Dowsing in Two Worlds

by Albert Schatz and Mary Brewster

In the winter, 2002 issue of The Quester, Editor Ian Doig commented on the importance of David Bohm’s work for dowsing1 and Dudley Wheeler’s article on The Information Field2. Doig invited readers to “respond” in order to “expand the discussion and see where it leads us”. His invitation motivated us to write this article on the importance of incorporating Bohm’s work in dowsing. Schatz commented briefly on Bohm’s work in an article in The Quester3. We are now providing more information about the importance of Bohm’s implicate order in dowsing34 and in understanding the invisible part of the dowsing process5 . This invisible part includes the information field which exists in Bohm’s implicate order.

How Bohm’s quantum implicate order is useful in dowsing

Bohm was a quantum physicist who was concerned with two orders of reality6. His explicate order is the physical world of matter and electromagnetic energy with which we are familiar through our five senses. His implicate order of reality is the world of subtle nature which consists of subtle energy and subtle matter. (More information about Bohm’s work is in the Addendum.) Matter and electromagnetic energy can be dowsed in both orders. Dowsers, dowsing devices, and the physical act of dowsing occur in Bohm’s explicate order. The invisible part of dowsing takes place in Bohm’s implicate order. When we dowse, we usually get information about the explicate order because people generally have that order in mind when they dowse. However, our research indicates that we may obtain more useful information about health problems when we dowse for what is happening in a person’s invisible energy body in the implicate order.

How we dowse Bohm’s two orders

Subtle energies in each of Bohm’s two orders can be dowsed separately by focusing first on one and then on the other. Our research suggests that it is important in some cases to dowse an individual’s physical body, his several subtle energy bodies7 and his chakras8. We dowse for information in both the explicate and implicate orders when that can be done. When it cannot, we dowse in the one order which is dowsable. We have also been dowsing people’s polarity to determine whether it is positive or negative, and to what extent. Dowsing acupuncture meridians and reflexology points may also provide useful information, but we have not yet researched that. To determine qualitative and quantitative information, we use a pendulum and a chart which is a semicircle with radii (18 degrees apart) from zero to one, 100, 1,000 or 10.000 etc. It is important to avoid dowsing in the presence of people who have negative attitudes toward dowsing3 because “a hostile psychological environment” may cause a dowser to obtain inaccurate results9

Why we became interested in dowsing the implicate order

Three reports suggested the importance of dowsing for unhealthy conditions in people’s subtle energy bodies (in the implicate order) before they appear in their physical bodies (in the explicate order). Harry Edwards, the famous British spiritual healer, concluded, “… that though the afflicted part appears within the physical body, disharmony exists in reality within the vital or spirit body, and has done so for some time before it becomes physically apparent. It is within the spirit body [in the implicate order] that the restoration of balance must first be achieved. Physical wellness soon follows”10.

The Austrian physician Huber reported that, “The energy body (radiation body) will manifest illness before the physical body does”11. In the United States, Karagulla and Kunz “found that abnormalities observed in the major etheric chakras were an indication of a tendency to a disease process, and that the area in which this would occur could be predicted even years before the symptoms began to manifest”8.

In her book on Therapeutic Touch, Krieger gives instructions on how to make “L-rods” from thin wire coat hangers, and use them to detect the “patterning in the human energy field”12. Krieger dowsed with L-rods held to show “that there is an interaction occurring in the ’empty space’ between two people.” Her Chapter 11: ‘You can help. You can heal‘ has a section entitled Dowsing Rods with comments from journals kept by three people who worked with L-rods. Their comments revealed that the subtle energy fields of the parts of an individual’s body where health problems are located are significantly increased by Therapeutic Touch. This increase is often associated with improvement or full recovery.

