Celestial Energy Lines

by Billy Gawn

We often hear dowsers use the phrase “as above, so below” when they talk about earth energies, but do they follow this through and see if it so and realise the consequences?

The term ‘earth energies’ is not well understood, and it can be wrongly assumed that this entire category of energy (i.e. subtle energy not measurable by scientific instruments) that can be observed on the face of the earth, by dowsing or any other means, has the earth as its generating source.

I believe that is not the case, many of the energy lines that are dowsable on the face of the earth have as their source what could be described generally as heavenly bodies, planets, stars etc.
I am of the opinion that there are millions of energetic imprints on the face of the earth coming from most of the numerous stars and galaxies that exist.

Admittedly, the earth does generate dowsable energy in many forms. They can be as straight lines, radial lines, grids, spirals and many other configurations. I have spent some time looking at why energy displays itself in these many different ways and I believe that I have arrived at an understanding as to the cause. To do so it is necessary to look at generating sources and realise that energy and generating sources are not only present in macro, earth size, but also in micro forms, that is in smaller pieces of matter.

In examining the energy output from small objects it can be seen that it displays itself in exactly the same variety of ways as that coming from the earth as a whole, except that it is in a smaller dimension, micro.
As well as the different line forms that I mentioned above, all objects, and thus all matter, has around it a basic energy field that is roughly circular in shape. That is so down to the smallest discernible piece of matter and therefore reasonable to assume this continues down to the basic particles that form all matter.

This basic energy field retains its circular shape in a static environment but where an object moves in relation to others it can come into a critical relationship with another or several other pieces of matter. When that happens it causes these basic circular energy fields to interact with each other and become linear instead.

The degree of straightness of the line depends on the accuracy of the relationship between the pieces of matter. I believe that the multitude of various linear forms that can be found in energy fields is due to the molecular structure of the generating object and the relationship of the particles that compose it.

As all matter has a great amount of similarity in its composition, and the arrangement and movement of particles that go to make it up (although there are some basic differences between substances), it means that there is a reasonable similarity in the form that the energy takes within the energy fields of all objects.

As the creation of dowsable energy lines is inherent in all matter, the generation of this kind of energy is not restricted to the earth, or objects made from the earth. The earth is only one tiny fragment of the matter of creation, so the planets and stars have the same potential to produce dowsable energy as the earth.

Again in studying the energy output from small objects, it can be seen that some lines associated with them extend for substantial distances. Therefore, heavenly bodies, due to their huge size, have the potential for lines of energy to travel great distances and be projected unto the face of the earth.

Fig 1

I have, indeed, found this to be the case and if one, when dowsing, uses the appropriate dowsing question then these lines will be found. As a grid pattern is inherent in all energy fields, from the smallest object to the earth itself, it is possible to find grids on the face of the earth that are associated with the energy fields of the moon, and the five nearest planets. As grid forms only extend a specific distance from the source object, a distance that is in relation to its mass and volume, it is only the moon and the five nearest planets that are close enough and large enough for their grid formation to reach the earth.

These grids are easily found, as the distance between the lines is not great, from 5 to 30 yards. However, other types of lines from planets and stars travel much further, even those from distant stars reach the earth. Some of these lines are very far apart and in many cases it would be necessary to travel a long distance to locate them.

One of the critical relationships that I referred to earlier that cause the circular basic energy fields to interact with each other and become linear is when three objects come into near alignment. This commences when they get to within a few degrees of alignment and continues until they get beyond this critical angle.

I used this experiment to simulate what I believe happens at the time of the new and full moon. If we observe energy lines on the face of the earth at these times we will see changes taking place in them.

It is only over the last few months that I have looked at the basic energy fields of the sun, moon and earth over the period of the lunar cycle. I found that the same changes take place as occurred with the three objects deliberately placed in near alignment.

Fig. 2:  2 days before

About two to three days before the event of a full or new moon the basic energy fields of the sun, moon and earth start to interact and lines of energy are drawn towards the other bodies.

Fig. 3: 1 day before

As the phase develops the lines continue to extend out until they meet and form one line extending through the three bodies at the climax of the event.

Fig. 4: Full Moon
Fig. 5: 1 day after
Fig. 6: 2 days after

About three days after the event the basic energy fields return to normal.
I have not observed this phenomenon occurring any other place in the heavens. Although there must be many places where near alignments occur, the distance between the three masses is possibly greater than the maximum distance over which this interaction takes place.

© 2004 Billy Gawn & BSD EEG