Can Dowsing Seriously Affect Your Health?

by Pat Davies

Regarding the question “Can dowsing seriously affect your health?”, a subject often discussed, I would like to reply in the affirmative.  When I dowse anything that involves clearing sick houses or I do any on site dowsing, I always ask for protection from the Highest Source or the Universe before proceeding. I also ask for permission to dowse from Mother Earth, the Spirit(s) of Place and the Guardian(s) of the area.  Otherwise I feel it leaves me open to “hidden dangers”, mental as well as physical. 

In my understanding and procedure, it would appear that, since Mother Earth has a consciousness and a memory, it is impertinent to go on site without asking permission.  To me it is bad manners. After all, you would not expect someone to go tramping over your territory without asking permission first.  If people care so much for the earth, then  they show their respect for it in this way.

I know a number of dowsers who will not accept this principle. They would argue that they do not need to do this because the Universe, God, Jesus Christ, etc. protect them from all harm. I am quite certain that there are those who are protected from all harm – but can they be sure?  What energy, for want of a better description, do they connect into when they dowse? Do they know?  If it is water for instance and it is polluted, does the pollution (or should I say its essence?) connect to them in any way? If it does, do they pick up, and retain, a trace of this essence – say lead, mercury etc.?  I cannot stress too strongly that there could be “hidden dangers” when we dowse. If we choose to be arrogant and kid ourselves that nothing bad will happen to us, then I think we can lay ourselves open to all sorts of negative aspects.

The three permissions

When I have asked for the three permissions from Mother Earth, the Spirits of Place (yes, on occasions there can be more than one) and the Guardians of the area (sometimes it can be 2 or more) and I have had a negative response, then I have always left well alone.  I have taken this to mean I was not experienced enough and that it was not in my best interest to go ahead with the dowse. I have even regarded it as some form of protection.  Only quite recently has it been made clear to me that this was so. This was during some work I was carrying out with another dowser.  I would like to say that if any dowser decides to follow my procedure always thank the Universe as well as those unseen for their help, be it animal, vegetable, mineral or liquid, as well as Mother Earth, Spirit(s) or Guardian(s). 

I don’t expect all dowsers to go along with my point of view and adopt my procedure – it is only my personal procedure after all – but when I teach people to dowse, I include, always, this format besides the usual three permissions (May I? Can I? Should I?). I feel that if you are going to teach people to dowse, then not only should you teach them to the best of your ability but also you should ensure that they know how to protect themselves, not only through the usual procedures but also taking into account those “hidden dangers” which we are still learning about.

 © 2001 Pat Davies & BSD EEG