Dowsing and the Kabbalah Connection

by Joey Korn

Over the past four years, I have used dowsing extensively to explore the energies in living environments, mostly in homes. I seem to have tuned in to a category of energies that most dowsers don’t find, simply because they don’t look for them. These energies are prevalent in high-use areas, such as around desks, tables, and chairs, and they form a unique pattern around beds. The energies around beds seem to have much to do with the health and well being of whoever sleeps in them. What are these energies? How do they get there? What is this unique pattern and why is it always around beds? Why do it have so much effect on our health?

These energies dowse like energy leys and I use L-rods to find them.  They are like rays of invisible light suspended horizontally in time and space and they are everywhere around us.  They only extend from about knee to neck in height and are about the same width.  They are like personal energy leys.  Where I find one of these rays of light in someone’s living environment, I always find at least one other one intersecting it nearby.  A vortex is created wherever two or more of these lights intersect each other.                                           

I got my first clue a few years ago as to what these energies are and how they get into our living environments.  I discovered that every human being has two lines of energy or rays of light that intersect them wherever they go.  I believe they anchor the soul to the body.  We interact with everything around us, especially energies, through these “two lights of the soul.”  When we have a passionate thought or emotion, Nature feeds us with an extra blast of energy.  We quite literally “flare up” and imprint our two lights in time and space.  With negative emotions, like anger and fear, we imprint detrimental lights.  With positive, joy-filled thoughts and emotions, we imprint beneficial lights.  We are constantly creating living vortexes that record our thoughts, actions, and emotions electrically in time and space. When we find detrimental intersecting lights (vortexes), we can change them to be beneficial with sincere, properly stated prayer. I believe this is part of the recording process of karma. (See “The Two Lights of the Soul”, BSD Earth Energies Group Newsletter, Volume 4, Issue 14, June 1999)

Although I realized from the beginning that these lights and vortexes could dowse as beneficial or detrimental, for some reason I only dowsed for beneficial energies as part of what I call the “bed pattern.”  I saw the bed pattern as somehow different from the other lights and vortexes I have found; now I know they are very much related.

The lights around beds seem to come in pairs, though the paired lights don’t always intersect each other. In the basic pattern, one parallel pair of lights crosses the head and foot of the bed.  Another pair crosses the bed like an X, and another crosses it like a +. 

As I continued to study the energies around beds, asking to find “beneficial lines of energy that are part of the bed pattern,” I seemed to find that some people had more of this building pattern of energies than others.  People who were healthy and well balanced seemed to have a more complete pattern.  People who were ill seemed to be missing some of the elements of the pattern.  A sincere and properly stated prayer, calling for healing and balance for that person, almost always seemed to bring in the basic pattern, though I wasn’t aware of the complete pattern.  After restoring the pattern with prayer, people who were ill often seemed to get better, sometimes dramatically better.

In the fall of 1998, I explored the energies around the beds of two friends who were ill.  I found two new pairs of lights (lines of energy) after saying prayers for their healing and balance. One pair angled through the head corners of the bed, intersecting each other beyond the bed. Another pair angled below the foot of the bed, intersecting each other several feet from the bed.  After I found these two pairs of angled lights around their beds, I began finding them around all beds, especially after saying a prayer for healing and balance of whoever sleeps in them.  After praying for my friends and changing the energies around their beds, they both improved dramatically within two days.  One of them was in a coma and she started speaking for the first time in ten months.

I hadn’t found these lights before because of the way I was walking and dowsing around beds.  The pair of lights angled at the head is very close to the light that crosses the head of the bed. I now find them easily.  I dowse while walking away from the bed at an angle.  The pair angled at the foot of the bed is beyond the bed.  I find these lights by walking away from the foot corner at an angle.

I’m willing to accept that my two friends’ recoveries were merely circumstantial to my dowsing and prayer work, but I’m also willing to accept that what I did had something to do with the improvement in their conditions.  One thing was for sure—there was something going on with the energies around people’s beds.  What was happening?  Why does everyone have this same pattern?  Why do parts of it seem missing and then almost magically appear after prayer?

In June 1999, I was reading a book on Kabbalah, Lawrence Kushner’s Honey from the Rock.  One chapter, about the Light of God, seemed to apply particularly to these lights that I find. Then I saw it on the cover—the kabbalistic Tree of Life.  The bed pattern is the Tree of Life. 

If I was right about this, I knew there were still more lights that I hadn’t found.  I jumped up, got out my dowsing rods, and dowsed around my bed.  Sure enough, I found two more pairs of lights.  One pair was along the sides of the bed, parallel to each other.  The other pair angled to intersect even farther beyond the foot of the bed, parallel with the other angled lights.  The complete pattern has seven pairs of lights.  Again, I hadn’t found them before because of the way I walked around the beds as I was dowsing. The major intersections create the ten sefirot (plural for sefirah) or spheres of energy in the Tree of Life.  (I would call them vortexes.)  Below are illustrations to compare the Tree of Life to the light pattern I find around beds.  Some differences between the two patterns are obvious, such as the location of the sixth sefirah in the middle.  The similarities, however, are also obvious.

