Dowsing and the Cosmic Internet

by Jim Lyons


The problem of establishing a mechanism for describing how Dowsing works presents a real challenge. That mainstream science, at least in terms of its western philosophy, does not yet recognise the topic as a respectable subject for investigation should not deter us from working towards establishing a unified model. Those parts of the world which do recognise Dowsing`s contribution as having value do not contribute significantly to resolving this dilemma. The exception could well be the former Soviet Republic of which more anon. Why is this situation prevalent and what are the challenges we need to resolve?

The key reason for Dowsing`s general lack of acceptability is that the physical sciences do not accept that human intervention in a physical process is of any significance. What cannot be measured by some piece of recognised instrumentation is deemed to have no value. Therefore, all conscious processes exist beyond the current reductionist paradigm.

This point was recently brought home to us in a recent article in Focus1 – a popular science magazine. The investigation carried out by (retired) academic Vincent Reddish into the apparent regularity of dowsable earth related zones was authored by the well-known science writer, John Gribbin. Reported somewhat enigmatically, the described effect is nothing but bread and butter to readers of this article. My letter to the magazine, much to my surprise, was published but not surprisingly in a very edited form, carefully omitting the key phrases about Dowsing being linked to Consciousness!

So, the challenge remains. We have an educational task on our hands to get the basic message across and indeed demonstrate that what we are doing is no less than help delineate the Unified Field. This problem still remains the Holy Grail of the Physical Sciences.

Conceptual Models

Our forefathers took for granted that the Cosmos in their terminology, was indeed all one, of which we were but one element. Putting aside any discussion of possible earlier civilisations, we are still brought up today to believe that history really began, at least in written form, with the Sumerians. However, we know already with some degree of confidence that the Vedic tradition with roots post the end of the last Ice Age, around 10,000 BCE, was well into investigating how humans using only their mental senses could directly ‘tap into’ cosmic processes.

This technique of direct cognition is the key element of Dowsing and indeed all related topics such as Remote Viewing, Healing, Prayer and all other so-called ‘Subtle Energy’ phenomena. The methodology developed by the Yogic tradition lives on today, particularly in South East Asia. However, it has now migrated to the west during the 20th century under the influence of people such as Paramahansa Yogananda and his followers and indeed is being adopted widely by many independent thinking individuals as a key philosophy for life. The popular writings of Deepak Chopra offer an excellent introduction to the overall concept.

The major lesson from this ancient perspective is that space itself holds the secret to uniting all things. Melding of mind and matter through meditation is a natural process only now being re-discovered in the West. Yet despite this profound knowledge, mainstream science prefers to adhere to the view that everything is matter and that space itself is vacuous.

This perspective emerged in the early 17th century due largely to the researches of Descartes who regarded Mind as a separate phenomenon compared to Matter. This view has persisted from the early days of what was originally termed Natural Philosophy until the present day where the views of Mathematical Physicists command the greatest respect.

By treating Matter as King, the current paradigm regards Mind as an emergent phenomenon of electrical connections between synapses within the brain. This perspective generates enormous philosophical problems since the existing preferred model of the Cosmos indicates simply that there is not sufficient identifiable matter within the Universe to hold it together under gravitational forces hypothesised to exist for this purpose.

The role of Mind in any of this process is not even a consideration. It is seen solely as a local effect within living matter having evolved to a certain level of complexity, with Man holding the pinnacle position.

Despite significant problems with the so-called Standard Model which is at the core of current understanding of how matter interacts at its most basic level, there are signs that Physics, the assumed authority on the structure of the Universe and how it works, is branching out into new realms. These ideas emerge primarily from the world of the Quantum 2, which increasingly is shedding light on how matter is ‘connected’, even on a non-local basis. One can at long last begin to see possible links with Dowsing and how its methodology could reveal insights into the tenuous problem of using Mind to engage with Matter at remote distances.

Emerging Scientific Ideas

The focal point for current Physics research lies in creating a model of the Unified Field. This means blending together two quite diverse concepts, each of them in their own right forming pillars of our present understanding. They are Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity and, as already hinted at, Quantum Theory. Whereas the former relates to large scale structures- in particular Cosmic phenomena, the latter is entirely focussed on the very small. Although, it may be thought that on an everyday scale, say a metre or so, any reference to the microscopic world has no relevance, it must be recognised that the macroscopic is built out of an amalgam of the microscopic.
Indeed what has happened during the last decade amid a whole host of experiments is that under certain conditions Quantum effects behave as very coherent macroscopic phenomena. An example known to most people is the invention of the laser. Here a very narrow beam of light is created from quantum processes occurring within say a ruby crystal or a gas, such as helium . The process involves coherence of the light, i.e all the waves of light move in step like soldiers on a parade ground.

