Earthbounds, Life Forms and Geopathic Stress

by Arthur Hamlin

I hope that I can allure all of you to read this article if for any reason you have not been fortunate enough to help heal any health problem you or a person you are trying to help, is not responding to. Many of you, like me, believe that we are dealing with very subtle energies – some intelligent and some not.

I have chosen 3 subject areas in my title to open up for your appraisal, comment and understanding as 3 sources of harmful invasion to the body and mind which I and many of you, believe are the sole cause of many of our illnesses, some even fatal!


Many of the phone calls I receive requesting help relate to Earthbounds.
I tell the enquirer to phone me up in half an hour when I will have further information. Sometimes I will be able to dowse when they speak to me on the phone, with my right hand and arm moving in various directions to give me answers. I am told that it is normally the enquirer’s guide who physically moves me, but I really find it more respectful and appropriate to do so quietly on my own when I can go into more detail about how we can help the earthbound.

If you can differentiate between earthbounds and life forms than I feel you can direct your healing more successfully.

First, I will ask Jesus’s permission for me to have contact with my Spirit Guide (there have been times when I’ve forgotten and my finger has pointed skyward).

Then my dowsing tells me it is an angry young man usually from the First World War but can be from a war thousands of years ago or of suicide etc. I than ask that he be brought to me. Many times I have found that the physical host person, usually a man, is picking up the vibes and is angry too but can be disturbed in other ways, as his wife will tell me.

My Dowsing than tells me he is here, and without exception each one that comes has told me that they wish to be helped.

I then start by requesting that he relaxes and to be as peaceful as he can and to think back to the time of his passing, so that he is able to understand what and why caused his untimely earth death. Because now we have the Lord’s light shining down at him to help the process he is soon with understanding and at peace to receive further help. The WW I victims I find are mostly English and have been blown to bits.

I then tell the earthbound to experience the anger coming away from him like a banana skin being peeled and removed and to request that he now tries to forgive himself and others for experiencing what he did.

The next stage is to request that he looks up to where the light is coming from so that his heart, mind and soul can be filled with love.

With that my arms flail about and my hands will clap which tells me that at last this man is now free and wonderfully happy and, when asked, wishes to go on to where his loved ones are with my Guide to accompany him.

It is now time to see if the physical victim requires any help, either to clear away any residual harmful energy or to send a colour as a ‘pick-you-up’ which I find to be either a light powder pink for improved circulation and general wellbeing or a green/blue colour for calming and soothing.

There will be many of you who have a different recipe for a solution and there will be those who believe you only need to ask Spirit or God to do it. But in all the experiences I’ve had I find that I am more successful if I involve those people ‘upstairs’ who are affected and can help using my heart and theirs to allow it to happen.

Life Forms

These are discernible after you have dowsed to find out what is affecting a person’s health. Ordinary dowsing may give you sufficient information to heal and clear this form of intrusion, but better still if you are able to put pen to paper and ask what this energy looks like.

First, I need to know the size of a person’s head and which way they are facing before I draw down their image, so that enough space can be given to show me the extent of the invasive force. It is now time for my guide to take over to show me what this invasive force looks like. In many instances I’m told these can be the earthbound souls of traumatised dead animals long since past or even creatures from other planets. I watch my pen as it whisks across the page showing me the size, shape and density of this energy in relation to my drawing of the person. In most instances this energy goes to the person’s head and if so can cause innumerable health problems but if it goes for the knee or hip will only cause pain or suffering to that area or below it.

Very often I ask if this life form has a mind and if so can it move my arms. In most instances it can but is quite different and more erratic than the movement obtained by human spirits. I am always told that their displacement is an accident and they have no genuine wish to cause a disturbance or poor health.

There now follows a similar exercise for healing and removal of this life form to its place of origin and to return to the physical person who may need attention.

Geopathic Stress

Most of us are familiar with this energy that can be so devastating to those that sleep above it. Many times my arm/hand will reach out to show me the extent of the affected aura of a person being interviewed on TV who has either cancer, a brain tumour or AIDS. I’m told that many of our guides can see this as we look at TV. How frustrating this is when we have such difficulty in explaining to those that may listen but are asking for physical evidence to support, especially the medical fraternity.

I find that most harm comes from the water table when it ebbs. My inquisitiveness has led me to believe that these serious illnesses are due almost entirely to the etheric vibrationary rate given off when the water brushes against sand crystals and other strata below ground at immense pressure. This vibrationary rate rises to affect anyone sleeping above whose own etheric head/body rate is similar. Just like three people on the telephone at the same time with the same resonance the mind is not able to discern the difference and is therefore not able to act to supply the needs of that part of the anatomy or that part of the anatomy now affected is not able to send proper messages of its requirement back to the mind.

My remedy here is to request my guide with the Lord’s approval to go to the location below ground and to reprogramme the offending strata to a lower vibrationary rate so that when it does radiate up through the surface usually at a lower vibration it does not interfere with anyone’s own vibrationary rates sleeping above.

I hope this is of help to those of you who are spiritually orientated with your beliefs. I am of the opinion that we could do with more articles that deal with the spiritual aspects of dowsing to balance up, and less to do with those that don’t.

© 2005 Arthur Hamlin & BSD EEG