Azriel, both 7th Heaven angels.

Azael was considered to be one of the Watchers, or Grigori, so this would set them in the Gnostic, Templar, Masonic and “Council of Nine” idiom.

The Healing of Benton Castle Labyrinth comes under the dominion of the Archangel Gabriel.


Elizabeth Sulivan has created something remarkable. How remarkable may only be realised in years to come. It is a labyrinth in every sense of the word, and has made contact with other time zones and has its own, astral, causal, cosmic and divine layers.

Whether it understands twenty-first century philosophy remains to be seen, but it is rooted in the Stone Age, and as such should be considered extremely hazardous to amateurs.

One of its main attributes is that, because it is hazardous, it can demonstrate why these places were always considered sacred, and the uninitiated were either kept out, or fed a story to keep them quiet. What we have is a site which is operating in a way which we always dreamed we would find. It is pure, it is uncivilised and it contains the information about our ancestors that we so much want to know.

It is a place of healing so long as the practitioner is highly qualified in the Arcane Arts and has a pure turn of mind. Healing would be quite profound, and all-encompassing on the patient’s life due to the psycho-analytical activities of the Labyrinth, so it would be very necessary to be entirely ethical in it suse.

It could become a place of temporal power, because of its connection with the Watchers.

My recommendation is that if it is to be ‘worked’ then the practitioners should be able to reach at least the Causal Layer, through whichever means they employ, and be able to do so easily. Only people of this level of evolvement would be able to manipulate its level of power effectively, and safely.

The Key and its use should only be very carefully revealed and no one should use the energies of the Labyrinth except with Elizabeth’s express permission.

© 2005 Jill Bruce-Cook