Burning and Dowsing Zones (letter)

by David Cowan

I was interested in the article on the flowering of the Soleil d’or narcissus bulbs which flowered in­creasingly later in the year, until they were too late for the Christmas market. As most readers will remember, A. Tabraham in his book “Solar Energy and Dowsing on the Isle of Scilly” discovered that it was due to the lack of yearly burning of trash on the fields which lowered the temperature of the ground over the following year, until the bulbs were unable to flower in time. (See also Dudley Wheeler’s article in September 1999 magazine). Several years ago, I walked up a 2,000 ft. hill near my home and tried my divining rods over a patch of heather which had only just been burned. This has been common over Scotland for many years, and helps encourage the growth of new heather for the grouse to feed on. The energies which I have been working on are “overgrounds”, individual waves about 5-6 ft. wavelength, which are emitted from standing stones, quarries, volcanic plugs, etc. These can easily be found with angle rods, and I have since refined it somewhat, using white divining rods to pick up only good energies, and black for unhealthy. It is quite remarkably easy to differentiate these – the human body seems to be able to do it naturally. (For confirmation, you will find that the healthy waves can pass easily through vertical sheets of glass, while the black ones are warped around the side). I was rather surprised when I tuned into one black wave at random and followed it up to the newly burned site, as it only penetrated about a metre inside, then was pushed abruptly back around the edge of the burned-out patch. The waves, which can be described as being like vertical sheets of corrugated iron, were all warped away from that area, and only the healthy waves passed through unhindered.

Perhaps not only glass but carbon from the trash burning is an insulator, as an experiment in my back garden shows that the same black waves are warped aside by the ashes of a recent garden bonfire and also around a heavily charred plank of wood. These same black wave can be attracted into the centre of black spiral emitted from underground streams and geological fissures (black waves to black spirals, white waves to white spirals) and I have also discovered that I you have a black spiral in your bed you will probably fall to some serious illness. Patches of mould can form on ceilings above such spirals and they can be noticeably colder than the surrounding area, hence it may be the elimination of the unhealthy waves which cause the heating effect. Twenty years ago, when I first started doing this research, the black waves were about one half metre apart, now they are perhaps 2 millimetres apart in a bad area, due to a number of factors – increased use of microwave towers, television repeater stations, nuclear submarines, quarrying, etc. (see my book Safe As Houses).

Mr. Tabraham also used a pentagram drawn on the ground to increase the heat effect. A very quick experiment in my back garden quite confounded me when I found that the black waves from a nearby electric sub station were warped around the design. I consider myself reasonably sensitive and accurate in my dowsing, having walked at least 3,000 miles following ley lines, and am not susceptible to finding what I want to, and I can only think that the pentagram effect does exist, although I say this with great reluctance as it seems so strange. The more I work on earth energies, the more easily manipulated and created they seem to be, and of immense importance.

© 2000 David R. Cowan & BSD EEG