Many of these macroscopic effects are now known in the Quantum domain. Others of relevance to Dowsing include the movement of Superfluids which behave in such a way that their viscosity is zero. In practical terms this amounts to the fluid creeping up the inside and consequently overflowing its container. Research to date strongly suggests that Subtle Energies do indeed behave similarly to Superfluids. The other consequence of this fact is that its coherence behaviour implies connectivity between separate locations within the fluid. The effect is essentially holographic3.

This is shown in Fig. 1 which indicates how in a laboratory holograms are formed. Most credit cards these days employ holograms displaying 3-D images despite the fact that they are essentially 2-D in nature. This technique is implemented for security purposes but the principle of its creation means that one can slice up the original hologram into as many pieces as one desires and yet each piece still retains the ability to create the whole picture! The downside of this is that the smaller the piece the lower the quality of reproduction. In other words the generated picture becomes more grainy.

The relevance of this to Dowsing is that, assuming for the moment that Space itself is created on the basis of holographic principles, then we begin to have for the first time a model for describing Map Dowsing. To explain this aspect has always proven difficult on the basis that we, as Dowsers, detect directly some form of radiation emerging from the earth. This approach however, indicates that a connected universe, i.e bits of the hologram, embrace all the information there is to discover. Thus a map is but a representation of the ‘real’ scene to be dowsed, yet it embeds within it the desired information, though this is of lower quality than could be achieved by going to the location and dowsing the scene directly. This is certainly my own experience.

Though indicative of a possible process for dowsing, we have not yet explained how this ties in with the consciousness aspects known to be involved in the phenomenon- more of this later.

A word creeping into the former paragraph which is emerging as a key factor in dowsing is Information. What are we doing when we dowse? Our questioning involves posing questions, i.e seeking nothing but information. Thus we build up our dowsing appreciation of a situation by posing a sequence of questions to which we receive individual answers. These can be either in a digital form as obtained with a pendulum or analogue in nature as obtained with say L-rods. In many situations, the information comes back in both forms. This is generally how Mother Nature works.

This becomes apparent when we realise that the Universe is built on a series of harmonically related waves of some basic energy field, similar to the structure of ripples on a park pond. We learn at school that atoms are like planets orbiting the sun. Their orbital radii have discrete values whose properties depend on a series of integer numbers.Now we know from the latest research in astronomy that planetary orbits are harmonically related, based on concepts of non-moving waves, termed standing waves, such as occur in say an organ pipe or violin string – Fig. 2.

It also appears that many features at a Cosmic scale such as separation distances and relative velocities of Galaxies cluster around specific harmonically related values. Although very controversial, this observation is very solid and a well known anomaly in main stream astronomy45.

Of very significant relevance to the standing wave hypothesis introduced above, is a new Theory which has emerged in the last decade. This is called Global Scaling Theory6. The potential implications of these ideas extended to Dowsing are revolutionary! As with Galactic separation distances, specific values or multiples thereof, occur very often, yet other regions have few values. This property covers a whole range of parameters, from atomic masses to say even the occurrence of prime numbers presented on a numerical scale. What is important however is that if all the data is reproduced on a logarithmic scale and this is simply the basic rule of musical notes, then objects of whatever class cluster together, appearing closely separated. For Dowsing this means a very distant object can appear to be very close indeed when measured this way. When it comes to initiating the Dowsing process, then declaring intent establishes a standing wave within the fundamental energy field. Dowser and object are closely linked.

The potential implications of these ideas extended to Dowsing are revolutionary! As with Galactic separation distances, specific values or multiples thereof, occur very often, yet other regions have few values. This property covers a whole range of parameters, from atomic masses to say even the occurrence of prime numbers presented on a numerical scale. What is important however is that if all the data is reproduced on a logarithmic scale and this is simply the basic rule of musical notes, then objects of whatever class cluster together, appearing closely separated. For Dowsing this means a very distant object can appear to be very close indeed when measured this way. When it comes to initiating the Dowsing process, then declaring intent establishes a standing wave within the fundamental energy field. Dowser and object are closely linked.

There are two other factors that need to be identified before we can begin to assemble a model of the Conscious Aether. The first is the now well known fact in Dowsing that Subtle Energies move in a vortical motion, just like the flowing of fluid generally. Indeed, it would seem that this process is truly Universal and gives rise to the spiral motion of all objects in space as well as sub-atomic particles in the laboratory. The implied helical motion is just the way say a rope is made giving it the strength it possesses.

The second factor to be noted is the Russian research on spin fields, more specifically termed Torsion Field Theory. This has been discussed briefly in earlier articles7, and indeed was noted in the above cited Focus article. It is basically a more developed concept of Gravity based on the observation that everything in the Universe is spinning in some form.

With these topics in mind, we are now ready to try to construct a more representative model of the Universal Field, one that quite naturally delivers Dowsing as a fallout property!

