by Michael Guest

(The following is a letter I recently wrote to Terry Ross to show him that sometimes someone like me can learn from the Master when faced with a previ­ously unencountered problem. This concerns a ‘geopathic stress” case here in England and it was only through publishing “Terry Ross’ Column” in my magazine Rod & Pendulum for so many years that I found a way to tackle it. I have never visited the location and never met the people involved (except my client and her husband).

In your current Column you mention a change in your methods, i.e. the swing to the use of colour and a generalised rather than a specific healing process. This is rather strange because I recently encountered a job which could only be done by (my interpretation of) your “traditional” method (plus my own use of colour to symbolise the healing process).

I was asked to help in a case of a very bad neighbour. My clients (therapists themselves) were going through 2 years of hell since an antisocial man and his girlfriend moved in next door. The house was what we call a “semi”, i.e. semi-detached (or half attached if you like). It is joined to the house next door and the neighbour would play loud music all night, bang on the wall, be extremely abusive, come home drunk and hammer on their front door with threats. They had tried to protect themselves psychically to no avail. At their wits end, they asked me if I could help.

I had to work out what help I could give. Probably map-dowse for any geopathic stress in the house of both parties, but particularly the neighbour’s house where the trouble was coming from. Moral dilemma:

was it right to dowse someone’s house without their permission (and indeed with their active hostility if I’d gone and asked them in person)? I felt they were causing so much havoc that the general good out­weighed any infringement on their privacy and so went ahead.

Before working on the site plan, I normally dowse over my geopathic stress matrix chart which presents an overview of all the factors encountered by all practitioners whose work has come my way. One (for me) unusual heading came up in this case which gave me pause for thought. As well as “emotional imprinting” the heading “discarnate entities” was indi­cated. Now, I have never encountered one of these; I am not sure whether I do or do not believe in entities, although many people – including yourself – do. The question was: what to do about it? I tried to imagine what Terry Ross might have done. I dowsed for the time it had lived in this world (about 200 years ago), tried a number of questions which appeared to reveal it was a female, she had been murdered, and established a few letters of her name and how old she was at death. Then I explained to her that she was staying on after her due time and was causing great distress to the occupants of the house and the neighbours. I asked her to relinquish her hold and pass on in peace to the next stage in her existence. In addition to this, I used colour healing (mauve/purple) on a chart with a symbol for the entity, and likewise for the noisy neighbour and his girlfriend who I now regarded as victims rather than culprits. I also colour healed the huge swath of emotionally imprinted energy which clothed the entire house, which I learned had been previously occupied by people on drugs. My colour healing technique has now been refined to the point where I simply encircle a box on a chart with a coloured pencil. The box contains the name and details of the person or entity being treated. The amount of encircling and colour applied is propor­tional to the intensity of the need. I carry out a similar procedure on the energy imprinted on the house plan. This focuses and fixes my intent.

The results were most unexpected. The following day I received an agitated phone call from my client asking me what on earth I had done. There had been a tremendous outburst of rage from the neighbour on the previous evening. It was worse than it had ever been: he had tried to damage their car, had banged on the wall on and off all night, screaming verbal abuse, utter pandemonium!!

I listened in horror to this outpouring of despair: what indeed had I done??!! I talked my client through it and told her exactly what actions I had taken and why. I calmed her down, and said I would review everything and check whether the “badness” ratings for the place and people had changed (they had started to come down as soon as I acted). While talking I happened to have my diary open in front of me and I now noticed something of which I had previously been unaware. My work on the entity had been performed on the night of the full moon! It had been cloudy for a week and I hadn’t even given it a thought.

People like Dion Fortune (“Psychic Self Defence”) regard this as a very powerfully psychic time. I told my client and said perhaps something strange had happened. I suggested we monitor the situation on a daily basis and take such action as became advisable.

We talked each day on the phone. Incredibly nothing at all happened. Day after day, then week after week, nothing at all from the neighbour: everything re­mained totally peaceful. After two months we were discussing it and I said that, although what I had done seemed to have worked, we must be careful not to take it for granted because it could just have been coincidence. She then said something which was more than sufficient reward for the efforts. Charitably ignoring the initial explosion, she said: “Michael, it might be coincidence but since you intervened, everything has been well”.

To this day, almost 12 months later, all has (touch wood) continued well. My client and her husband now sound like normal human beings again and have come out of a despair which seemed utterly hopeless at the time they asked for help.

© M.Guest & BSD EEG