Dowsing and AC Magnetic Fields

by Alf Riggs

When investigating a house with a dowsing technique seeking lines of radiation that are associated with ill health, it must be understood that although you may find a line or lines of radiation going across the area of the bed this may not be the sum total of the hazards which in the end are an essential part of the overall equation, and so it becomes necessary to take other factors into consideration.

The so called three banded Hartmann line for instance would not from my observations constitute much of a health hazard unless it was going through the area of the head in the bed site in which case it can cause insomnia, depression and migraine-type headaches. Crossing any other part of the body in a vast majority of cases would not produce any discomfort. When however this line of radiation is in combination with A/C pulsed magnetic fields around and above 70 nano Tesla, (a magnetic field flux evaluation) it can produce a devastating energy depleted state (chronic fatigue syndrome).

The national bodies responsible for formulating safety levels for non-Ionising radiation would find it hard to come to terms with this because from their research they find it only constitutes a problem above a value of 1.6 million nano Tesla in PMF’s. Above this level it produces thermal damage and that is far removed from 70 nano Tesla. It is my firm contention however, that the biological effects should not be judged by the possible thermal damage, but by its effect on the body’s bio-electric systems

I further contend that it is the intermodulation of the two types of radiation that in the main has an adverse effect on the bio-electric system serving the mitochondrian electron chain that results in a breakdown in the energy distributing mechanism.

For that reason if you are measuring the A/C pulsed magnetic fields, and ambient electric fields you need an instrument that measures in the lowest of the nano Tesla range from 10nT-3Gauss=300000nT dealing with a frequency range from 5Hz-2KHz would be useful. Some instruments cover a higher magnetic field range up to 20Gauss and frequencies up to 300KHz. The first range would cover most of the magnetic fields that you are liable to encounter in any domestic dwelling. Ambient electric fields should be measured from 0-2000Volts per metre with digital readout based on remote, and not hand-held on-site measurements.

The remote readings are made with the aid of a fibre optic extension cable. More details about instrumentation, and sources of supply will be given at a later date.

You can in some cases investigate up to eleven types of radiation using a dowsing technique and instruments without finding anything that would cause a person to suffer any discomfort. In a case of chronic fatigue syndrome, for instance, earth radiation would be the cause based on the outcome of over 2400 cases. There being no radiation source in the house where they lived, you would have to conclude that the hazard was in their previous house, or where they worked if they worked. On occasions when the opportunity arose that allowed me to follow up this possibility, it proved correct almost without exception.

If you were formulating a league table of earth radiation that caused biological damage, the outside edge line produced by the movement of subterranean water would appear at the top. So, great care must be taken when detecting this particular line since in a few cases it has been found to change position. If you found an outside line some 50 centimetres outside the house, in an overwhelming majority of times one could rest assured that it was safe. If, however, you were investigating this water course at the end of a long dry summer the greater volume that flows in the winter could in some circumstances erode the strata that would serve to bring the outside edge line into the house. Since the bed- head is sometimes against the outside wall this can present a problem which is not apparent in the summer.

Although there have been many claims that A/C fields particularly from overhead pylons, cause leukemia, I have not encountered one single case where these fields have as a sole factor been in association with this disease. In leukemia cases where high A/C fields were a factor, they were without exception thus far in combination with the outside edge line produced by edge movement of subterranean water. Again it is the intermodulation effect of these two particular types of radiation that promotes the development of this disease but only when the pulsed magnetic field readings are high. Many diseases are associated with the combination of specific types of earth radiation to a point where certain diseases are predictable.

© 1997  Alf Riggs & BSD EEG