Dowsing – the Russian Influence

by Jim Lyons


At the 1993 Congress in York, the delegates were invited to listen to a new voice in their selected field. The visitor came from what was at the time a little known .part of the world.

Alexander Dubrov had legitimately crossed the former Iron Curtain to present to us an overview of the dowsing situation as it existed in Eastern Europe.

To most of those present, certainly including myself, this was something of a revelation. To listen to a respected academician speaking openly about the use of dowsing in many areas of public life was quite astounding. To hear that geology students learn dowsing as part of their training added even more to the general amazement. Ten years on, does this now seem so odd to us in the West? It is true we now know much more about Russia and the Eastern Bloc in general but, hitherto, we in the West regard dowsing as an underground activity, declared to be nonsense by the majority of its Establishment scientists!

Ten years on, the 2003 BSD Congress welcomed further Russian visitors, very keen to describe their work, both in practical everyday scenarios as well as academic research environments.

Sergey Bondarchuk reported on the general activities undertaken by dowsers. To see results of surveys of the state of their dams and public works generally was most revealing. Could you envisage a minister reporting such work in Westminster? Sadly Sergey is no longer able to carry on his work but I am sure he has inspired many others to do so.

As a contrast to this, Valery Shalatonin talked about his research into new forms of energy fields, knowledge of which has begun to leak out of the former Soviet Republics in growing detail over the last few years. It is this topic that I wish to concentrate on in the following paragraphs.

New Russian Theories

I, like many other technologists interested in what has been happening behind the Eastern Europe since the Second World War, have in recent times become much more aware of the progress made. Not only have the security barriers come down, the literature which is available is now readily available on the Web. Much of it is now in a form readily digestible by Western aficionados.

For dowsers, two key areas of research have become accessible. The first is the more general field of psychic effects, well studied in the former Soviet Republics. This leads to the generally accepted assumption that conscious effects are a part of Science. This is still definitely not the case in the West even today!
The second topic is more specific and relates to new forms of Fields, a key research topic particularly in the Physical Sciences.

Following on from the work undertaken by the Kirlians on photographing the bio-energy fields around living matter – a subject which is almost respectable now in the West, we now hear of a more generic topic which enjoys the title – Torsion Field Theory.

It is this which will potentially have significant impact on our understanding of not only dowsing but also many other phenomena associated with Subtle Energies.

Together with some of the latest ideas emerging from research into non-local effects in Quantum Physics, these are the key tools needed to formally establish Dowsing as a respectable part of main stream science. This was the message offered by Ervin Laszlo in his keynote presentation at the 2003 Congress.

Presentations and Theories

The key briefings were given by Valery Shalatonin and consisted of a workshop and a formal lecture. The aim was to show that a `new form of energy` was involved in the demonstration which involved dowsers detecting the presence of an object – in this case a vase of roses – either directly or on reflection of energy from a conventional mirror. The interjection of acetate sheets between the object and mirror was shown to diminish the ability of the dowsers to detect the object. The graphical data presented indicated that detectability varied in a cyclical wave-like fashion as a function of object/mirror separation. The results were obtained in the laboratory of the Technical University in Minsk, Belorussia using a new form of detector which was not described in any detail but hypothesised to be able to detect not only EM radiation but also this lesser known energy source. An explanation of the phenomenon was based on the concept of the energy consisting of so-called chronons, The results were attributed to Professor Albert Veinik of the Belarus Academy of Sciences. To me this was a new name and I was unfamiliar with the chronon concept.

In an accompanying lecture, Dr. Shalatonin presented some of the background and history to the project. His starting point was the original research into radiation from the sun detected such that the usual 8 minutes allowance for travel of EM waves became irrelevant for the energy being detected which was also shielded by metal sheets. It was as if the energy travelled instantaneously and penetrated materials which are normally reflectors! Clearly compared with existing understanding, something here was awry.

It started to become clear to me that, although not being directly aware of Veinik`s work, this was indeed related to the Russian research of Nikolai Kozyrev1, of whose research I had at least some understanding. This is related to spinning objects, in this case planetary bodies. Time/spin effects are closely related.

The proposal is that spinning bodies, laboratory ones as well as celestial, emit spin waves, the energy carrier being hypothesised to be `chronal` particles (hence time related), each having their own `chronal charge` and coming in two varieties, termed `plus` or `minus` chronons. The sign of the `chronon` depends uniquely on the orientation of its spin.

Laboratory experiments on rotating objects, gyroscopes being the natural choice, has yielded some intriguing anomalous results, not least of which have been the UK experiments of Eric Laithwaite.

Tantalising results relating to weight loss have been identified by many investigators, which goes against anything predicted by existing EM/Gravitational Theories.

What therefore is happening? Of more specific interest to readers of this journal, what are the implications for Dowsing?

The Dowsing Implications

The information presented at the Congress suggested to me that although individual pseudo particles, chronons, are involved, the standing wave nature of their object interactivity clearly suggested an underlying wave nature.

This immediately links with the wave/particle duality of Quantum Theory. The variable velocity of chronons which can even be superluminal, (faster than the speed of light. Ed.) indicates that the physical form of these particles could possibly be toroidal in shape – see Fig. 1.

Fig. 1

They spin about their toroidal axis and because of this move laterally along their polar axis. They arise from the movement within the all pervading vacuum energy field , now beginning to be recognised as the source of all Matter and indeed Mind creation. This is now beginning to be regarded as a latter day aether.

The waves emitted by spinning objects are synonymous with the idea of Torsion Field Theory. The concept of a rotating wave in the aether goes back at least as far as the first quarter of the 19th century and was suggested to resolve the problem of the apparent paradox that the earth undergoes no drag while moving through the aether yet the aether appears to have remarkable `stiffness` to EM waves passing through it. It is the torsion or rotating effect that induces this rigidity in space itself.

The modern idea of implicating spin was an attempt by the French mathematician Emile Cartan, originally around 1930, to account for apparent deficiencies in Einstein`s Theory of Relativity. It lay dormant until the 1980s but was then taken up by Russian theoreticians who evolved what is now termed Torsion Field Theory2. The key proponent of the theory is G.I.Shipov. The hypothesis is that torsion fields exist alongside EM waves and yet are also claimed to exhibit strong linkages within psychic effects, one of which is the subtle nature of Dowsing.

Much research needs to be undertaken in the Dowsing community to establish the ground rules for its acceptance as a good descriptor of the process. One approach is to investigate how the spin of the planetary bodies, particularly the Sun and Moon affect the earth grid patterns, responsible for defining the `graph paper` on which all ancient sites are located. How these grid patterns move and collapse especially at the solstices when the component of the earth`s spin vector in the ecliptic plane reverses direction is a suggested research topic for the EEG. How we can collectively begin to investigate this problem will be the subject of a future article.

In the meanwhile, should you care to turn your hand to dowsing a spinning object, you will observe the effect of the degree spin on its surrounding dowsable rings. If you have an old fashioned record turntable hosting an object, simply set the speeds at 16, 33 and 45 and even 78 rpm and ask for the first ring surrounding it.

Fig. 2

Fig. 2 shows what I achieved; see what you get. This is something you can definitely try at home – it is the first step to understanding this Russian Theory and certainly a contribution to understanding Dowsing.

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