Dowsing in Sacred Space

by Dan Wilson

I notice Sig Lonegren is continuing his campaign for placing scientists in Coventry when it comes to dowsing.  In EEG Newsletter 4/13 p3 he says: “Forget trying to convince science that this (sacred space) kind of dowsing is ‘real'”.  When the BSD’s Dowsing Research Group was founded in 1996, with the avowed intention of introducing dowsing to scientists in the most propitious manner possible, he wrote sorrowfully to the American dowsing discussion on the Internet: “I feel it is really sad that some dowsers are using their energies to prove that dowsing is real to people who have no intention of believing in it anyway. We know that dowsing is real because we personally have experienced its reality ourselves. 

‘There are so many possibilities opening up for this ancient art, Wouldn’t it be more productive to put one’s energies into developing new dowsing skills that really can help humanity rather than attempting the impossible task of getting the blind to see? Any scientist can experience the reality of dowsing by picking up a dowsing rod and trying it for themselves.

I think Sig would be surprised at the degree of agreement these words would meet within the DRG.  The point of it is that scientists can’t be categorised in such a way.  They aren’t a monolithic block of materialistic reverse-belief ‘skeptics’ – to start with, no quantum physicist could be.  The more intelligent of them are highly inquisitive people with very flexible minds; and discovering that dowsing works is often the start of a long and tortuous journey to new philosophical discoveries.

The snag is that for them, science has cracked most problems up to now, so they’re apt to start off assuming it can only be a five-minute job to dispose of dowsing in the same manner.  Most dowsers, or at least those who have thought about it, have concluded by now that a satisfactory explanation of dowsing is never going to be available in current orthodox scientific terms.  So its part of the DRG’s job to assure scientists, once their discipline starts coming apart in their hands, that intelligent people are at hand who have lived with dowsing and its extraordinary powers for decades, who can assure them that they are not going mad – and help them to start thinking more creatively about what passes for reality.

© 1999 Dan Wilson & BSD EEG