Other applications of dowsing

We have already commented on how dowsing Bohm’s explicate order may enable us to regain and maintain good health, when that is possible. Bird has a chapter on “The Medical Potential” of dowsing in his book on the history of dowsing13. And there are many books on dowsing for health and on radionics, which is the use of dowsing for healing. Dowsing may provide information about Wilhelm Reich’s body armour (muscle memory), bions, orgone energy, and the effectiveness of orgone accumulators. It would be interesting to dowse homeopathic remedies to determine (a) subtle energy changes associated with dilution and succussing, (b) the subtle energies of very high dilutions where none of the original material is present, and (c) how homeopathic remedies affect the body’s self-healing energy. Dowsing may also provide interesting information about Bach flower remedies.

We have already pointed out that subtle energy changes in our spirit bodies, energy bodies1011 and chakras8 can often be detected before illness appears in our physical bodies. This suggests that map dowsing in the implicate order may enable us to make more reliable predictions about earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, snow slides, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes. Dowsing may enable us to do this easily, quickly and inexpensively with only a simple dowsing device and a map of the areas with which we are concerned, regardless of where we are located.

Many scientists are unaware of the importance of subtle energies in their disciplines. I use the plural subtle energies to designate a spectrum of subtle energies comparable to the electromagnetic spectrum because different thoughts, feeling, and animate and inanimate things have different subtle energy fields. It is important to study the ability of subtle energy to effect physical changes. Distant (absent) healing causes physical changes in the bodies of individuals being healed14. Psychokinesis most likely involves “energy flowing from mind to matter”15. Radin has summarized the meta analyses which provide convincing evidence that “psychic or psi” phenomena are real. “Experiments” with psi phenomena “suggest the presence of deep, invisible interconnections among people and between objects and people.” The reluctance of scientists to accept dowsing and other psi phenomena is explained by what Leon Festinger and his colleagues at Stanford University call cognitive dissonance. This is the uncomfortable feeling that develops when people are confronted by “things that shouldn’t ought to be, but are”15.

One major limitation of quantum physics, particle physics, astrophysics, and other scientific disciplines may be that scientists have not adequately used dowsing, which is a uniquely useful research tool16 to study the subtle energy in the systems they have been concerned with. Einstein’s equation e=mc2 does not include subtle energy. The laws of thermodynamics do not apply to subtle energy. The key to integrating Einstein’s general theory of relativity and gravity may involve subtle energy. We believe physicists will not be able to develop a theory of everything without including subtle energy. We suggest that dowsers who want to work in these areas should start with gravity and spacetime because these are relatively simple concepts. Robert Wolfson has provided a useful video course “Modern Physics for Non-Scientists”17 that includes two booklets, one of which has a useful glossary and bibliography.

Addendum: More information about Bohm

Bohm, the “Creator of a Brave, New Quantum World,” … “developed a picture of the universe as an interconnectedness of all things, a notion he called ‘implicate order.'” He viewed the world of classical physics, with its objects in interaction, as dealing only with the surface forms of reality, or the explicate order, as he preferred to call it. Bohm also proposed a super-implicate order to account for the way processes are controlled. A significant aspect of Bohm’s implicate order was the idea that enfolded within each aspect of the universe is contained the whole.

Bohm was also interested in the nature of mind, consciousness and thought. In 1980, he began to discuss the mind-body problem in terms of being two sides or aspects of an indissoluble whole which he called ‘soma-significance’. To Bohm, a thought always has a physical correlate in terms of processes that unfold within the brain and body. Likewise physical reactions within the body condition the movement of thought, the whole process forming an inseparable whole.

The influence of Bohm’s talks and writing on the implicate order and the wholeness of the universe extends far beyond physics, for the profound implications of this view have touched thinkers, artists, writers, sociologists, healers, psychiatrists, and those who are interested in the transformation of human beings and society. In particular, the idea of the implicate order (as well as many of Bohm’s other ideas) has an influence upon those involved in psychiatry and the healing arts. For, if enfolded within each individual is the whole, then this allows for a new and deep interconnection between people and for new non-mechanistic modes of healing and communication1819.

© 2003 Albert Schatz and Mary Brewster & BSD EEG

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