Aether Models

If our forefathers viewed the Cosmos as the provider of all things and Earth as a natural home, then reverence for all that surrounded them was clearly of extreme importance. Where then did we lose this global connection? The emergence in the 17th century of what came to be known as the Scientific Method laid to rest the mystical ideas of earlier generations. Although much was lost, the basic concepts remain accessible to the present day. The knowledge required for laying out sacred buildings in relation to Earth Energy Grid patterns gradually became lost such that churches built post the end of the 18th century retained no link with the ground on which they were constructed. However, one key concept that did not die was the idea of an all-pervading Aether. The Natural Philosophers of the 17th century, in particular Descartes, suggested that it was the vortical nature of the space surrounding the sun that provide the motive power for the motion of the heavens. Yet, it is ironic that it was this self same person who argued that Mind did not enter into the dialogue of Natural Philosophy!

The classical period of the 19th century strongly supported the idea of an Aether, through which waves propagated. Specifically, the emergence of the concept of Electromagnetic Waves, so accepted by all today, was at the time a total revolution. The research of Faraday and Maxwell in particular was crucial to its evolution and the idea that an Aether was needed through which waves could propagate was not in question. However, crucial to current understanding, is how this most fundamental concept disappeared from the modern scene.

The late 19th century saw a tidying up of Maxwell’s ideas and the dismissal of electric and magnetic potentials as the fundamental factors in Electromagnetics. The idea of Fields became dominant. The early 20th century saw the rise of Einstein’s new ideas in Gravity which led to the concept of curved space-time, an approach which did not need the idea of an Aether, though Einstein himself always maintained an Aether was necessary though differing in structure from the then prevalent ideas. At the same time Quantum Theory, which presented a bottom up approach to how the cosmos is organised, was developing rapidly.

As seen above, the amalgam of these two ideas leaves much to be desired at both the philosophical as well as practical level. An army of researchers throughout the world is trying to resolve this long-standing problem.

So where are we now?

The latest ideas suggest that we do indeed have an Aether but based on Quantum concepts. This is termed the Zero-Point energy field. It was first conceived by Einstein himself, the centenary of whose annus mirabilis, when he published several paradigm-changing papers, is indeed this very year.

What exactly is the zero-point concept?

Whereas the 19th century idea of the Aether was one of a passive medium through which waves of an electromagnetic nature propagate, the emerging view based on the idea of quantum fluctuations sees this most basic of Energy Fields as an Active medium, i.e one where every definable element within it participates in the process of energy transmission.

Think of this as the crowd at a football stadium . Every person is an individual with his own opinion and ideas. Yet when there is some interesting action on the field to really celebrate, the crowd coheres and indulges in what is now known world wide as the Mexican Wave. As is well known, this is an arm-raising phenomenon which propagates wave-like around the stadium.

It is in fact a macroscopic display of the coherence of Consciousness. It is interesting to record that this topic has been thoroughly studied by the academic community and has been found to obey recently developed laws which describe so-called Self Organising Systems. It is the way Mother Nature operates across a very diverse range of activities. The underlying patterns generated in the process turn out to be generic or in the language of Carl Jung, Archetypal.

If Space itself is comprised of a multitude of contiguous, indivisible, Planck-length (quantum dimensional size) pseudo-particles, then we have the basis of a medium for not only transmitting energy and information but also a means whereby localised processing of information takes place. The mechanism for transfer is wave motion, as already intimated. Thus, this concept predicts that spatial structure itself emerges, from the cosmic to quantum dimensions, utilising harmonic relationships.

In fact, the key process to all structure, from the sub-atomic to the cosmic is the standing wave, discussed above. The example in Figure 2 is taken from music and indicates how an organ pipe operates. Two interfering waves moving in opposite directions create a longitudinally motionless wave that vibrates laterally across the pipe. This basic model, suitably adapted, has been used to describe the very large scale structure of the Cosmos, such as the distribution of Galaxies as well as the “apparent” solid structure of all matter at the atomic scale.

With this concept, at the nodes of the wave which are motionless, matter emerges. This sort of model is used to describe, say, the emergence of Solar Systems. Taking our own as an example, then, the Sun is clearly the obvious immediate source of Energy and the heliopause is the outer limit of all the planets  8. Wave energy reflected between these two limits creates a standing wave pattern at the nodes of which, like beads on a vibrating string, planets are created in the zones of little motion.

In other words, planets ‘condense’ out of the vibrational activity within the early planetary disk of our own Solar System. It turns out that the separation of the planets follows very closely what is basically a binary logarithmic law. In everyday terminology , this is the idea of musical scales with which we are all familiar. Of particular note to dowsers, this again is the generic pattern we find in all earth energy grids and the spirals found around every object.

