Earth Energies – a Personal Journey

by Naomi Sugarman

As a new member of the earth energies group I would like to offer this article as a way of introducing myself.  It is nothing like the articles I have read in the Earth Energies Magazines, but I felt it might be of interest because it is how I have arrived at the point where I acknowledge this type of dowsing to be important to me.  This is because it Is my way of declaring that I too am part of the energy of all that is just the same as if I was a standing stone at Avebury, a fissure between rocks, or a stream of water deep underground.

The year 2000 has been memorable for me and I would like to share it with you.  Until the congress at Ripon I had only dowsed spiritually with pendulum and I had used this in a search for balance in my life as well as working in this way with others.  I thought, until four months ago that I was “getting somewhere”.  I look back at that point thinking how arrogant I was to feel that I had this in the palm, of my hand.

It took a period of the worst health I have ever had to bring me truly to a point where I feel at one with created planetary energy.  By the way all Of creation is for me what God is – the energy of absolutely everything – the Supreme beingness of all that is, the supreme consciousness that is all of us.  This awareness was a new awakening for me.

Until June this year I received a small ‘yes’ and ‘no’ response from my pendulum concentrating on the inner me and although I used the words ‘cosmic’ and ‘earth’ they were not somehow ‘real’.  I relied on contact with spirit guides to aid my search for some feeling of wholeness.

In June this year my eyes reacted to the excessive overwork that I had been imposing on them at all hours of the day and night.  Whenever the guides were ready I responded.  I thought as I was having such an enjoyable time that I could not be overdoing it.  I rarely ventured outside to commune with nature.  In short I developed visual problems and physical discomfort.  The medical profession placed their label on my ‘condition’ and retired satisfied that they had done their bit for me.  A very long journey was the result.  I have come out the other side of the dark tunnel to where the light is.

Understandably a fair amount of panic accompanied this.  The world was now spinning without my participation or so I thought.  “I can’t do anything” was my cry.  A voice from within said “if you can’t do, then just be”.  I could not read or write or use my computer.  I had to stop working with others.  I felt physically and mentally drained as if I had blown a fuse!

I dried my tears and became aware that the garden was beckoning me.  The blue sky spelled peace, the earth invited me to take off my shoes and feel what it had to offer.  Even my pendulum helped me. It lead me over to various bushes and plants and swung over towards certain leaves and flowers.  I grasped hold of them and the pendulum spun first to the right and then to the left.  I believe I was taking in a healing, balancing vibration from nature much as the Bach Flower Remedies would have given me.

I spent every possible moment out of doors.  I sensed for the first time just how powerful was the energy coming from beneath my feet and from the massive trees that surround my garden.  I laid down my pendulum for most of the day as I felt it inadequate for the task and preferred to bask in whatever the planet was channelling to me now that I had realised where I belonged.  The trees were extending their branches down to help me.  I began to understand that my healing was taking place and that earth energies were working with some sort of consciousness on my behalf.  Peace began to descend even though physically there were still problems.

As the months passed I realised that my dowsing was becoming more flamboyant with massive swings to the right and left, my arm jerking backwards and forwards, the pendulum pulling me round the garden, apparently searching.  Gradually I realised that I was becoming part of something wonderful and this wonder began to fill me.

Then came the BSD congress in September 2000 where I met Arthur Hamlin who I discovered dowsed ‘deviceless’. His simple statement to me “You don’t need to use a pendulum” was a turning point.  When I got back home I had a go at dowsing deviceless.  I found that my body was able to pick up energies and respond using agreed signals.  I was informed by Arthur that I has been absorbing energy like a sponge and without protection I had absorbed everything – positive and negative.  Over the short time that followed Arthur taught me how to protect myself and how to ask permission before dowsing – something I had been very naive about.  I now prefer this method of dowsing for its immediacy and its message to me which is – “You are a special part of this wondrous wholeness just as you are”.

What I have also found thanks to Arthur is the ‘ power’ that prayer has, to heal both mentally and physically.  Prayer has become the most beautiful and moving experience I have ever had.  It is just me and the Unconditional Love of all that is around me.

I have just picked a card from my Osho Zen tarot pack which is the card entitled ‘Courage’.  It depicts a small white daisy type flower growing between two stones in a wall.  The petals of the flower are surrounded by a halo of light.  At first I thought that the flower was finding nourishment even between stones but then I understood what I was being shown – it was not the wall that represented survival for this flower, but the light.

© 2000 Naomi Sugarman & BSD EEG