Earth Healing

by John Harvey

David Jenkins’ letter (elsewhere in this Newsletter) is interesting for the fact that he used music to heal an area. It is not something that is mentioned or used often for Earth Healing, but has been used with some success for personal healing. I know that chants have been used to initiate different human moods and recent research has shown that plain chant, used in a religious context, has the same basic frequency as the brain’s alpha waves and hence can induce feelings of peace and tranquillity in the hearers.

There have been no other letters to discuss this quarter, so let me try once again to generate some emotion, which may result in letters.

Let us go back to the definition of Earth Healing. In the Newsletter for March 1996 Patrick MacManaway wrote that he would be “holding a space for constructive debate and dialogue on the subject of techniques and technologies which, in some way, affect and alter the nature of the earth energies either at a site, in an area or throughout a wider region”. He went on to say that it is “a potentially huge subject”. Although rather wordy, that is a good description of Earth Healing, as most of us understand it.

Perhaps we should talk through the subject in some detail. I am sure we all agree that the Earth is being despoiled in many ways. Who or what is despoiling it? We humans are doing so by our industrial and agricultural practices, by our greed for profits or the ‘finer things of life’ or even by our personal thoughts and selfish actions. What are the results of damaging the Earth? Pollution of the atmosphere, sterilisation of the soil, massacre of living creatures (including other humans) and the positive presence of invisible, health damaging energies. Who decides whether the Earth needs to be healed? We humans do. Some concerned people try to halt or reverse the visible effects of pollution and we dowsers try, in a small way, to limit the effects of invisible pollution.

Everyone can see the physical effects of damage to the Earth and it is obvious that mines, quarries, railways and motorways can produce effects that may be detrimental to human wellbeing. However, there are many invisible lines and areas of energy, presently only detectable by dowsers, which are commonly believed to be natural products of Mother Earth. I don’t believe that most of us think about the origins of the ‘energy lines’ which we so often remove, divert or neutralise, but perhaps we should.  Do you think that benevolent Mother Nature deliberately produces black lines to upset her sons and daughters? It seems unlikely.

It doesn’t seem likely that invisible lines (or grids) formed by natural processes of which we know nothing, can be altered or removed by human mental processes. On the other hand it does seem logical that lines put in place by humans can be changed, removed or neutralised by other humans with the same mental powers. My conclusion is that most, perhaps all, of the invisible lines we treat by dowsing are man made and this can be confirmed by asking the right questions.

Even an assumption that energy lines and grids are man made, results in the unpleasant situation that all Earth Healing is necessary because of mankind’s actions. Even more unpleasant is the thought that many of the human illnesses that we try to alleviate through dowsing may be of human cause.