Dowsing: A Bloody Dagger Appeared

by Jennifer Page

About 12 members of the Sussex Dowsers took part in an exercise designed to illustrate a way, using an identical Xeroxed  plan    to find  resonances given off by past events.   It was  a small section of an ancient town with all identifiers except North removed.   The group were persuaded to try abandoning yes/no questions but to trust the process and just put down the pictures or feelings that arose.  All were instructed to relax and that there were no right wrong answers.

Some members gazed, some used their hand over the map, and some used their pendulum to focus on a small area. The tutor just walked round not focusing on the matter in hand – didn’t want mind reading. The members were told to jot down on the maps brief notations. 

Within 5 minutes one member drew a bloody dagger.   She said the picture of the dagger came straight off the map, but she had ignored it, but it kept coming back until she drew it in. What was interesting was it was off the actual printed area of the map but on the blank border, where the Civil War and other battles going back over a 1000 years had occurred.  Once it was confirmed she was spot on, she was away, trusting the process. 

Another member came up with a tunnel and 2 others with human remains, once again correctly though not on the printed area.  Isn’t that intriguing!  Between them the group correctly identified the area of the Civil War battle, the old city wall and ditch barrier with fighting, a now non existent stone wall, the hospital, priest’s house, fire and cattle. Several identified a feeling of heaviness and misery in the area of what used to be the Poor House, a couple came up with  statues of Ladies, and a boy. Indeed yes, this is Roman Catholic Arundel and there are statues of Mary, Jesus, and a young merchant.

A dowser felt unhappiness in a young “lady” in a long dress and tall hat in the area of the vestry of the Roman Catholic Cathedral. There  were women in long black clothes. We still have the nuns, the priests and of course that is where the bishop robes, but equally there is an apocryphal tale of one of the past ladies of the Norfolks – who funded the Cathedral – being locked away for overfamiliarity with a servant.  Also human remains in a corner of the Cathedral garden. Investigations?

Interestingly trees had been cut down in the 70s, the date of the plan,  but one dowser identified an area of trees being cut which has only occurred in the past few weeks!

One or two dowsers preferred to focus on looking for energy lines,  but these could not be confirmed or denied   as the tutor had  purposefully refrained from dowsing the map in case any “vibrations” might be “imputted”. however a little more research of the  history is in order as a dairy was pinpointed and two separate people came up with a hospital area which may possibly date back to 1000 years.  It is important when  introducing this sort of dowsing to make sure that someone is au fait with the history so that positive feedback can be given. However even a historian can be surprised and could find this a useful tool.

© Jennifer Page & BSD EEG