Devas, and Our Experiences of Them

by Wendy and Jim Doyle

In Sanskrit, deva means ‘shining one’ and these beings are recognised in both Hinduism and Buddhism.

The exact nature of these elementals can only be conjecture, but there is no doubting their power and response to human requests for positive assistance. We have discovered that when working with an intention for the Greater Good, a deva always seems to appear, and so we have coined the term “help, heal and nurture, for the greater good,” when working with them.

Our belief is that devas are feminine, are passive but receptive, and are just waiting for a plea for help. As they are receptive they respond to thought forms, as can be seen in the experiment in Hatfield Tunnel which follows.

They will attach themselves to anything. Our cars can have devas, as can projects, and they always seem delighted to help.

For places they are usually in the shape of the traditional dove or Holy Spirit. Generally the image is a kind of shiny or translucent outline. Harm or injury to the place appears on this outline, and the size of it appears in proportion to the harm. Occasionally the image is darker, and the deva reflects the apparent health of the place, e.g. the deva of the area where major new roadworks were taking place was very tired, beaten and unhappy when first contacted. Following a request to ameliorate the energy in the area, some 6 months later it feels more harmonious and as if all will be well when the works are completed.

 Experiment 1:

On holiday in France, one of our friends mentioned a ‘strange patch’, further down the lane from our gate. It was a stretch of ground 25 yards wide, where it felt like walking through treacle. There were 3 sections of denser or string like energy which we assumed to be the ley line and shadow lines. Wendy walked to the end of the lane, looked back and with intention asked the deva of the place to clear the energy “for the greater good”. Instantly, Jim dowsed that the nature of the energy had changed, and only the ley line remained. We subsequently noticed the sound from a mains transformer nearby had changed from a harsh buzzing noise to a gentle hum. Dowsing indicates that this was affected by the energy change, but it is difficult to quantify.

Experiment 2:

Recently, whilst we were driving through Hatfield Tunnel, we were aware of a huge weight which gave us both instant headaches. Halfway through we asked the deva of the tunnel for help, and the atmosphere was already lightening by the time we exited it. On the return journey there was an immense improvement, and subsequently, over the period of a few months, the energy in the tunnel has been lighter. In fact, on March 22nd 2005, it could best be described as joyous! Since the deva is now joyous, we assume the people passing through are happier – we certainly were.

Experiment 3:

On Easter Sunday 2005, we visited London, and off Paternoster Square we found two high, modern, metal sculptures. They are 11 metres high, and are vents for the Underground. Jim was drawn towards a powerful negative energy between the vents and nearest wall. It was so powerful he was spun round anticlockwise when walking through them. Wendy asked the deva to clear this negativity, “for the greater good,” and within minutes it had almost disappeared. Jim’s impression of the devas of Paternoster Square was that there seemed to be 4 or 5 separate ones, possibly related to the original buildings. On communicating with them, and asking for support for the greater good, there now appears to be a single deva there.

Note: Jim’s interpretation, from a sacred geometry point of view, is that the vents, which are twisted like pillars, may be a distorted Vesica Piscis in cross section. There may also be a relevant critical spacing apart, such as 1.618 times the widest axis of the vents. We would like to investigate this further at some point, and publish the results on our website. Comments from other geomancers would be appreciated.

Experiment 4:

We are concerned about the high levels of litter left along roadsides. We have asked devas in certain places we have travelled to, “for the greater good” to influence passers-by to take their litter home with them. We are monitoring the results.

About the authors: Jim is clairvoyant and ‘sees’ devas in various forms. He is in transition from electronics engineer to realising his potential as an energy healer, dowser and clairsentient.

Wendy is searching for her path, but is about to start running personal development workshops.

© 2005 Wendy & Jim Doyle and BSD EEG