Earth Energies, Fire and Geopathic Stress

by David Cowan

Fires have peculiar effects on various types of energy leys. During the many years walking the leys from a large cup-marked standing stone, I have found that they seemed to be attracted to the remains of bonfires. On several occasions the cup-mark energy would veer noticeably to tune into the remains of a garden rubbish fire for instance. Cup-mark leys are large, roughly circular fields of earth energy, perhaps up to six miles in circumference, with the waves of telluric energy concentrated at the outside edge. The waves are about 24 ft. long, have a cycle time of just under two minutes, and spiral out from one particular cup-marked standing stone in Perthshire – just one, I suspect, of an ancient and powerful system. (Possibly the real Stone of Destiny, more correctly called the stone of Scone, still to be found and returned to its original site, was part of the system, as the place-name Scone was originally Sconse, meaning ‘spiritual shadow’ – an accurate description of cup-mark leys).

In the same area, too, in the distant past, were Beltane fires, which may have played an active part in the working knowledge of earth energies. Lighting a bonfire would, I have little doubt, attract any nearby cup-mark ley into it, for a purpose which is still unknown.

Oddly, the ‘straight’ energy leys – streams of vertical waves from standing stones, for instance, which have a wavelength of about 5 – 6 ft. – react differently under similar circumstances..

A local landowner asked me to check his house for ‘unhealthy energies’, as he and his wife were suffering various illnesses, which he assumed were caused by ‘black spirals’. There was a powerful and unhealthy spiral in their bed, emitted from an underground fissure or stream, which in all probability was the major culprit of their distress. The pattern throughout the house was of a series of overlapping spirals of unhealthy energies above the underground stream, with the vertical waves from a standing stone or other similar unit focusing into the centre of each spiral. (Radio repeater stations, microwave towers and a host of other utilities also emit very similar earth energies, especially if they are on the summit of hills).

What did intrigue me was the annexe to this large house, which had been gutted by fire some months before my visit. The pattern on the floor there was of small spirals of opposite polarities in a grid pattern – positive/ negative, positive/ negative, almost as if the sooty patina on the walls were separating out the incoming vertical waves.

Just a few kilometres away, I was driving home late at night when I noticed the hills lit up with an unusually large heather fire – burning the heather to encourage the young shoots to grow is a common practice on the grouse moors. “What would happen to the energy leys crossing here?” I thought to myself. A few days later I climbed several thousand feet to the burned-out area, and used my angle rods to tune into the vertical waves which traversed the area. My white angle rod, used specifically to find healthy energies, showed a stream of waves crossing the blackened and burned area without any deviation at all, but my black angle rod followed each unhealthy wave up to the area, wandered uneasily inside the burned edge for about a metre, then was abruptly expelled – the burned out area, in fact, had no unhealthy earth energies in it at all, presumably helping the growth of new shoots for the grouse to feed upon. Even areas of ground which had been burned some months or perhaps even years before, had the same effect, with the streams of unhealthy waves concentrated between them.

The grouse moors in Scotland have been ravaged by the heather moth, and the grouse around this area, certainly, are becoming rare. Perhaps one cause is the amount of unhealthy energies from the previously mentioned sources having an adverse effect on the health of the heather, allowing grubs of the moth to flourish and feed.

There is a similarity here to these discoveries and the book “Solar Energy and Dowsing in the Isles of Scilly”, which tells of the author’s attempts to find why the main source of income, the Soleil d’or narcissus bulbs, began to flourish later and later, eventually missing the lucrative Christmas market. A. Tabraham, the author, found that this had occurred when the traditional burning of trash and straw on the ground had been stopped. The burned areas had what he called ‘ a dowsing effect ‘. His dowsing rods crossed on the burned-out patches and opened out away from them.

I find, incidentally, that teaching yourself to follow individual waves rather than have the rods cross, as Mr Tabraham does, gives a much better picture of earth energies and can give an insight not only into their effects on plants, but also into human illnesses and paranormal phenomena.

My article a few months ago in this magazine showed how the Central belt of Scotland had a high percentage of the necrotising fasciitis ‘flesh-eating’ bug and unidentified aerial phenomena, due, apparently, to the telluric energies from the many open- cast and deep coal mines, shale mines and quarries in the area. Looking at a map of the underground galleries in this area, one cannot help but reflect on the amount of disturbed telluric energy from the flooded workings, as well as the input from local radar stations and power generating plants. Now the same area has been hit by the E Coli 0157 outbreak, one of the worst outbreaks in modern times – several hundred cases at the time of writing (Dec 20th 1996). Since bacteria flourish in these unhealthy telluric fields, we may expect more of these problems in the future.

One source of telluric radiations which I had occasionally pondered upon are the North Sea oil rigs. Only a few days ago I had a ‘phone call from an oil rig worker, who told me that he felt very ill-at-ease on the rigs, and slept for three days when he got home. One might speculate that, apart from the electro-magnetic fields from the microwave aerials, etc., depleting the substrata of oil must encourage the formation of large sources of unhealthy earth radiation.

The future of earth energies, I suspect, relies on a few people willing to walk long distances to find their point of origin and destination, and their behaviour at certain spots, like the burnt heather patches, which will give a clue to their qualities and weaknesses.

A more important contribution will be made if some scientifically orientated dowsers investigate earth energies using scientific equipment, as Alf Riggs has been doing so successfully. For instance, during my research into cup-marked stones (petroglyphs), I discovered if I take a large boulder from a river bed and carve a fairly deep saucer-shaped depression into the top, a powerful and easily dowsed vertical wave is emitted from it, into the Sun at the time of carving. This is about 53 in. wavelength, and forms a pool of energy about 5 meters from the stone, possibly depending upon the type of material and how low the sun is on the horizon at the time of carving. If you carve a line into the sun at the time you cut it, this will give you an accurate way of locating this wave, as you can now pick up the stone and turn it in any direction, the wave now permanently locked into the stone.
This is my main method of eliminating unhealthy earth energies from houses, as I can place such a boulder, correctly orientated, outside a building where it forms a shield, the pool of energy enlarging around the complete building, as I have written about in my book “Safe As Houses.

The effects on the health of my clients, if done accurately, can be dramatic. I have even tried to cut a similar stone, using the full moon instead of the sun, but this gives a different wavelength, and does not work as a shield around a house at all.

This surely must give an important insight into the energies from stone, and the nature of earth energies themselves, if there is equipment available to be able to measure it.

© 1997 David R Cowan & BSD EEG