Earth Energies – Observations and a Warning

by Frank Prescott

It is with some hesitation that I put this piece forward for possible publication.  It is not the result of a planned project but rather a series of observations over a four year period which in some cases I did not pursue with scientific rigour and left many questions unasked.  However:

I moved to this farm eighteen years ago from another in East Lancashire where we had had earth energy problems. When we moved in I did a survey of the house buildings and land to see whether there were problems here too.  There was nothing untoward. The house and buildings contained one or two spirals but no lines (which in those days I would have called ley lines) and whilst there were lines crossing the land there did not appear to be anything particularly significant.

Fourteen years later… I was walking across a four acre grass field with my wife who does not dowse but feels earth energy when walking through it.  ‘My word” said my wife “that energy is strong”. We had walked through a powerful band of energy about 3 yards across and flowing west to east. This puzzled me because I was and am sure that it was not there when I did the original survey. Looking at it again a little later I found that the line originated within the same four acre field.  By this I mean that it came out of the ground at a particular spot.

In late 1997 idly following this line on a map to see where it went my attention was drawn repeatedly to another point in the same field.  This did not seem to be connected to the line but the pendulum was insistent that I take notice of it.  On the ground the point did not seem to be related to any other forms of earth energy which I had come across and it’s, characteristics were as follows: a) At ground level a round shape about a yard across    b)The above ground energy forming an inverted cone    c) No lateral movement of the energy i.e. this is not a vortex as the energy has no spin.    d) There is a vertical movement of the energy in both directions at the same time.    e) The energy codes black on the Mager rosette    f) The energy seemed to have a beneficial effect on men but an adverse effect on women when standing in it.    g) The energy is vibrating at the same rate as Uvarovite and at a rate complementary (whatever that means) to flint. 

I dowsed to see if this was a recent arrival and was told that it dated from 1995.As I looked around I found half a dozen similar structures on the farm with apparent emergence dates between 1994 and 1997. They included some which whilst similar to that analysed above coded yellow/ red (orange?) on the mager rosette and were beneficial for women and had an adverse effect on men.  They were vibrating at the same rate as flint and at a rate “complementary” to some other stone which I never identified.

 During 1998 these phenomena proliferated until in this local area at least, they were everywhere.

Family business took me to London where there were many and to Dorset where there were few.

During 1999 the new circular energy spots began to disappear and additional new lines began to appear crossing parts of the farm. These did not appear to be traditional earth energies but to have taken the place of the circular features. By this time the line about which this story started had changed shape to become a narrow fan and had acquired spirals curling off it’s edges.  It no longer seemed to have a focus.

In 1987 we turned a cowshed into an office and my chair ended up on one of the spirals mentioned earlier. For 12 years I sat there happily but in late 1991 began to feel uneasy and no longer comfortable.

I was now sifting directly in the path of a black energy line.

Tracking it upstream led me to a place about two hundred yards from the house where it came up out of the ground. I duly turned it into something more compatible and all was well for several months.  It has on one occasion since reverted to black and had to be attended to again. I have also noted another emergent line near the house but flowing away from it and have no reason to believe that this is an isolated case.

Well that has kept you out of mischief for a few minutes but what does it all mean?  The newly emerging lines I think are reasonably clear and simple. They have all the characteristics of traditional earth energies and seem to be the result of physical movements within the earth which have altered the course of deep underground water which in some cases is still finding new routes (or blockages?). When we come to the circular spots and their subsequent lines we are in a different arena entirely.

Dowsing for concepts is doubly dangerous because apart from the complete lack of verification there is the problem of whose concepts are they and do I understand the answers anyway.

The following is therefore put before you for interest only and not as the definitive answer to anything and without comment.

When I started to find the circular energies and found that they were new in more senses than one I asked a lot of questions to which I got resounding negatives but out of which came:

They were manifestations of the consciousness of the Earth. It was trying to tell us something. It was a sort of warning although not of physical catastrophe. We should change the way we think toward greater use of the intuition.

With the disappearance of the circles and their replacement with lines came the thought “if you are not going to take any notice I give up” but perhaps this is not the last word.

As I said, for interest only.  After all I might not even speak the right language.

© 2000 Frank Prescott & BSD EEG