Dowsing – My Way

by Ciaran Graham

“It’s a gift, isn’t it”?

A question that is often put to me by clients when they see me working with my pendulum, “L” rods or forked twig. Of course they are right. However, I do not consider it any more a gift than playing a musical instrument, for just like music, that has the potential to reach into our inner being and influence our psychic, dowsing is a similar energy that has been given to us by mother nature, which our body also responds to in a unique and subtle way that effectively allows us to communicate with many different energy forms on an etheric level and influence our psychic.

Life is a gift, but to be able to walk across a field armed with a forked twig in your two hands and to be able to identify the location of an underground stream that is flowing several hundred feet below the surface by the upward movement of the twig in the palm of you hands, and with such strength that is capable of tearing that same skin, is truly a gift to be treasured. So how have I come to terms with this gift and how do I maintain its vibrancy?

For most people who have undertaken a course in dowsing, will be more than aware of the need to request permission to undertake the work in hand, e.g., may I, should I, can I etc.. At this stage I find myself working much closer to the earth in many ways and perhaps do not adhere to some of the old and tried rules that have guided dowsers in the past. But the following is the way I work now; I believe I approach dowsing with far more humility and reverence for mother nature, my guides and other spiritual energies that I work with, more than ever, and also with a respect for my limitations as a human being and a catalyst for knowledge and energy transfer that is desired to pass through me from time to time.

If I had been asked to write this article a year ago, it would have been different. In the past year I have truly become aware of my connection with earth energy, mother earth, the “standing ones”, the trees, “standing stones”, the great wisdom handed down to us through our ancestors, the so called primitive man.

My own guidelines prior to dowsing:-

  • I only dowse when I feel fit and healthy within my own body and spirit.
  • I will never dowse if tired or under pressure.
  • I will be very careful and selective, what types of dowsing I may undertake on the same day. If working with what might be termed difficult spiritual energies, then I will certainly undertake good body and spiritual cleansing before undertaking a new assignment. This may involve taking a days rest or more before doing other work.
  • I prefer to undertake my dowsing in the morning when possible.
  • If I have a choice, I will select a quiet location to meditate and tune into the energies prior to commencing the dowsing.
  • I like to bring a gift to the energies in the location I have been asked to work in. The form the gift will take, I will have dowsed prior to setting out from home. The gifts vary and are inexpensive, broken sea shells, small stones, pebbles, clay, crushed stone powder, music (in what ever form I feel appropriate).

The gift is in actual fact, a physical form of permission from the energies or entities, who are the keepers of the location to be dowsed.

On the morning of my trip, I am now in the habit of doing some drumming and chanting in my den or if the weather is kind, I will go out to the garden and walk bare foot among the trees playing my Native American whistle, with the thoughts of the work in hand to be undertaken that day. Prior to setting out on my trip, I will always ask for protection from harmful energies that I may encounter and request for my safe return.

On arrival near the location, I always like to slow down and take in observations of the local landscape. I am looking for influences and energy forms that may either influence my work, or may be influencing the earth energies in the district. I have come to appreciate this as a very important exercise that normally pays dividends for the time involved. Once on site, having gone through the initial discussions of the work to be undertaken, I take a few minutes to myself, tune into the immediate site and finally request permission to proceed with the work. Once I receive a positive response, I determine when and where the gift is to be offered. At this stage my brain frequency should be slowing down and at the same time my communication channels with the etheric world opening up. Whether it is water I am looking for, or geopathic lines, I believe that my dowsing reaction comes directly from the spirit world. This need not be the case with other diviners; I merely say this is the way with me.

To this end I will relate to the reader a brief experience my son Darragh had recently while working out in New Zealand. For more than 12 months, Darragh has had a recurring hamstring injury in his left leg, so I suggested that he try to locate a native healer and see if he or she could sort out his problem. He mentioned this to the family he was staying with at the dinner table one night shortly after arriving in NZ and was told he had to see Sharron, who works out of a squash and tennis club. In due course Darragh made his appointment with Sharron and was extremely impressed with the treatment he received, but it was the conversation that followed the treatment that is of interest to us. Sharron inquired if Darragh had a grandfather on his fathers side who was spiritual type, and he said yes, “well, he was here today with us, especially when I was working on your head and feet” responds Sharron. She continued, “also I can see your dad do this action with his hands (holding her left hand palm facing upward, and fingers spread out similar to me when I use the pendulum, and her other hand was moving as if she was opening a jar, like an exaggerated pendulum swing) well when he does this, and when he is going in one direction, his father will turn it in the other, so its going in the correct direction.,” she paused, “Does that make sense?” She had just described in detail how I use the pendulum, which I think is not very standard and which she had no prior knowledge of.

So how do I dowse? I dowse very much with the assistance of others in the spirit world, one of whom now appears to be my father. I have not intended this to be a technical article on the art of dowsing; it is merely a brief count of my own work style, beliefs, while acknowledging the assistance of others who I work alongside, and who have helped me in so many ways in the past and whose assistance I will continue to call on in the future and who hopefully will respond favourably to my requests.

© 2004 Ciaran Graham & BSD EEG