Dowsing Big Brother

by Terence Webb

Long ago in the Dreamtime, three Binghi (brothers) of the Birpai tribe lived near the mouth of the Camden Haven River.  They were strong, young men and accomplished hunters of the swift wallaby, brown pigeon and cunning goanna.

During one long initiation when they lived in the bush away from their family for months to prove they could survive by themselves, the boys began to wonder how their parents were.  To stop them all from worrying, the younger brother, who was at a different initiatory level to his older brothers and could leave before their isolation was up, left the camp to find his parents and be able to reassure his brothers that all was well.

But, as he journeyed through the bush, he saw a Widjirriejuggi (evil old witch woman) heading in the direction of his brothers’ camp.  He didn’t take much notice at the time, but when he reached his parents’ camp and told them of his sighting, his Father was very upset.  “Quick” he told the youngest boy “You must go back to your brothers and warn them or the old woman will kill and eat them.”  As he turned to go, his Father gave him a special boomerang made with magic to keep him safe from the witch’s power.

Traveling as fast as he could through thick bush and rough terrain, he suffered many cuts and bruises from the sharp thorns and jagged rocks he scrambled through.  Although he went as fast as he could, it was not long before night fell and he could go no further.  Restless with worry he waited for the first morning star to rise and guide him towards the camp.

 But alas he was too late — in the golden light of dawn he found the old witch at the camp and his brothers gone.  “Where are my brothers?” he asked and she, sure that a mere young boy could not harm her replied “I have eaten them, and I’m going to eat you too!”

Quick as a flash the boy jumped into the air and hit the old crone on the head so hard with his magic boomerang that she split completely in two.  Knowing that her evil powers still may not be gone for good, the boy took one half of her body and buried it in the river and threw the other half out to sea.  By this act, her evil spirit was prevented from returning to the land and wreaking any more havoc.

But when he returned to the camp he was filled with great sorrow for the tragedy that had occurred.  Gathering up his Brothers’ bodies he buried them and then, overwhelmed with grief at their loss, he killed himself.

That night the mighty Spirits of Creation stirred and at the point where each body lay, there arose a mountain, the three Birrooguns, or wise men, known now as Big, Middle and Little Brother.

View from Big Brother looking South.    South Brother is on the left, Middle Brother on the right.

I was first interested in Big Brother because it is not far from where I live.  Continuing its ancestry, it was named North Brother by Captain Cook in 1770 in what may be a remarkable piece of cross-cultural recognition.  At the top of this mountain is a large flat area where the aboriginal tribes would meet.  A large granite rock was quarried from under the mountain and placed at this location. 

The top of Big Brother, with standing stone where Aborigines performed their ceremonies.

The stone and location are significant because of the dowsed energy (in the rock), and the number of energy lines crossing through it.

From the top of Big Brother one can observe many other mountains and very high hills, most of which are significant to the aboriginals and their mythology Also one can visualise the complex energy systems which have been created in these areas and the effect they may have on the ecology and the inhabitants living there.

Starting at the standing stone (rock) at the top of Big Brother, I found a positive energy on dowsing it with a pendulum. To me, this would indicated in its basic basalt structure a certain crystalline element.  Dowsing with rods in a circular direction around the stone, there was evidence of many energy lines radiating from it. 

Terry with standing stone on Big Brother Mountain

I dowsed in rings at increasing distances from the stone to confirm and verify the direction of these energy lines.  From this starting point, I saw that many of the lines went to the observable site locations.  Confirmation of directions was made with a prismatic compass.

Later, using a map, I drew lines from Big Brother to the known location of Uluru, and its Great Dragon Line node point at Mount Donna Buang in Victoria.  Through dowsing, I found that some of these lines coincided with some of the lines emanating from the rock at the top of Big Brother.  Once again I confirmed my findings by co-ordinating field compass readings with protractor readings on maps.  A reasonable order of accuracy was taken for Earth curvatures for map lines as well as on the prismatic compass readings.

Markers given are only approximate and this diagram is included for illustrative purposes only.

Using a pendulum along the appropriate map lines, certain high energy points were also evident ; these could be considered as possible node points for connecting with incoming ley lines. From one node point, a map line was drawn back to Big Brother which connected with a line emanating from the stone.  Other high-energy locations could not be connected with the determined ley lines –although further investigation may show otherwise.  One particular high-energy area was shown to be in the vicinity of my birthplace!  There are undoubtedly many, many more which I did not pick up and only by further extensive investigations would they be revealed.

The aim of this research was to seek out high energy locations in the area near my old home at Laurieton, and to determine if they formed a network of ley lines feeding into the Dragon Line which runs through Australia.  I think this has been started, at least, and I trust that the results be of some benefit to our planet and its inhabitants.

© 2002 Terence Webb & BSD EEG