Earth Healing – An Overview and Invitation

by Dr Patrick MacManaway

As coordinator of the Earth Healing Section of the Earth Energies Group, I shall be holding a space for constructive debate and dialogue on the subject of techniques and technologies which in some way affect and alter the nature of the earth energies either at a site, in an area or throughout a wider region.

As with the whole of the earth energies field, this is a fascinating and potentially huge subject, and hopefully will stimulate a good deal of interest and comment from group members.

I would like to take this opportunity therefore, to offer some comments in overview, and some guidelines to help to focus our discussion.

I would suggest, first of all, that all human thought and action has some affect on the energetic web surrounding us, as can be readily shown by dowsing for our own residual thought forms.

Generally this effect is a local and transient one, however it is important to bear in mind, as when assessing before-and-after states of the web we must take this “observer effect” into account – simply being there makes a difference, and cannot be separated from anything of an apparently objective nature that has occurred. Perhaps we would do better to refer to the “creative participant effect”, as ultimately it is indeed our enhancing presence that we seek to promote – ’nuff said…

Similarly, when exploring web healing (or “grid engineering” as some in the USA would describe it) we would do well to follow the ancient medical maxim “first do no harm”. This principal cannot be overstated I think, and we must bear in mind that energies beneficial to human beings may be harmful to other species, and so when we talk of healing, this must surely apply to the energetic ecology as a whole, and not only the human part of it.

It appears to me therefore, that the debate can appropriately focus on techniques and technologies that significantly alter the energetic essence of a place or area, in a predictable and sustained fashion, and to the benefit of the web as a healthy, vibrant and harmonious whole.

Such techniques can usefully be categorized in a broad way as follows:

  • techniques using thought, prayer or focussed intention alone, either on site or at a distance.
  • techniques using gentle, non-intrusive human activity, such as singing, dancing and tai chi
  • interventional and intrusive techniques ranging from earth-acupuncture and tree-planting to larger landscaping and construction projects.

Inevitably any divisions of the earth energies field are to some extent arbitrary, and some of the above overlaps with other sections within the earth energies group – the third category above, for example, naturally includes the simple or sophisticated tools and gadgets that are variously employed by some when approaching geopathic stress, although these may be more appropriately debated within the geopathic stress or scientific research sections. Such practicalities will no doubt resolve themselves as the group finds its feet.

I throw open the invitation then, for contributions from group members on the topic of Earth Healing.

I would ask that these be fairly brief and to the point – ideally a single side of typed A4 – including a description of the techniques used and the observed outcome resulting, ideally in both the short and the longer term. Additionally I would request that the results of a given working are not reported in dowsing terms alone – for an effect to be useful, it must be shown to positively alter the health or behavior of one or more species present, be they human, animal or plant. It is also useful and equally educational to report failures and adverse outcomes – this is a peer group, and we seek to learn from our own and each others mistakes and failures as well as the successes without fear of judgment or censorship, in order that the subject may evolve and develop as a whole.

© 1996 Dr Patrick MacManaway & BSD EEG