The implications of a large volume of physics research, much undertaken in the last decade or so, suggests that a revision of our current understanding in a number of subject areas is long overdue. The idea of a Zero-Point Field-ZPF has led to new ideas in the Physics of Gravity. Inertia, the property of mass to resist motion, can now be understood in terms of electric forces generated within the ZPF. The structure of the Universe is largely seen as Electric in Nature with charge being generated by localised ‘twisting’ of space itself, an idea that in principle goes back to the mid-19th century.

The Electric Universe model has generated remarkably accurate models of the structure of Galaxies, not yet attainable with current Einsteinian Physics. Gravity itself is seen as the inflow of energy (the subtle field) in the form of an ideal fluid, mimicking much of the properties of superfluids, a macroscopic quantum effect.

Matter is best modelled as ‘wound up space’, much like a ball of string. In fact this model reveals another key feature of matter, namely its structure which at its most fundamental level is vorticial in nature, as is the flow of a fluid in general.

The relevance of all this to dowsing is that all objects exhibit dowsable rings around themselves. Ring structure is harmonic, in other words, basically musical in character. All this is not unlike the structure of planetary systems or indeed atomic structure. Since every object is nothing but wound-up space, the ultimate physical object in turn reflects back its structure to its local space in corresponding harmonic standing wave patterns.

If all this applies to matter, where does mind enter the equation? It has been seen that if Space is self-organising, it exhibits properties which we come to view as a sign of consciousness. Since each human being, focussing on Dowsers in particular, uses intent to initiate a dowsing action, this conscious process links the question being posed directly with the focus of the question, which could well be some distant object. For this to happen, the only possible mechanism must invoke at least some of the information propagation/handling characteristics of space itself. The emerging model for how the basic process works appears to be –

  • The act of declaring intent in relation to a distant object establishes a virtual standing wave between the dowser and the object of focus.
  • The dowsing question is encoded into a universal code for information transfer.
  • The target of interest is interrogated with the question by means of the focussed standing wave.
  • The answer of interest is extracted from the object in the coded format.
  • The received information is received by the dowser and decoded, usually in binary format by the normal brain sensory functions.
  • The usual Yes/No response is communicated via muscle reaction to the dowsing tool.


Although the process is simply outlined here, there is now much more theoretical/ practical evidence to support this hypothesis. It has been shown that a more basic form of Maxwell’s equations are relevant to this scenario9.

The Global Scaling concept referred to earlier is no longer a theoretical idea. Joint German/Russian teams have implemented communication links between Europe and Australia using the Universal Field as the transmission medium for information transfer. A carefully established standing wave pattern with transmitter and receiver located at the wave nodes permits instant transfer of data. This revolution is reminiscent of the hypothesised use of earth energy lines in Neolithic times for human communication! Experiments are being planned within the BSD to replicate the ancient techniques, making use of modern theory to set up suitable experiments.

There is additionally some evidence to suggest that the pseudo-particles of space are in fact toroidal in nature and embedded throughout the structure of Space (space is hypothesised to be in 26 dimensions!).

A promising mathematical model considers an infinite array of elements of toroidally curled up space with spin axes aligned such that only eight possible directions are possible. These correspond to the eight corners of one elemental `box of space`. The orientation of the spin axes of contiguous elements of space form an informational matrix, see Figure 3. This concept is how space can store information. This 8-element code is the basis of the well known 64-hexagram code of the I Ching , known for several thousands of years.

This leads to the conclusion that if this code is indeed relevant to the description of space, then it also links to the coding system in man. For when the DNA code was finally cracked during the 1960s, it turned out that the ways in which the four basic bases involved , Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine and Thymine, and the way they paired up, created what in the end turned out to be nothing more than the 64-hexagram code of the I Ching.

Thus the informational structure of both space itself as well as of all living matter shares the same basic code. If thought creates informational packages which, via the vortical structure of the subtle energy field of the human aura, are directed through holographic space, then non-local energy transmission becomes possible. This achievement is none other, in essence, than the results obtained over the last decade or so in the field of Quantum Information.

In a more specific sense relating to Dowsing, the process has a one-to-one correspondence with locating and interrogating a distant object. Moreover, for the first time this model can explain Map Dowsing. In this case the map reflects the information content of the distant ‘real’ scene, even if the quality or resolution of the data is of lower quality. It also accounts for the ability to extract data from the Universal Field (Akashic Records10 ), since Space itself is principally an enormous memory bank, holding the Consciousness-directed thoughts of all living matter, since time immemorial.

The modern concept of the Aether is the ultimate concept in quantum computing, the Cosmic Internet. Though we are becoming more convinced day-by-day that this is the underlying principle behind global consciousness, the details of how all this works are yet to be unravelled!

© 2004 J W Lyons & BSD EEG

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