Earth Mysteries Department

by John Carver

As I have said before, if there’s one thing about dowsing it’s that it is not one of those dull, boring hobbies (or professions for a few). If it is, then you need to review why. Given in inquiring mind, a keen interest and an open mind,k you can fo far. How far can YOU go?

Judging not only from the low number of replies to these newsletters but the prevalence of “I’m dowsing the same way as everybody else” approach, with a few notable exceptions, I would say not very far. Many of you are interested in finding, usually as part of a group on a field trip, what you (often mistakenly) call ley lines. Some groups spend a lot of time in the summer doing this alone. For what reason? Because everybody else does it? How many of you can say what the energy lines you found were for, or when they were there originally, how they got there, and if the affect YOU in some way. Why does your dowsing fall short of questions like these?

OK, so you have found a line connecting some features. So what? It’s like Edison inventing the light bulb. He didn’t stop there and go off to invent something else. He went on to produce them so that everyone could benefit by his invention. Not many years later, Tesla invented FREE lighting for everyone and demonstrated this to a small number of people. But in this case he was effectively stopped by the big electric companies as they would lose out on electricity sales, so now we also lose out. But it wasn’t from lack of trying or ideas. Unfortunately, he did not publish the technical details.

Today we are living in a NEW age. On 23 January, five planets aligned themselves in a five-pointed star of David exactly opposite the full moon, with three of the panets in Aquarius, and this has not happened for hundreds of years. Many people felt the changes as we were kick-started into the Age of Aquarius and believe that there may be bug changes to come on this planet soon. Are you ready for them? Correspondents in this country and abroad are already mentioning new energy lines being formed, and there may be new planetary grids as well. It’s an exciting time, but perhaps you want a quiet life and are happy to carry on dowsing in the same way that you and others have for a while.

Before I leave you, I would like to open up the field a little for some of you by quoting from the BSD Journal, and a few books which talk about earth energies, but are not by dowsers but by authors who use deviceless dowsing Рwhich is what many of us used a long time ago. This is none other than using our sixth sense as in dowsing, but sensing the result not by a moving object such as a rod or pendulum,  but directly as pictures, thoughts, feelings, words, emotions etc.

In Journal 211, p 237 (211/237): “I have long felt that it is not the pendulum that finds water, that heals or that discovers ley lines. It is the mind that is within all of us”. (You may like to follow this up by dowsing yourself to verify or otherwise what is quoted below.)

“There are energies from the planets and also bodies outside the solar system. These energies affect all forms of life in all kingdoms of Nature. The goal of evolution for humanity is to become cosnciously and lovingly¬† aware of the nature of these energies and begin to know them and use them. Individual man may well be stunned by a sense of his helplessness … (about) … the vast aggregation of energies which play throughout our cosmos. But this is only due to the relatively undeveloped state of his ‘receiving apparatus’ … let him remember that potentially he possesses the creative ability to build, and gradually develop a better mechanism of reception.”

Alice Bailey, ‘A Treatise on the Seven Rays’. vol 3, pp 22-3 & 403-4

Journal 213/289: “I do suspect the effects of solar (as opposed to lunar) eclipses of producing the most pronounced anomalies in our global energy line system”.

Finally, I shall quote from David Icke’s The Truth Vibrations. If you haven’t read this, or any of the other books I have mentioned, I can recommend them for an insight into standing stones and energies:

(The Earth’s energy system) … “The energy flows from a central source – the Godhead – and throughout the universe on a giant interconnecting grid that links up every planet and star … This energy, the life-force of Creation, is carried across the Earth on what some people call ‘ley-lines’ … every country has a version of ley lines … (they) do not necessarily have to be straight.

“The Earth’s energy system can be blocked or diminished by dark emotions and events … all our thoughts create energy fields and the vibrations caused by bloodshed, battles and suffering in all its forms can produce a sort of screen through which the Earth’s energy cannot pass … This has blocked many of her energy lines … Some areas of the planet… are dying.”

Journal 208/66: “… states of consciousness applied through meditative techniques, visualisation and projection have a discernible effect on ley lines.”

You, as dowsers, have a responsibility. It is no coincidence that you can dowse energy lines. Now is the time to use your responsibility wisely. So don’t just go off and find earth energies; dowse what you should be doing. Heal them, from the heart, and without ego. Of you want to find ANY earth energies left in the future, this is the work for some of you. Do a visualisation and pour your love mentally into these energy lines to send it through the tottering, threadbare veins of this planet. If you haven’t hyet done anything to help the victims of Bosnia, you can do it now, at home, but following this. You can also contribute to reducing geopathic stress in this way so that the energy lines are filled with only beneficial energy! Try it a few times and dowse the benefit before and after. Breathe life back into Earth’s spiritual veins, for your future on this planet, and our children’s, depend on them. Don’t become a lazy dowser or one just out to find scientific proofs. Remember, the spiritual came first and without this nothing can exist. So become a conscientious dowser, help the planet and help yourself. And have fun!

© 1997 John Carver & BSD EEG