Tree of Life

According to kabbalistic writings, when God gave Moses the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai, the Creator also gave Moses the entire Torah, the first five books in the Old Testament.  Not only did Moses receive the written Torah, he also received the oral Torah—the Kabbalah.  The Kabbalah reveals the real meaning behind the written Torah, which is in code.  According to legend, Moses taught the oral Torah to the leaders of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.  This was passed down orally from teacher to student for thousands of years until it was finally put in writing by several kabbalistic masters in the last few hundred years.  There is no single written work called Kabbalah; rather it is a collection of writings from these sages. Kabbalah is at the core of Jewish mysticism, and the Tree of Life is at the core of Kabbalah.

Light pattern around beds

According to Kabbalah, in the beginning there was nothingness—only the eternal Light of the Creator.  God’s Light was so powerful that nothing could exist in Its presence.  God desired to create, and the Eternal withdrew a portion of Itself, creating a vacuum—a void surrounded by Light.  The Creator then penetrated this void with a single ray of Light, because with any more than this, nothing could exist.  This Light entered a vessel that was created to hold it, the first sefirah, or sphere of energy, at the top of the Tree of Life.  The single Light then divided into two lights, masculine and feminine, and entered two more vessels, the next two circles illustrated above.  These vessels shattered, creating an array of vessels in the pattern of the Tree of Life.  So before anything was created in the Universe, this pattern of lights was put into place by the Creator.

The Tree of Life is divided into three columns containing ten sefirot. They are numbered from top to bottom, right to left as you look at the chart.  Most kabbalistic scholars consider the Tree of Life to be only a symbol to illustrate the attributes of God in mankind, with each sefirah representing a different attribute.  Although there are different translations, the sefirot represent (1) crown, (2) wisdom, (3) understanding, (4) grace, (5) power, (6) beauty, (7) victory, (8) splendor,  (9) foundation, and (10) kingdom.  Practicing kabbalists, however, who use kabbalistic techniques to enter ecstatic states of consciousness, see Kabbalah as a body of teaching to help humans draw closer to the Creator. To these kabbalists, the Tree of Life is a real pattern of energies or lights put into place by the Creator.  Some kabbalistic masters have reported seeing the Tree of Life in a pattern of lights while in ecstatic states of mind.

I know it is a bold statement to say that I have found the Tree of Life with dowsing. I feel, however, with all my being that this is the Tree of Life, and I can teach just about anyone to find it and work with it.  I have taught four rabbis to dowse and all were able to find the Tree of Life, even though they didn’t know what I was guiding them to find.  I am now working with noted authors and teachers of Kabbalah.  I can give them a tangible way to explore and work with the Tree of Life and they can help me understand more about what I am finding.  Although Kabbalah has been adapted into other spiritual traditions, including Christianity, I feel it important to begin my study of Kabbalah where it began, in Judaism.

I now know that the entire Tree of Life pattern is around everyone’s bed.  The reason I only found parts of it before was that I was only dowsing for beneficial energies (lights) that were part of the bed pattern.  For some reason, I thought the bed pattern was only beneficial.  Now I know that one or more of the pairs of lights can dowse as detrimental.  A properly stated, sincere prayer transforms the detrimental lights to be beneficial, and it can help the person to heal. When more of the complete bed pattern seemed to “appear” after prayer, it was simply that detrimental lights had changed to be beneficial. 

The Tree of Life pattern doesn’t actually come to beds; it is around us and we imprint this pattern around our beds.  It is actually part of us.  When you change the energy pattern around your bed, you are actually changing your own energy pattern.  Of course, if you don’t change the things in your life that created the “detrimental” elements of your pattern in the first place, they will become detrimental again.  I am not entirely comfortable, by the way, with the terms “beneficial” and “detrimental.”  I would like to take judgement out of it and I think there are “shades of gray” in between.  I am beginning to work with terms that describe qualities of glass as light passes through it, such as “transparent, translucent, and opaque.” 

Dowse around your own bed, asking to find “lines of energy or rays of light that are part of the bed pattern.”  See what you find.  Try to be open that they may or may not be there.  Work from a level of impartial curiosity—with a dowser’s mind.  Once you find the complete pattern, dowse for elements of the pattern that might be detrimental or “opaque.”  I find that if one light dowses as detrimental, its mate will too. If one light dowses as beneficial, so will its mate.  Remember that the bed pattern around your bed is your energy pattern.  I find that when two people sleep in the same bed, the patterns merge into one bed pattern.I hope to see this work enter more mainstream use than just by dowsers and spiritual healers, such as in hospitals.  More accurately, I hope to help main stream healers become dowsers and spiritual healers.  I also look forward to continuing to explore the Tree of Life, learning ever more about this sea of Light and energy that we live in.

Joey Korn is an accomplished dowser, speaker, energy worker, and author who lives in Augusta, Georgia.  You can learn more about his work at and by reading his book, Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment, available through Joey.  He would welcome hearing your opinions about his findings and ideas, along with your own experiences with dowsing and working with the Tree of Life. 

© 2000 J. Korn & BSD EEG (Illustrations by Caroline Ferris)