Earth Mysteries

by John Carver

Welcome to the Earth Mysteries section of the new Earth Energies Group. I can promise you an exciting read as we examine the various facets of Earth Mysteries and attempt to pull them together for a better understanding of this fascinating subject.
Your input will also play a vital part in unscrambling the Mysteries, and I will be asking for your help in this matter so that we all can contribute to the results. In this way we will attempt to answer such important questions as:

  • Why are some energies/lines straight and some curved?
  • Can you call a spiral of energy a ley or energy line?
  • Where do they come from and what were they for?
  • What is the difference between a ley line and an energy line?
  • How old are the energies/lines associated with ancient sites?
  • Which came first, the energy/lines or the ancient site?
  • Are some energies/lines created by us?
  • Why do some dowsers find different energies/lines to others?
  • What were different ancient monuments erected for?
  • What purpose did rituals have at ancient sites?
  • We know the moon affects planetary energies; is this the only extra-
    terrestrial influence?

So please start writing in with areas you would like investigated, and also send any information you would like to contribute or make me aware of. This is YOUR Newsletter and I would like you to be a part of it. Why not drop me a line now while you think of it?

In this first issue I will be looking at some of the articles in the last 50 BSD Journals to get a brief picture of where we are now; this will also show areas we lack in knowledge and understanding, and so provide a basis for investigation. Future issues will also examine sources outside the Journal, where relevant, so we will not be confined only to British viewpoints. Let’s start by jumping in at the deep end:

238/165 (Journal No. 238, article/letter starting on page 165) “Don’t ask me what a ley line is – every dowser’s perception is different. It defies description, but at the same time is absolutely specific for each dowser.”

211/213 “…Several types of ley line were discussed [in various books and articles] and that they all had different characteristics.”

“… for most dowsers, once having found an ‘energy’ that runs in anything like a straight line, irrespective of its length….attach the words ‘ley-line’ to it.”

225/545 “If different dowsers find different lines depending on the model with which they are working do these lines actually physically exist and are they indeed lines of ‘energy’ in the conventional sense at all, or rather do they exist on a psychic level?”

247/208 “George Applegate…told him [Dennis Wheatley] that he initially believed that Guy [Underwood] himself was creating the fantastic arcs, geospirals and haloes, and then jubilantly finding them.”

248/277 “…if only he had dated the lines and asked which were man made then his results would have been much less confusing.”

When I first started dowsing, I dowsed many spirals and arcs, and I didn’t know anything about Guy Underwood! Then I met people who only found straight lines….

239/204 According to Nigel Pennick “the word ‘ley’… is applied to many phenomena including lines in the ground which dowsers can detect with rod or pendulum, even lines which have no physical markers… The words ley lines, energy leys and E-leys are also encountered in Earth Mysteries and dowsing literature, without any real definition existing… To my knowledge there is not one ley which passes Watkins’ criterion… to dowse such an alignment is a complex task which would present many philosophical and practical difficulties.

211/229 Paul Devereux says, “The problem we seem to have in Earth Mysteries at the moment is conflicting data provided by energy dowsers, a lack of a common language and a failure on the part of energy dowsers to accept that more rigorous site procedure is required.” [That was in 1986 – have we got anywhere since then?] It is no good simply dowsing ‘energy’. Everywhere in the world teems with both natural and artificial energies…. What the energy dowser has to do is dowse wavelengths…. If this work checks out, and the ‘energy picture’ of a site is becoming thoroughly understood, then – and only then – can ‘unknown energies’ be noted… I have seen dowsers completely unfamiliar with a site whizz their dowsing rods and start detailing energy leys here, there, everywhere…. To make things more complicated still, there is no doubt that thought forms can be dowsed.

221/317 “English dowsers will find black energies, earth energies or ley lines depending on their experience and personal viewpoint. They do not find Curry grids or Hartmann grids.”

217/146 “For if you map dowse Europe for the Curry net, it is strong over much of Holland, Germany and Austria, disappears over England…”

225/545 “There can be no doubt that Bachler is detecting what is known as ‘earth energies’ or perhaps properly ‘dowsable energy lines’… However, other dowsers, who are also successful in their treatments, do not always find the same patterns that Bachler does.”

220/272 “There is a strong suspicion in my mind that many of the serious diseases in this area are caused by rogue monoliths radiating energy into ‘hot spots’ and triggering off illness to which the occupants living in them are susceptible to…”

I include these last extracts to show that Earth Mysteries overlaps with other areas, and that the problem of exactly what we are dowsing also overlaps to these areas. We are not alone!

These extracts should be enough to put the cat among the pigeons! So far, then, we can say that:
(a) The terms ley line, earth energies, energy lines, energy leys, etc. are used without a proper definition of what is meant
(b) Some people believe that what we dowse could be created by us in the first place
(c) Energies associated with Earth Mysteries could be a factor in illness
(d) Earth Mysteries appears to cover an area sandwiched between global energy grids and illness/geopathic stress.

So before we dowse those standing stones, churches and other sites, should we not be clear about what we are really detecting? I propose to follow John Harvey’s suggestion (244/85) that any ‘energies’ or ‘lines’ be dowsed as follows in addition to your usual questions:

  • man made/natural earth origin/outside earth origin, or a combination – as below
  • date the energy/line was first created.

We can then start to understand what we are dowsing.

DO have an open mind when you ask these questions so that information presenting itself to the subconscious will filter across to the conscious and can be registered. If not, the conscious will take control.

© 1996 John Carver & BSD EEG