Earth Mysteries

by John Carver

Some of us have been waiting for the summer weather so that we can get out to sites and hopefully make some dowsing discoveries. Have you made any? But what is a discovery anyway?

We dowse energies in interesting places and ask questions about them – at least, I hope you do. If you want to discover anything, you need to put in some effort and start that creative thinking going. After all, a dowser can only be as good as the questions he or she asks.

So you have dowsed some lines or energies. How long have they been there? Did someone put them there? Are they man made or natural? Do they come from/extend below ground or above? How far below or above? How many individual energies are there? Do they have different vibrations/wavelengths and what are they? What is their purpose? And so on.

A scientist would want to find out everything he could about his or her possible discovery. He’d make measurements, propose theories and then test them, writing up the results as he went along. Do you stop after you get home from a site visit, or do you use your pendulum to ask further questions (make more measurements), propose a theory about what you have found and then test your theory by asking further questions or seeking independent corroboration from books or getting someone else to dowse (perhaps a local group) and see if they come up with similar answers? Personally I tend to use my pendulum more in the winter when I can go back over my notes and ask further questions about promising summer site dowses. This can be followed up by a further site visit next summer, and so on.

If you find something interesting, what do you do? Many dowsers have years of results jotted down which nobody knows about. Why not share your experiences with others? This would be a step in the right direction to start removing the ‘mystery’ from Earth Mysteries. You don’t have to be a budding author, expert dowser or scientist. If you keep good records (which I trust you are all doing by now in a suitable notebook), write some up and send them to the editor of the Newsletter or Journal. They will be more than happy to help you get your findings into print. So don’t forget this summer and winter, get your creative thinking going, ask questions, write up the results and tell someone if you find something interesting. Few of us do this, I must admit, including myself. I have several interesting dowsing experiences but who, I think, would be interested in hearing them? Well, the Newsletter and Journal readers for a start, who pay their subs hoping to find out more from dowsers like you and me!

From the correspondence and phone calls I have received so far, all of you agree with us that the phrase ‘Ley line’ should not be used for dowsing as it relates to a physical alignment. The EEG is starting to put together definitions of dowsing terms related to Earth Energies and this will be taken into account.

At the Glasgow Congress in September, I look forward to meeting you and discussing Earth Mysteries. This will be a good opportunity to see if we can find answers to those questions we’ve always wanted to know. So do come along with your questions and bring some of your dowsing records so that we can get stuck into the subject.

Finally, I have had a couple of letters reminding me of the spiritual aspect of dowsing. In site dowsing we start off usually with a physical object such as a standing stone, and then perhaps expect to relate other physical features to this through dowsing. This contrasts with pendulum dowsing at home where we can imagine physical objects or just have concepts in mind which can be anything but physical. (Have you ever tried this the other way round? – start the site dowse at home and follow up on site to see if you get the expected results).

First and foremost we are spiritual beings; if it were not for the spirit (spiritual energy) which is like the engine which drives the car body, we could not function. (Question – what provides the equivalent of petrol?) Energies that we dowse can be on several different planes or wavelengths, such as physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, spiritual energies being the highest. Like the national electricity grid, these energies can be transformed down to lower energies (physical being the lowest) which can be handled more safely by most of us. A good scientific dowser would say ‘I’ll start dowsing any spiritual energies first because everything started from them’. This can result in an interesting ‘family tree’ of energies. What do you do? Have you ever tried dowsing separately for P, E, M & S energies? Let me know if you find any interesting Earth Mysteries. I look forward to hearing from you.