Earth Energy Signatures

by Hamish Miller

The question  is often raised as to how one can follow a particular energy line to the exclusion of all others. The Earth’s ‘nervous system’ consists of thousands of dowsable lines which are interconnected in an extremely complex way, at a vast number of different levels, physically and spiritually.

The simplest ones are those which can be dowsed on or near the Earth’s surface –  and that includes 29,000 feet up in an aircraft and 1200 feet down a copper mine – and an analysis of the constitution of the band width shows that each of them contains a different number of individual lines of force with differing directions of travel. To complicate matters further each individual line has its own frequency.

It seems to create a gigantic problem of identification, but these characteristics provide one method ofc identifying a particular line by creating a ‘signature’ that is unique.

It is possible to use the variations in composition of the lines to tune into a ‘chord’ of vibrations (we need a new definitive language to express ourselves more clearly!), which expresses the personality of the line. I use the word deliberately because there are ramifications implied in the structure of each line which go way beyond the simple analysis of frequency.

One way to tune into this very subtle energy is to identify the position of the line, meditate at the centre, aim to become part of it. You will become aware of a sound or chord which is not simply musical and which you can’t hope to reproduce by voice, but which some internal mechanism will recognise when you meet it next time. This is the specific ‘dignature’ of the line and if you are tuned to it, you will be able to recognise it amongst a thousand other similar ones.

It does take a bit of practice, but the process is infinitely rewarding.

© 1997 Hamish Miller & BSD EEG