Diversion of Noxious Earth Energy Lines

by Charles H Holderness

Development of Method

The development has been over a period of fifteen years or more.
In the early days the knowledge and vocabulary were limited and restricted. All unidentified energies were referred to as Black Streams, which were acknowledged to have deleterious effects on the health of people residing over them.
It was common practice to use iron rods or angle irons driven into the ground on the centre line of the energy line as blocks to stop the energy flowing through the property, thus eliminating the geopathic stress. This worked, but only for a period of three months or so, until the energy bypassed the blocks and returned to its original route back through the property. At that time other researchers were using gem-stone crystals, copper coils of a variety of styles and shapes, and some electrical/ magnetic devices placed on the lines as blocks, with varying degrees of success.
In contemplating the problem I concluded that blocking the flow of any energy was wrong, and that it was essential that the flow of energy should be continuous and unimpeded. Therefore it was necessary to direct the energy away from the property along an alternative route, which would rejoin the original energy line after bypassing the property. My first experiments were to use quartz crystals to outline the bypass route, still using iron blocks either side of the property. This worked well, until I came across a property completely surrounded by hard standing, where it would have been impossible to keep the crystals in place.

The discovery that this work could be accomplished by map dowsing was fortuitous. At a BSD weekend workshop on using dowsing for healing, during the last lecture of the day we had discussed streams. Afterwards one of the ladies asked if I could tell how to treat her house, in which she had had a number of unfortunate happenings. She could only dowse with a pendulum, and had no experience of site dowsing. Intending to illustrate how to carry out a site dowse I asked her to do a sketch plan of her house. Map dowsing, I located the energy lines affecting her house, showed her how to position the diversion and indicated where to place the blocks as crosses either side of the house. On checking within the house on the plan, there were no noxious energy lines passing through the house. She went off to ring her husband, some 70 miles away. and returned a few minutes later saying that he had felt all the problems lifted off the house at the time the diversions were verified. This confirmed that the method worked, and I have used it for patients all over the world ever since.

Since writing this ‘modus operandi’, I have discovered that in some areas of the world the substrata is negative, and as such is detrimental to the health and well-being of the people residing above it. This shows up to a Dowser in response to the question; if affirmative, I then ask ‘ Can I neutralise it?’. If yes, I energise an area of the diagram by rotating the Pendulum with the house as the central point of the swing. To confirm this I outline a circle on the diagram which is described as ‘ Area of Neutralised Negative Substrata ‘. This has proved to be effective in areas where the normal diversion of the lines has not produced full results.

How to Divert Noxious Lines

  1. Obtain a large scale Ordnance Survey map showing the house and all the neighbouring properties. An A4 sheet is required with the house located as near as possible to the centre of the sheet. Scale 1:1250 (Land Registry Document ) or scale 1:2500 are suitable. Copies may be obtained from the Central Reference Library, or from the Planning Office of the local District Council.
  2. Orientate the map so the north approximates to true North.
  3. Dowse holding the pendulum in the working hand to one side clear of the map, and hold a pointer ( pencil ) in the other hand to mark the points indicated.
  4. Commence with the pointer in the top left hand corner to dowse, asking for earth energy lines. Traverse the pointer along the top edge of the map in a clockwise direction, with the pendulum rotating clockwise. When the pointer comes to the edge of an earth energy line the pendulum will change to an oscillating swing along the direction of flow of the energy. Mark this point; then with the pendulum rotating again, move slowly until the oscillation is resumed indicating the other side of the energy band, showing its width.
  5. From the directional swing of the pendulum approximate where the line cuts another edge of the map. Dowse as before for the points of the line and width of the energy band. Before joining the respective points together with straight lines across the map, ask if the energy is benevolent. If the answer is yes, draw the two lines across the full width of the paper. If no, lightly draw the two lines up to either side of the house, but not passing through it.
  6. Continue dowsing in a clockwise direction marking and identifying all the earth energy lines until you have completed full circle.
  7. Place pointer on house, dowse, rotating the pendulum clockwise and ask for underground water passing under the house. The pendulum will oscillate, indicating the direction of flow of the water. Follow this direction making marks about every inch to show the course of the water, and asking for the direction of flow. Draw a line across the map showing the line and flow direction of the underground water.
  8. Look at the route of one of the noxious earth energy lines and decide where it can be diverted clear away from the house, in such a manner that it will not pass through any other houses that it did not pass through previously. Construct the diversion using easy curves at the changes of alignment, routing the line through clear areas, or along roadways where necessary. Since one has to be immersed in the energy field for long periods to be affected by it, there is no danger to people or traffic using roadways.
  9. Extend the line sufficient distance beyond the the curve at the point where the diversion takes energy away from the original line, to draw the CROSS blocking the flow of energy to continue on the straight line, and force it to flow around the diversion. The blocking crosses at either side of the building should not be drawn until the diversion has been completed.
  10. Deal with the diversions of the other noxious earth energy lines similarly. It is advisable to establish the routes of all the diversions, to avoid overlap in the positions of the blocking crosses before finally drawing them in, using thick black lines to outline the edges, leaving the centre open.
  11. The blocking crosses should be applied deliberately and definitely and energised by rotating the pendulum whilst pointing to each and asking for it to be permanent.
  12. The benevolent earth energy lines which have been drawn across the map, pass through the house using fine black lines to outline the edges, leaving the centre open.
  13. Each of the earth energy lines to be described on the map, the number of bands in each line can be obtained by asking for the number, by rotating the pendulum whilst pointing to the line and counting up, starting at ‘1’ continuing until the pendulum oscillates to indicate the number of bands in that particular line. Currently this number generally is ‘7′; but this figure has increased through the years from an original ‘1’ and ‘3’, and doubtless will change further as the awareness grows.
  14. The underground water is drawn in with a light blue line and the flow direction indicated. It is possible to estimate the depth of the aquifer together with its quantity flow per minute, and the potability, if necessary. This is normally done to obtain an indication of the amount of energy being developed, and the quality of the water giving an indication of the effects it may have on the people living above the aquifer.
  15. It is considered that whenever noxious earth energy lines cross with an underground aquifer, some of the noxious content is left within the water even after the noxious line has been diverted. Therefore the underground water should be ‘put into harmony’ with the benevolent lines that are left in situ and energised by rotating the pendulum clockwise whilst pointing to the water line in the house, and waiting for the rotations to cease.
  16. When all the energy and water lines have been described and noted on the map, it is then titled ‘earth energy diagram’, signed or initialed and dated. It is then ready for copying.
  17. The original becomes the file copy, and a photocopy is taken on which the water is shown BLUE, the benevolent lines infilled with GREEN, and the noxious lines infilled with GREY, so that the diversions are clearly seen. This copy is sent to the applicant together with a copy of ‘Explanatory Notes to The Earth Energy Diagram (copy enclosed) and a covering letter detailing the findings, which also asks for a report back after about six weeks of any changes that have been noticed in the ambience and atmosphere within the house and on the residents health or temper.
  18. It is also useful to ask if there are any entities attached to the house or to any of the residents. It is possible to enter into a dialogue with them and ‘pass them to the light’ thus completing their journey to the Creator, with significant effects on the well being of the residents.

© 1996 Charles H Holderness & BSD EEG