Dr Zaboj Harvalik’s Amazing Achievements

by Capt. J A Fergusson-Cuninghame MC

I think that the American Publishers of Christopher Bird’s book THE DIVINING HAND did him a disservice in making it so large. It will not fit into the average book case and is too heavy to read in bed. The price over here of £26 does not encourage sales.

However this can not explain why his account of the achievements of such men as Dr Harvalik appear to be ignored by those who write on this subject. To my mind the latter’s discovery of The Sixth Sense of the Anthropomagnetometer is the greatest discovery in this field ever recorded. It shows how signals are received by the body of the human dowser – and it is not via hand held tools as most people seem to imagine. Briefly, all underground energies and water in every form including a hosepipe lying on the ground are detected by the ADRENAL GLAND, lying close to the kidneys. All overground energies including Ley energies, Curry grid energies (surprise!) Calcium 20 energy lines, zig-zag and box form energy lines, all radiations (I have not yet worked out the complete list) are detected by the PITUITARY GLAND, situated in the head on a level roughly between the eyes and the eyebrows and the top of the ear lobes.

This can be proved by the following simple experiment which any dowser can do. Take a roll of ordinary kitchen tin foil normally 50cm wide. Draw off enough to go around your waist (about 90cm in my case). Fold it long ways in three layers to give a width roughly of 17/18 cm. Secure this around the waist with something like a dressing gown cord to cover the area of your kidneys. Cut off another length of foil 12cm long and fold this across its length to form a band of three layers roughly 4cm wide. Place this around your head with the lower edge resting on your ears and the front edge almost on the bridge of your nose leaving just enough room to see. Hold it in place by putting on a hat.

Now pick up your rods and try to dowse something – anything – above or below ground. You will find that you have been emasculated, radiesthetically speaking. Your rods will make no movement because your Higher Self has received no message from either of the two sensors. Nor will your pendulum react to mental questions. That is strange! Now remove the head band and try again. You will find that you can now dowse all above ground energies and your questions will be answered. Replace the head band and remove the waist band and you will find that all underground energies can be dowsed.

In his book Christopher Bird comes to a strange conclusion by using a mathematical formula and the dip technique to line up on magnetic North through the earth. He says that all grid systems may be accommodated into one Universal Grid, in spite of their apparent differences of polarisation and shape etc. (Alf Riggs no doubt will explain all this in simple terms!). He therefore suggests that all grids have a terrestrial origin as they must all come from the same stable. This I cannot accept especially in respect of the NW-SE Curry grid. First because it can only be detected by the pituitary gland and secondly because of the high reading of its vibrations on the Biometer of between 13 and 14,000B. An impossible reading for a telluric type energy. Enough for now. Remember test everything yourself !

© 1996 Capt. J A Fergusson-Cuninghame & BSD EEG