Earth Healing

by Stephanie Bolton

Human beings have an energy field with seven centres, known as chakras, described in detail in Barbara Brennan’s book Hands of Light. The Earth, too, has an energy field and I understand that this is interactive with the human energy field. Tradition recognises seven colours associated with chakras – from base to crown being red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue and lavender.

Within the earth’s surface are fissures – underground, which often have water flowing in them, but may also have mineral content. They resonate to one colour. Travelling over the surface are energy paths, moving in straight lines – sometimes known as leys – which form a web and begin at about eighteen inches wide and can be found on a much bigger scale through map dowsing. The small lines can be detected as increasing in width at Spring Equinox and Beltane, and decreasing at Lughnasadh (Lammas) and Autumn Equinox. They can carry as many as five colour resonations. Iron absorbs them and excavation and electromagnetic fields interfere with them – causing stagnation effects which dowse as black and weak pulse. For people with psychokinetic awareness they feel like treacle or mucus, they cause pain in different areas of the body and have unpleasant emotional effects such as bad dreams, depression and even self abuse.

Since May 1996 I have noticed a predominance of new colours entering the system which seem to be resistant to iron and possibly EM fields. These are brown – the life force of the Earth: purple, a spiritually transformative energy: pink, unconditional love: silver, awareness that humans carry divine spirit and gold, connection with the divine. Others may be aware of other colours.

My concern has been to remedy stagnant energy fields which seem to promote disharmony. I believe it is possible to heal these conditions by asking for help from higher spiritual beings which I understand as angels.
My process is: First I ask the permissions May I? Can I? and Should I? by dowsing. If the answer is yes, I send energy through my base chakra to the Earth’s core and ask that the Earth’s etheric energy rise to my heart chakra.Then I  ask that my crown chakra be open so that divine energy and highest guidance available to me should enter, and focus in my heart chakra.

Then I surround myself with protection and link with three points in the landscape around the site to be healed. I ask that the energy pattern of the land be raised up and put into harmony and balance. Often I see colours changing in my mind’s eye, finishing with clouds of lavender light. It usually takes about ten minutes focus. Then I ask for the energy pattern to be returned to the surface and then linked through to the Earth’s core – the matter in between being cleared and cleansed all the way through. Then I give thanks and disconnect my links to the land. The presence of the land and its atmosphere usually seems more alive and birds often become more active. Dowsing should indicate that the stagnation is gone.

I have been working with this process for two years and find it quite simple to teach others. I do not know if the healing lasts, though, and it is important to review the site from time to time.

© 1997 Stephanie Bolton & BSD EEG