Consciousness of the Human Mind

by Billy Gawn

I want to take you back three years to an article written by Richard Rierdan in Dowsing Today, Volume 39, No. 273 September 2001 titled “Dowsing and the Expansion of Consciousness”. This raised some very interesting questions about the mind and how it behaves. The article mainly dealt with the dowsing phenomenon and the state of mind of the dowser during this kind of activity. However, he widened the discussion to look at the action of mind on matter and matter on mind. It is these two things that I believe hold the key to our understanding of the mechanism that controls our being, evolution and possibly creation.

He summarised the perspective views that are held at the moment about reality and consciousness, as told by Willis Harmon, in Global Mind Change. I think it is important to repeat some of what he said. However, I suggest that if you have filed back numbers of Dowsing Today that you dig out this issue and that you again read the article in full. The following may offer a reminder of what was written. He suggests that there are three levels of perspective. Level One is the Materialistic reality; it is expressed purely through physical manifestation. From this perspective, consciousness has evolved out of matter. Level Two perspective holds that the universe is made up of matter-energy and mind-spirit. Matter-energy can be, in the main, measured by scientific tools whilst mind-spirit can not. It is by such things as meditation, visualization and dowsing that we can access this aspect of existence and reality.

He goes on to say that it is the third level of Willis Harmon’s system, the Holistic that can explain dowsing adequately. He points out that this view has not yet gained sufficient credence in order to explain reality. In Level Three, consciousness comes first and matter has followed as a consequence. Everything in this Holistic level is in constant and total contact with everything else. Matter and mind are the same stuff.

My experiences, through dowsing, over the last number of years would make me support this statement. However, it is easy to fall into the trap and take an egotistical viewpoint and consider that the mind is the superior of the two. If matter and the mind are the same then they must be equal one to the other and no one of them superior to the other. Once one is considered to be superior to the other then the whole concept falls apart. As dowsers, when we discover the ‘power’ of the mind and begin to make things happen, even at a distance, it is easy to forget that this is only one side of the equation. I have spent a lot of time looking at, and producing evidence about, the other side of the coin; that is the action of matter on mind. I believe that when we understand that, it is much easier to understand the action of mind on matter and to appreciate how and where we fit into the overall scheme of things.

Whilst I hold scientists in high regard they, and many others as well, have a tendency to think in terms of black and white, right and wrong. Therefore, when we consider the three levels described above we are only allowed to consider one of them to be correct and the other two incorrect. This limits our perspective and can sometimes reduce our ability to see the complete picture. Perhaps there is part truth in all of the three models and we need to take them all together to see the complete truth.

Some of you are possibly aware of the work that I have done using muscle testing to evaluate the effect that certain radiations have on our neurological and biological systems. Through recent work I am able to convincingly demonstrate the presence of radiations coming from material objects (matter) and the way that these disturb the proper function of the brain. I find that most objects emit from within their energy field or aura narrow vertical lines of radiation that, when properly targeted on the brain, will cause a substantial reduction in the ability of that person to resist downward pressure on an outstretched arm. When a second test is carried out, with the object moved to another position so that the line of radiation is away from the brain of the person under test, normal muscle strength is restored. This shows that the radiation, which disturbs the proper function of the brain, is attached to the object and that there is indeed a happening that could be described as the action of matter on the mind. This can occur even when using very small objects where the detrimental radiation that emits from them only travels a few inches from the source object if they are held in the correct position close to the head so that it passes through critical sections of the brain. From this I believe that it is safe to conclude that the ability to produce an energy field is a basic characteristic of all matter extending down to the smallest particle.

A more refined experiment using a length of flexible wire with one end attached to the ground or floor, where one of these lines of disturbing radiation rises vertically, and the other end placed at various locations on the head of a person, whilst muscle testing takes place, will define clearly the sections of the brain involved in voluntary and involuntary muscle movement. It is only when the radiation that is being carried by the wire is directed through either the motor region of the brain, part of the cerebellum, the thalamus regions of the brain, the brain stem, or the nerve carrying the signal to the upper arm muscle that a lowering of muscle strength occurs. These are known to be the regions controlling muscle movement. That does not mean to say that this type of radiation does not disturb other parts of the brain. Logic would suggest that all parts that come into contact with this radiation would suffer, and impairment of normal brain function would result. However, the time lapse before a discernable lowering in the performance of the biological system would occur and symptoms of malfunction be seen would be such that it is difficult to demonstrate that this is indeed the case. Therefore muscle testing, at the moment, is the only quick and immediate way to demonstrate the action of matter on mind. The evidence gained through the use of muscle testing is limited to showing the affect of detrimental radiation; it does not demonstrate the likely possibility that what we classify as beneficial radiation can also have an affect on the neurological and biological system. As we move about in everyday life we are constantly bombarded by millions of lines of radiation that affects our bodies in one way or another. I believe that it is this that has a significant part to play in our development and who we are.

Another perspective on reality that is commonly held is that everything from the time of creation moves in one direction and in a straight line. Time as we display it is linear, always progressing from the past into the future. However, when we examine how things move in space it is very seldom straight but curving. This ends up with circular, elipicital and spiralling forms. There is a significant difference in that with a straight line perspective there is a start and a finish. With a closed circuit form we can start where we chose and there is no finish. This makes a significant difference when we view the interaction between spirit on the one hand and matter on the other. If they are linked with a circuit rather than a single line then it is impossible to say that the movement in communication is from the spirit to the matter or from the matter to the spirit. It is further complicated if the flow can be in either direction, a two lane highway rather than a one-way street. Also, we must consider the effect of all matter. In this equation we tend to set humans apart from the rest of creation, but in reality we are in one way another piece of matter no different than anything else in the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. The mind, and the levels of consciousness within it, is looked upon as being the mechanism that allows us to communicate between matter and spirit. If that is correct, communication does exist and our mind is the mechanism that can influence matter outside our own bodies then it is reasonable to suggest that all matter, even that which is considered inanimate, must have a similar, although perhaps more basic, mechanism and level of consciousness, in other words a mind. If this does not exist it would be impossible for matter to influence mind or mind to influence matter.

This should not be too difficult a concept to accept if we go back to my contention that what we call ‘Earth Energies’ are not really earth energies at all but a condition of all basic matter. When we go down to basic matter, everything, animal, vegetable and mineral, including ourselves are identical. It is only the way that this basic matter is arranged that make one or the other. Therefore, at this basic level the energetic output would be identical and it would have the ability to freely communicate one with the other. This would allow the double phenomenon of mind over matter or matter over mind to take place and as I suggested earlier it would be in equal proportions and of equal importance. It also means that consciousness is not the prerogative of the human race but extends to all matter and all creation, of which we are but a small part.

© 2004 Billy Gawn & BSD EEG