Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment

by Joey Korn

When most people think of dowsing, they think of an old-timer using a forked tree branch to find a place to drill or dig for underground water. That’s what I used to think too. Now I see dowsing as a powerful tool for self-exploration, for under-standing the natural forces of the Universe, and for working knowingly with the Creator and with Nature in our lives. It allows us to tune into what is going on behind the scenes of life in the world of subtle energies.

I learned to dowse in 1986 from a kindly old gentleman who helped me find our septic tank with a pair of cut-up coat hangers that he had fashioned into L-rods. He walked forward with the rods while asking to find the main sewer pipe coming from the house. When he reached the pipe, the rods opened to point in opposite directions, making a line. Then he walked away from the house along this line, asking to find the septic tank, and his L-rods opened again. “There’s your septic tank,” he said.  Sure enough, that’s exactly where it was. I had been studying metaphysics for many years by then and when I saw this, I was hooked.  I definitely saw this as a spiritual process. I’ve been dowsing ever since.

I realized right away that I could dowse for many things besides underground water and sewer pipes, such as electrical lines, wooden beams in walls, and lost objects. Soon I learned that I could dowse human energy fields, or auras. This really excited me because it helped me understand concepts I had accepted on blind faith before then. With dowsing, I could “see” and feel the effects of positive and negative thinking on our energy fields.  Positive thoughts expand our dowseable energy fields and strengthen our bodies, while negative thoughts contract our energy fields and weaken our bodies.

In my explorations, I learned that everything in Nature is surrounded by energy fields that can be detected with dowsing. I also learned about different kinds of energies that are abundant on Earth.  Energy leys and power spots are beneficial to us; they strengthen our energy fields.  We want these energies in our lives. Detrimental energy lines, called noxious rays by some dowsers, weaken us and can eventually make us sick. Dowsers typically block or divert noxious rays and other detrimental energies using various devices and techniques, such as hammering an iron rod into the ground right in the flow of the energy or surrounding a room or house with copper wire. I used to use that method too.

I have found that the real power to work with natural energies comes from within. In my own dowsing explorations, I have learned that we don’t have to use external devices to block detrimental energies. In my opinion, we don’t want to block them at all.  We can actually change detrimental energies into beneficial energies with what I call “prayerful statements of intent.” I feel that a noxious ray is a detrimental energy ley. As my friend Billy Gawn once told me, “A noxious ray is simply an energy ley with the negative to the fore.”  Underground streams, energy leys, and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are conductors of the Life Force, and the energies they carry is trans-mutable by us.

Many dowsers call this “mental clearing” and believe that the changes will only last a short period of time. I don’t think it’s “clearing” at all. To clear means to remove or disperse. After changing the energies with prayerful statements of intent, the energies are still there in the same place, but they have become beneficial. I agree that the changes are not permanent, they are indefinite; they will remain beneficial until something else changes them back to be detrimental. I don’t do this mentally, but call on the changes to take place with prayer.

We can also attract beneficial energies, such as energy leys and power spots, to create unique energy configurations in our living environments that support us in our efforts. I do this for others and I teach people to do this for themselves in their homes, offices, and gardens. This energy work is perfect for practitioners of Feng Shui, the Chinese art of arranging our living spaces for the proper flow of chi, or life force. It is also excellent for those who work with various healing modalities and anyone interested in spiritual growth. The re-configuration of these energies can be done on-site or from a distance. This is simply magic—real magic. 

With these realizations comes empowerment, as we learn more fully to realize the power of the Divine in our lives. I mean this spiritually rather than religiously, as it crosses religious boundaries. I have found that dowseable lines of energy appear when we pray sincerely for something, such as for healing.  We can create unique energy configurations to bring whatever we most desire into our lives. I feel that each of these energy lines carries a unique energy frequency, created in answer to prayer. They create energy fields that exactly reflect our intent. When we pray over food, for example, asking that the food be blessed, beneficial lines of energy or rays of light appear and at least two lights intersect and attach to each piece of food. They energize the food, and we all benefit when we eat food that has been charged with the Life Force. 

This knowledge also brings responsibility into our lives because we begin to realize that every thought and emotion we have makes changes in the subtle but powerful world of energy, which is behind everything in life. Nature supports us in our efforts by feeding us with these energies, and she is non-judgmental in her support. Loving thoughts attract beneficial energies to us while negative thoughts and emotions, such as hatred, anger, and jealousy, draw detrimental energies into our lives that may stay around for many years to come if we don’t do something to change them. The more passionate we are in our lives, the more we bring these beneficial and detrimental energies into our living environments. The more aware we are of these energies, the more careful we will be in our thoughts and deeds and the more control we will have in our lives.

When I first began my metaphysical pursuits in 1974, I thought I was going outside of my religion of Judaism in my studies, though I certainly never disavowed my Jewish faith.  Interestingly, 25 years later, I made a discovery in my dowsing that brings me right back to my heritage, especially to Jewish mysticism or Kabbalah. I have been finding a unique pattern of energies or rays of light around beds since 1996.  This same pattern is around everyone’s bed, or where we sleep.  I realized very soon that the Bed Pattern, as I call it, is directly related to us. It is a reflection of our health and well-being, or lack thereof. If we are ill or going through a traumatic period in our lives, it will be reflected as imbalances in the Bed Pattern. A properly stated prayer, calling for healing and balance, will correct these imbalances and can bring healing into our lives. 

The Bed Pattern

In June of 1999, I realized what the Bed Pattern is—it’s the kabbalistic Tree of Life.  (See “Dowsing and the Kabbalah Connection”, BSD EEG newsletter, June 2000). Kabbalah is the foundation of Jewish mysticism and the Tree of life is the central feature of Kabbalah. According to legend, the Tree of Life was put into place before Creation as a pattern of God’s Light. Everything in existence is supposed to be patterned after the Tree of Life.  Two years after making this connection, I am more convinced than ever that the Bed Pattern is the Tree of Life, and I can teach just about anyone to find it and work with it. It is really the Human Energy Pattern, as it is around each of us, every minute of every day; we imprint it where we sleep. 

You don’t need a pair of dowsing rods or a pendulum in order to work with these energies; dowsing tools just help us become aware of them.  Subtle energies are everywhere around and within us. We bring them in and affect them all the time with our thoughts, emotions, prayers, and our fears.  Being able to “see” and feel these energies with dowsing, helps us to understand our relationship with Nature. It also helps us know when we need to work to change detrimental energies into beneficial energies.

The Tree of Life

I have long been a man of strong faith, but dowsing continues to strengthen my faith every single day.  It helps turn “blind faith” into a stronger, more knowing faith. It helps us see the Power of the Divine in our lives.  I have been searching for many years for tools and techniques to bring mystical experience into my life. Dowsing combined with prayer is the most powerful tool I’ve found that we each have at our disposal to draw us closer to the Divine.                                     

Yes, we can all dowse. It is a common misconception, even among many dowsers, that you must have “the gift” in order to dowse. Well, we do have to have the gift, but all we have to do is to open our minds and hearts to receive it. This gift is available to all of us.

I believe that we are all on our spiritual paths in life, even the lost souls in the world, but our spiritual evolution takes a quantum leap forward when we step knowingly onto that path. Nature supports us in our efforts whether we know it or not, but she wants us to work knowingly with her. For me and for many others, dowsing is more than just a way to find water; it’s a path to enlightenment.

© 2001 Joseph Korn & BSD EEG (illustrations by Carolyn Ferris)