Deviceless Dowsing/Healing

by Arthur Hamlin

It is with interest that I noted two articles in the December 2000 newsletter by James Cottrell and Naomi Sugarman mentioning such words as God and unconditional love. I feel that without these ingredients deviceless dowsing and healing would be less effective in the work that I am able to do, but is little mentioned in other articles. (Editor – Read articles in this issue by Joey Korn and John Cuninghame.) Very often my right hand has pointed skyward, reminding me to bring the Lord into my thoughts, as the last few minutes he had been out of my conscious mind when healing etc. I feel that both these new members bring a warm breeze into a group offering a better balance with their spiritual insights.

My particular interests are in-house and medical healing, church and archaeological dowsing/healing, especially some of the 200 round Tower churches in Norfolk and Suffolk with their 1000+ years of history. On entering I acknowledge the spiritual guide/guardian of the Church and from there on my hand and arm are pointing to where things are as the guide directs me. Very often I find an earthbound spirit may still be in the Church not able to move after hundreds or even thousands of years, even though the vicars down the centuries have prayed for the release and well-being of the departed on All Souls Day. Most I find are so badly traumatised by their emotional stress (usually anger) on passing that unless I stand next to them and talk with them for healing and release purposes, they stay put. Naomi Sugarman has often accompanied me on these visits. Between us we have experienced wonderful things, such as Church doors being locked on arrival, soon to discover that the vicar or churchwarden is travelling towards us with the key. We find that by pairing up on these visits a fuller picture of the unseen events of the Church is possible.

So far I have found that at the base of every round tower there is a human energy sometimes thousands of years old passing through usually on a North/South axis with a directional flow heading towards a river or stream. I also find that with every other round Tower Church the residual energies of a previous Church dating back to 500AD or earlier can be found inside at the rear.  Its seemingly unimportant altar is on the north wall, while the font, which is held in more esteem, is positioned just behind the south entranceway or centre of the Church where the priest would stand. I also find natural earth energies passing through, of various widths, sometimes pulsing with colours that benefit certain life forms including humans. On leaving the Church, I thank the spiritual guide/Guardian who has moved my hands, and depart very satisfied, writing and drawing up these events later for my records.

 © 2001 Arthur Hamlin & BSD EEG